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ILWS Activities AUSTRIA Rumi Nakamura and Helmut O. Rucker Space Research Institute Austrian Academy of Sciences (IWF/OeAW) June 2008. ILWS relevant Austrian institutions. IWF/OEAW Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

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Rumi Nakamura and Helmut O. Rucker

Space Research InstituteAustrian Academy of Sciences(IWF/OeAW)

June 2008

Ilws relevant austrian institutions
ILWS relevant Austrian institutions


    Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

    Space mission, theory-modeling, ground-based observation


    Institute for Geophysics, Astrophysics and Meteorology, Institute of Physics, Karl Franzens University Graz

    Ground-based observation, theory, observational diagnostics

  • TUG

    Graz University of Technology

    Rocket experiment, modeling

Ilws mission participation iwf
ILWS Mission Participation (IWF)

  • In orbit:

    • Cluster: ASPOC/FGM/EDI, Data Center, Data Analysis

    • Double Star: ASPOC/FGM, Data Center, Data Analysis

    • THEMIS: FGM, Data Analysis

    • Venus Express: VEXMAG/ASPERA, Data Analysis

    • Stereo: WAVES

  • Under Development:

    • Bepi Colombo: MGF on MMO, PICAM/MERMAG on MPO


    • Solar Orbiter: IWF (Magnetometer, Radio and Plasma Waves) IGAM/KFU (STIX)

    • Resonance: High Frequency Electric Field experiment

  • Planning:

    • Cross Scale: Assessment study (Instrument and Mission)

Ilws relevant ground based obs
ILWS relevant ground-based obs.

  • Kanzelhöhe Observatory IGAM/KFU

    Solar observations

    Central European Solar ARchives (CESAR)

  • Ground-based magnetometer IWF

    Study of field line resonances / Space Weather

    together with Italy, Hungary, and Greece

International heliophysical year 2007
International Heliophysical Year 2007

  • IWF/ OeAW

  • Inst. of Physics, Univ. Graz

  • Inst. for Astronomy, Univ. Vienna

  • Inst. for Astro-and Particle Physics, Univ. Innsbruck

Science in the context of IHY

see (

Space Weather and Europe -

an Educational Tool with the Sun

  • EU FP6 Project

  • Science festivals and space weather exhibition

    • ARC (Austrian Research Centers GmbH)

    • IWF/OeAW

Space weather
Space Weather

  • Participation in COST 724 action (EU) “Developing the Scientific Basis for Monitoring, Modelling and Predicting Space Weather”

  • Participation in the ESA-Space Situational Awareness Inititative (ESA/SSA) including the issue Space Weather

  • Space Weather relevant research projectsIWF, IGAM/KFUon magnetic clouds, CME, and solar corona supported by Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and Austrian Academic Exchange Service (ÖAD)

  • SOlar-TERrestrial Investigations and Archives IGAM/KFU

    EU-FP7 project

Status summary
Status summary

  • Continue participation in ILWS relevant mission and ground-based observation activities.

  • Exhibition on IHY is planned for 2009 in Graz and at 2 other sites.

  • Enhanced interest in Space Weather relevant activity