Public relations
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Public relations. A brief overview of the good, the bad and the ugly. What is public relations?. What is public relations?. An important source of news, as Merrill argues in “Media Debates” A good news organization uses press releases as a starting point

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Public relations

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Public relations

Public relations

A brief overview of thegood, the bad and the ugly

What is public relations

What is public relations?

What is public relations1

What is public relations?

  • An important source of news, as Merrill argues in “Media Debates”

  • A good news organization uses press releases as a starting point

  • A bad news organization will run press releases verbatim

  • Controversy over video press releases and the FCC

Role of a press secretary

Role of a press secretary

Role of a press secretary1

Role of a press secretary

  • Speak on behalfof client

  • Line up interviews for reporters

  • Damage control and crisis management

The rise of objectivity

The rise of objectivity

  • Kovach and Rosenstiel write about the pursuit of truth, not objectivity

  • Rooted in commercial interests of the 19th-century press

  • Increasing reliance on official sources such as police

  • We need factual, non-opinionated news in a self-governing democracy

The limits of objectivity

The limits of objectivity

  • Stories that are accurate but not true

  • Damaging leaks from prosecutors, as with Kenneth Starr and Bill Clinton

  • Political coverage that emphasizes polls and fundraising

  • Mindlessly seeking out “the other side” even when there is none

Example joseph mccarthy

Example: Joseph McCarthy

  • Press objectively reported his pronouncements

  • Most reporters knew the truth

  • Murrow was criticized for making news rather than reporting it

Global warming

Global warming

  • Newsweek story is about public relations and the limits of objectivity

  • False notion of a scientific “debate”

  • Journalism’s need for so-called balance

On the media clip

“On the Media” clip

No real scientific debate

No real scientific debate

  • Gore argues that there is no other side in scientific journals

  • Journalists want to be seen as being objective

  • PR professionals exploit that desire

Glenn beck clip

Glenn Beck clip

Populism and public relations

Populism and public relations

  • Elitists want you to give up your SUVs

  • Your opinion matters

  • But how can you have an opinion about science?

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