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2. What Do You Need For This Meeting?. Please Turn OFF all Cell PhonesPlease place any

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Welcome to the Housing Authority of Billings

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1. Welcome to the Housing Authority of Billings Please place any “new” or “changed” information in front of you to be copied

2. 2 What Do You Need For This Meeting? Please Turn OFF all Cell Phones Please place any “new” or “changed” information in front of you to be copied Please raise your hand to ask questions or write down to ask later Please do not talk amongst yourselves Please do not reveal personal information in front of the group Please make sure you have a pen to sign with

3. HAB Housing Authority of Billings Section 8 Tenant Based Rental Assistance Voucher Issuance Briefing

4. 4 What Can You Expect Today? This meeting will take about 1 ˝ hours Meet your Housing Specialists Learn about HAB (Housing Authority of Billings) Office Procedures Receive your housing assistance today ? To receive Tips on Finding and Applying for a unit We will answer any questions you may have

5. 5 Issuance Information Packet Left Side Contents Montana Landlord & Tenant Act Fair Housing A Good Place To Live Are you a victim of housing discrimination? (complaint form included) Protect your family from Lead in your home Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Security Deposit Program Montana Rental Network Rental Screening


7. 7 Initial Term is 60 days You must contact HAB, in writing, during the initial 60 day period MAY be extended up to 120 days total (2 30 day extensions) with approval Voucher Extension Requests Must Be in writing and have a LOG Sheet attached Requests for Extension are NOT automatically approved, you will be notified of status Term of Voucher Extension of Voucher

8. 8

9. 9 Subsidy Standards 1 bdrm for HOH and Significant Other 1 additional bdrm for every two remaining family members and essential persons 1 additional bdrm for a live in aide Children (same sex) more than 5 years apart are not required to share a bedroom Children under the age of 2 may share a bedroom with parents for the purposes of meeting occupancy standards

10. 10 Family Obligations (full explanation in packet) Report all changes in household composition, household income, assets or expenses All changes must be reported in writing (using reporting form) by the 15th of each month When reporting a change, you must attach supporting documentation for that change. i.e.. wage stubs, receipts The family must sign and submit consent forms for obtaining information/verifications

11. 11 Family Obligations cont’ Allow the HAB to inspect the unit before move in and annually The family may not commit any serious or repeated violation of the lease Family must provide a copy of notices, to or from landlord, to the HAB. The assisted unit must be the family’s only residence The family must not sub-lease or let the unit The family must not own or have any interest in the unit The family may not rent from a relative of any household member

12. Reporting Changes Example: Jane has started a new job. Jane is no longer receiving TANF. Jane had daycare expenses for her child while she works. How does Jane report this? 12

13. 13

14. 14

15. 15 Terminating Housing Assistance (full explanation in packet) If the family violates any family obligations If any family member fails to report changes in household composition, income, assets or expenses in writing, using reporting form. Must be reported within 30 days of event If any family member engages in criminal activity If any family member abuses alcohol

16. 16 Terminating Housing Assistance cont’ If the family fails to pay amounts owed to the HA (ie. Repayment agreement default) If any family member engages in or threatens abusive or violent behavior toward HA employees If any family member was found to not be truthful during eligibility and screening If any family member commits fraud, bribery, or any other corrupt or criminal act in connection with any federal housing program

17. 17 Informal Hearing A participant must request the hearing in writing within 10 calendar days of the date of the written notice of the questioned decision. HAB will schedule hearings within 20 calendar days of receiving a written hearing request if the matter qualifies for a hearing If the matter does not qualify for a hearing, HAB will send notice to the housing participant within 20 calendar days of the receipt of the request.

