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Think BIG!! The McLean Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Northern Paradise a Maui Wowi Franchisee Think BIG!! The McLean Plan Rob and Jean McLean 281-332-9388 The Original Plan The Original Plan Run K 'carts at lots of local events started with three carts. Got into it quick

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Think BIG!! The McLean Plan

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Northern Paradisea Maui Wowi Franchisee

Think BIG!!

The McLean Plan

Rob and Jean McLean


The Original Plan

  • The Original Plan

    • Run K 'carts at lots of local events started with three carts.

Got into it quick

  • Get into events quickly

    • First event 6 days after training

    • Several small local event over the first 4 months, had all events planned for the first year before training was over.

    • Started looking for a venue in Feb of 2007

    • Venue deal 2 days after first meeting.

    • Venue consists of a 75,000 seat stadium, convention center with 5 halls, a 10,000 seat arena , and another 65,000 seat temporarily closed stadium.

    • First Stadium event is 20 days long, it starts 3 weeks after we signed our deal. What are we thinking? We have NO idea what to do!

  • The delivery, set up, check-in, event, cash out, reporting ,check out, cup counts, what's a spoil, what can be manager adjusted, what’s a “Z” what????

  • Learn the ropes, ask lots of questions, the other partner vendors will help you out if your professional, and you show them your there as a partner not to take business away from them.

Early Learning Curve

  • First BIG event --sales were less than 10% of what we had been advised and planned for- had to throw away more than 30 cases of bananas, now we have to re-think the whole idea.

  • Need Alcohol, some to sell at venue and some for personal use.

  • Heading into NFL season, still no alcohol, but gaining trust and providing reliable product at events, continuing to learn the ropes of the BIG LEAGUES.

Hitting the Curve

  • After 3 home NFL games, sales remain very slow, approached Stadium partners and asked for a chance to add alcohol, we had been patiently doing events, proving we were reliable, we were willing to work hard to prove ourselves -we were given the go ahead to add alcohol.

  • Now we have a whole new set of problems, opportunities, and goals.

Hitting the Curve

  • Once we hit our stride with the alcohol as an added option we expanded quickly

  • Bought more carts

  • Added another venue – University Stadium, which got us access to NCAA Football and MSL Soccer.

  • Dropped most of our small event and focused on our BIG venues, and BIG events.


4th of July

Houston Rodeo


Downtown Festivals


  • BIG Events in the past 12 months

  • Houston Rodeo- 20 days attendance 1.18 million (4 locations)

  • Volleyball tournament 4 days 1190 teams (4 locations)

  • NFL Season, 10 home games, 70,000 per, + training camp (4 locations)

  • MLS Season 20 home games 12,000- 24,000 per game (2 locations)

  • College Football 6 home games 35,000 per game (2 locations)

  • Monster Truck 3 shows a year 55,000 + per (4 locations)

  • NCAA basketball regional sold out (4 locations)

  • 4 Cheerleading events a year 4,000 - 10,000 per (2 locations)

  • Children's Festival 2 days 85,000 (3 locations)

  • International Festival 4 days 200,000 (3 locations)

  • 4th of July 150,000 (2 locations)

  • Calendar Year 2008 – over 170 days booked

  • Things We Wish We Knew When We Started

  • It’s hard to have a full time jobs and do 170 events a year –looks easy on paper.

  • Put EVERYTHING on wheels.

  • Anything that can get stolen, will be stolen.

  • Don’t assume anyone else knows your events better than you do.

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