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Motorcycles. Luciano D. 6 th grade January 10, 2008. Rationale. I like that motorcycles go fast. I like how motorcycles look. My Research Questions. 1) What did the first motorcycle look like? 2) When was the motorcycle invented? 3) Who invented the motorcycle?

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Luciano D.

6th grade

January 10, 2008



  • I like that motorcycles go fast.

  • I like how motorcycles look.

My research questions

My Research Questions

  • 1) What did the first motorcycle look like?

  • 2) When was the motorcycle invented?

  • 3) Who invented the motorcycle?

  • 4) What improvements were made to make motorcycles better?

  • 5) How many types of motorcycles are there?

  • 6) What do modern day motorcycles look like?

My research questions continued

My Research Questions (continued)

  • 7) What is the fastest motorcycle?

  • 8) What are the importance of motorcycles?

  • 9) What are some of the top motorcycle brands?

  • 10) How does it feel to go fast on a motorcycle?

Answer to question 1

Answer To Question 1

The first motorcycle was a wooden bicycle with a petroleum-powered engine.

Evidence of change question 1

Evidence of Change Question 1

  • People can now ride motorcycles as a new way of transportation.

Answer to question 2

Answer to Question 2

  • The first motorcycle was invented in 1885.

Evidence of change question 2

Evidence of Change Question 2

  • There was a new invention in the 1880s that noone had ever heard of. Today almost everyone knows what a motorcycle is.

Answers to question 3

Answers to Question 3

  • Two German inventors named Gottlieb Daimler and Wihelm Maybach invented the motorcycle.

Evidence of change question 3

Evidence of Change Question 3

  • There is a new way of transportation because a two wheeled vehicle was invented.

Answer to question 4

Answer to Question 4

  • Internal combustion engine, aluminum frame, rubber tires, gas tank under engine, and navigational system are improvements made on motorcycles.

Evidence of change 4

Evidence of Change 4

  • The first motorcycle only had a wooden frame and a small engine and did not have any of those improvements.

Answer to question 5

Answer to Question 5

  • Choppers

  • Cruisers

  • Electric

  • Mini Bikes

  • Mopeds

  • Underbones

  • Street Bikes

  • Scooters

  • Sport Bikes

Answer to question 5 continued

Answer To Question 5 (continued)

  • Racing bikes

  • Street Customs

  • Touring Motorcycles

  • Motocross Bikes

  • Super Motos

  • Enduros

Evidence of change question 5

Evidence of Change Question 5

  • At first there was only one kind of motorcycle.

Answer to question 6

Answer to Question 6

  • Modern day motorcycles have windshields, handle bars, two wheels, swing arm, and a steel or aluminum frame.

Evidence of change question 6

Evidence of Change Question 6

  • The first motorcycle did not look like the modern day motorcycles.

Answers to question 7

Answers to Question 7

  • The fastest production made motorcycle is the Suzuki GSX-1300R. It goes 194 miles per hour.

Evidence of change question 7

Evidence of Change Question 7

  • Motorcycles could not go 194 miles per hour until the Suzuki GSX-1300R came out.

Answer to question 8

Answer to Question 8

  • Motorcycles are used for war, entertainment, transportation, and sports.

Evidence of change question 8

Evidence of Change Question 8

  • Motorcycles were used just for transportation when they were first invented.

Answer to question 9

Answer to Question 9

  • Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha are some of the top motorcycle brands.

Evidence of change question 9

Evidence of Change Question 9

  • The first Motorcycle was not made by these brands but most of today’s motorcycles are.

Answers to question 10

Answers to Question 10

  • “It feels great.”

  • “Free.”

  • “It can be scary at times.”

Evidence of change question 10

Evidence of Change Question 10

  • This is just one person’s opinion and it has changed since the first time he rode a motorcycle.



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…I learned a lot of motorcycle types .People all over the world ride motorcycles .Motorcycles will continue to change. Next time I will research more on the uses of motorcycles.

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