18. 18 Where a Family May Lease a Unit With our agency – the City of Billings limits and 10 mile radius Maps in packet show Poverty Areas so that you can make an informed choice for your family If you want to lease a unit somewhere other than Billings or 10 mile radius, please see us after the meeting

19. 19 We Are Required To Tell Your Prospective Landlord Your current physical address The name and address of your current landlord IF KNOWN… Your prior address The name and address of your prior landlord

20. 20 “SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS” “Side Deals” Between Landlord & Tenant NOT ALLOWED Only Lease provisions that are agreed upon in the lease and approved by the HAB are allowed. Examples of “Side Deals”: Family paying the extra $10 a month for rent (Landlord has tenant pay $10 extra on the side because the “real” rent he wanted was more than what the HA allowed) Family paying more of the utilities than what is listed on the lease and HAP contract Family “working off” part of the rent If you are required to pay utilities in the lease, the utilities must be in your name (not the landlord) and paid directly to the utility company and not to the landlord


22. 22 HUD FACT SHEET Tells you how your rent is determined Tells you what the HAs’ responsibilities are Tells you the housing participant’s responsibilities Tells you what Annual Income is Tells you what we must use for mandatory deductions and exclusions Explains Welfare Sanctions and how they apply to your rent determination Explains the Maximum initial Rent Burden The family’s share may not exceed 40% of the family’s monthly adjusted income

23. 23 Questions On any information we just went over?

24. 24 Forms to Review, Sign and Leave here

25. 25

26. 26 Declaration of Section 214 Status Complete one form for each household member

27. 27

28. 28 Lead Paint Form Briefing Packet Release Form Report by 15th Form (pink sheet) HUD-9886 (Release of Information) HAB Release of Information Applicant/Tenant Certification Zero Income Certifications Student Certifications Additional Forms to Complete and Leave Here

29. 29 PAYMENT STANDARDS Payment standards are established by the HAB annually. Current HAB payment standards are: 0 bdrm (efficiency) $454 1 bdrm $539 2 bdrm $697 3 bdrm $940 4 bdrm $1133 5 bdrm $1303 This does not mean that you can rent a unit where the gross rent is = one of the above amounts Unit must meet Rent Reasonableness Test

30. 30 GROSS RENT Gross Rent is figured by adding Contract Rent (advertised rent by owner) + Utility Allowance (using Utility Chart)

31. 31 Group Activity Jane was issued a 2 bdrm voucher Jane turns in RFTA to rent a 2bdrm single family home where she is required to pay electric and gas. Heat & water heater are gas. Stove is electric. She is also required to pay for water (include sewer) and it has air conditioning. Landlord is charging $500 for rent Can Jane rent this unit?

32. 32

33. 33

34. 34

35. 35

36. 36

37. 37 Need to Contact Us? We do not take walk ins. You must call and make an appointment Amber (until you are leased up) 237-1907 Teddi (Housing Counseling) 237-1911 Occupancy Specialist (depending on last name) Sandie (Last Name A-K) 237-1912 Valerie (Last Name L-Z) 237-1913

38. Eligibility Specialist 38 Applications for Security Deposit Revolving Loan Fund Resources for rental screening fees Housing resources Questions, processing and referrals until leased up in program

39. 39 Tenant Services Housing Counseling Help with Housing Search Budgeting FSS – Family Self Sufficiency Section 8 Homeownership

40. 40 MEET YOUR OS Occupancy Specialist

41. 41 Inspection Staff

42. 42 Housing Search Resources Property Manager List Your Current Landlord or Previous Landlord Book In Lobby Listing Available Units for Rent Lobby Computer with websites Billings Gazette – paper and online Drive around and look for “For Rent” signs Friends, co-workers, etc. Freerentalfinder.com HAB website www.billingsha.org Teddi – if you are having problems

43. 43 VALUABLE RESOURCES Information on where registered violent offenders and registered sex offenders live is now just a mouse click away… http://doj.state.mt.us/svor www.co.yellowstone.mt.us

44. 44 Additional Resources Located in Housing Authority Lobby area HAB Admin Plan HAB Agency Plan Federal Regulations (24 CFR 5.609 and 24 CFR 982) for the Section 8 program

45. 45 Change of address! When you lease up in a new unit be sure to complete a change of address form for the Post Office! We only notify you of your rent amount by mail so you must have the correct NEW address on file with the Post Office.

46. 46 Forms to Take with You Request for Tenancy Approval (4 page packet) Utility Sheet Does this Unit Qualify

47. 47 You are Responsible for having an understanding of all of the information in your Briefing Packet Call your Housing Specialist if you need clarification

48. 48 GOOD LUCK IN YOUR HOUSING SEARCH Remember…. Housing is First Come, First Serve

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