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RISK MANAGEMENT: Teaching, Facilities, Equipment PHED 2017 INQUIRY RISK – Its not the circumstance, it’s your reaction to the circumstance! PLANNING.... Your best defense against any unforeseen circumstance! Your lesson planning should include Inspection of gym Inspection of equipment

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Risk management teaching facilities equipment l.jpg

RISK MANAGEMENT: Teaching, Facilities, Equipment


Planning l.jpg
PLANNING.... the circumstance!

  • Your best defense against any unforeseen circumstance!

  • Your lesson planning should include

    • Inspection of gym

    • Inspection of equipment

    • Safety procedures for student - equipment handling, body control, rules/routines

    • Safety procedures for teacher – instruction, rules/routines – REMIND, REMIND, ENFORCE!!!

    • KNOW your responsibilities!!!

Overview l.jpg
OVERVIEW the circumstance!

Education Act, subsection 264

Ontario College of Teachers

Board of Education

Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines

Legal Liability & Risk Management Principles (Chapter 9)

Duty of care oct l.jpg
Duty of Care - OCT the circumstance!


Physical education safety guidelines l.jpg
Physical Education Safety Guidelines the circumstance!


  • WHAT? – 6 documents:

    • Elementary Curricular

    • Elementary Intramural

    • Elementary Interschool

    • Secondary Curricular

    • Secondary Intramural

    • Secondary Interschool

Pe safety guidelines l.jpg
PE & Safety Guidelines: the circumstance!

Identify the safety procedures for all sports and activities permitted in schools

These safety requirements are used as provincial standards & are used as a bench mark in court cases.

Your Board may have further, more strict safety procedures in place.


Examples of unacceptable activities

High risk activities l.jpg
HIGH RISK ACTIVITIES: the circumstance!

Skiing & snowboarding

Snowblading and snow tubing

Snow/ice sliding



Climbing walls/rapelling

YOUR Board will have additional guidelines regarding these activities, in some cases these activities are prohibited!

Components of each guideline l.jpg
Components of each Guideline: the circumstance!

  • Equipment

  • Clothing & footwear

  • Facilities

  • Special rules/instructions

  • Supervision

  • Note:

    • Primary – grades 1-3

    • Junior – grades 4-6

    • Intermediate – grades 7-8

Equipment l.jpg
EQUIPMENT the circumstance!

Size, mass and strength appropriate

Condition – e.g. Cracks, ball inflation, sharp edges, etc.

No home-made equipment

Helmets – ice hockey, cycling (alpine skiing & snowboarding coming in 2009)

Student responsibilities

Clothing footwear l.jpg
CLOTHING & FOOTWEAR the circumstance!

Clothing footwear12 l.jpg
CLOTHING & FOOTWEAR the circumstance!

Hair, jewellery, glasses, footwear

Uniforms? Religious beliefs?

Facilities l.jpg
FACILITIES the circumstance!

Visual inspection

Regular third party inspection

Walls, stages, playing fields

Special rules instructions l.jpg

Warm ups/cool downs

Skill progressions

Outdoor precautions (temperature, sun, insects, severe weather)

Fluid replacement

Special needs

NO blind folds while moving

Avoid walking/running backwards

Supervision l.jpg
SUPERVISION the circumstance!

“vigilant overseeing of an activity for regulation or direction”

Supervisor is defined as a teacher, principal or vice-principal, NOT a volunteer (e.g. parent, EA, co-op student, etc.)

Supervision16 l.jpg
SUPERVISION the circumstance!

  • “CONSTANT VISUAL” – teacher is physically present, watching the ONE activity

  • “ON-SITE” – teacher is present but not necessarily viewing one specific activity

  • “IN-THE-AREA” – teacher is readily accessible (e.g. circulating, visible, or known location)

Supervision17 l.jpg
SUPERVISION the circumstance!

Rules & routines – establish early and constantly reinforce!

Vigilant observation!

Inappropriate activities for elementary l.jpg

  • Softball (fast pitch)/baseball

  • Canoe tripping, dragon boating

  • Tackle football; tackle rugby

  • Above ground trampolines

  • Ice hockey; ringette

  • Rock climbing (bouldering OK)

  • Sailing, squash

  • Winter tent camping

  • Discus, javelin, hurdles, pole vault

  • White water canoeing/kayaking/rafting

For wednesday l.jpg
For Wednesday: the circumstance!

  • Read Chapter 9 – Legal Liability & Risk Management

  • Answer # 2 on page 179 with regard to:

    • Duty

    • Breach of Duty

    • Injury

    • Proximate Cause