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Corporate Profile Richland Logistics Services Pte Ltd BACKGROUND OUR PROFILE At Richland Logistics Services Pte Ltd, we pride ourselves on delivering quality service. Our definition of quality service is to meet our customers’ requirements right the first time, on time and every time.

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Corporate Profile

Richland Logistics Services Pte Ltd

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At Richland Logistics Services Pte Ltd, we pride ourselves on delivering quality service. Our definition of quality service is to meet our customers’ requirements right the first time, on time and every time.

As a total inland logistics partner, we provide a comprehensive range of inland transportation services such :

  • Inbound and Outbound handling

    • Transfer for Air and Sea Freight

  • Air Cargo Trucking

  • Local Deliveries & Distribution

  • Container Haulage

  • Container Stuffing and Unstuffing

  • Warehouse Management

  • In-Land Courier Service

  • Professional Machine Movers

  • Project Cargo Management

  • Heavy Lifting Services

    Our professional and experience team of drivers, cargo handlers and logistics team are well versed in handling customs documentation, permits, cargo clearance and launch-in and air cargo trucking.

    We fully understand the time sensitive nature of the business, proper handling and urgency that is required in handling air cargo shipments.

    This gives Richland a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Established in 1992, Richland Logistics Services Pte Ltd, started off as a sub-contractor in cargo transportation and handling services.

With rising customers’ demand for one-stop quality service and the global trend to outsource the logistics function by international freight forwarders and manufacturers, Richland redefined its strategy in 1995 with a mission to become a total inland logistics partner to our customers. Through our re-engineering and creative solutions, Richland was recognisedas :

  • A Premier Logistics Provider in the


  • One of the top 300 ranking of SME 500 in


  • One of the High Growth Performance

    SME by the Productivity and Standard

    Board (PSB).

    Our mission is to become the choice inland logistics company in selected markets by :

  • Delivering highly efficient, one-stop

    logistics solutions of exceptional value to

    our customers.

  • Striving to be a Knowledge Based


  • Cultivating a team of highly dedicated and

    innovative workforce.

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Ocean Cargo Trucking

Our sea cargo transportation handle both the transportation of Full Container Load (FCL) cargo and Less than Container Load (LCL) Cargo and are well-versed with the Portnet and Tradenet System and all customs and documentation procedures.

Local Distribution

Land cargo transportation service comprises of interplant transfer, General Cargo Delivery, Business to Consumers and Offices Distribution, Courier & Dispatch Service and Project Cargo Management.

Most of our trucks are covered - Aluminium Canopy, to ensure protection and security of high value sensitive cargoes.

We use 1.5 ton Vans for the distribution of consumables items to offices, hospitals, laboratories, homes and the likes. This service also supports a 7x24 distribution structure and urgent delivery of computer parts and components.

Value Added Service

To complement with our total logistics concept, we offer a host of value-added services such as warehouse management, container stuffing and unstuffing and declaration of permits. Our well secured and ventilated warehouses cater for all types of general cargo, ranging from Work-In-Progress, Finished Goods, Computers and Parts, Resin, Machinery, Medical Items and Others. Our warehouse teams operate on a 7 x 24 basis as it support a Just-In-Time production process for its customers.

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Our fleet comprises of :

Trucks - 3, 4.2, 6 and 10 tonne :

Open & Cover, With/Out Power Tailgate


20ft, 40ft & 45ftTrailers, Low-Bed & Air Suspension



Crane Truck


Shipper-Owned Containers S.O.C.

Air-Con / Non Air-Con Container

The Richland Team

Our professional team of over 180 staff is supported by a large fleet of modern cargo vehicles and equipment. In accordance with our quality service motto and safety policy, we ensure that each and every vehicle do not exceed a 3-year life span and is sent for servicing and maintenance regularly.

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Start the relationship

Start of Service, Review

& Improve Service

Study client’s process

and requirements


process & solutions

Build Operating Model


Submit Proposal

Co-development of operational model - The operational model retains the corporate

culture and SOP of the customer, with a touch of Richland’s expertise.

Fact finding and Analysis - Analyse the current operational process flow of the customer.

Total logistics solution tailored to customers’ needs

- Propose a cost-effective solution and management expertise

System Pilot Test- During the transitional phase, minor problems are bound to arise.

Working in close cooperation with the customer and being committed to correct the problems and prevent other foreseeable problems from occurring, is crucial.

Proposal of rate

- Propose a highly competitive rate vis-à-vis own operating costs.

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It vision l.jpg

  • Place job order and

    enquire job status

    via Internet

  • Optimise resource


  • Automate invoicing

    process / speed up

    invoice generation



IT MasterPlan

We have engaged a logistics and supply chain software developer to customise a proprietory programme that will help to plan and optimise trucks routing for loose cargoes. This web based programme will enable customers to place booking instructions and check the location and status of their cargoes on-line. This system is scheduled to be in placed in early 2001.

Future Plan

In future, we will house a powerful IT infrastructure which allows for interface capabilities to link up with our customers’ systems.


Richland has taken the initiative and has invested heavily in its computerisation programme.

We started with acquiring an in-house developed system to automate our invoicing and billing process.

Programme & Software

Currently, we are using the SUNRAY V programme for management of the FCL (Full Container Load). This powerful programme allows tracking of containers movement and accurate billing information.

Schematic Plan of Richland IT MasterPlan



System Interface

Vehicle Scheduling








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Enterprise programs l.jpg





Customer Operation

Richland will embrace broadband technology for customer access, and make use of proven technology for delivery track and trace.

SMS Messaging

TMS Thin-Client


TMS Execution Module

Changi Cargo Complex Richland Hub

TMS Job Entry and Management Module

Internet Access

Job Information will be transmitted to Richland

TMS ftp


TMS Interface


Internet Backbone at 128kbps

Public Internet

Acknowledgement , POD for Import Job, COH for Export Job

Customer Intranet


Richland Intranet

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Enterprise programs8 l.jpg



Secured Password Access Control

Provides security feature to control the level of appropriate access. This helps to protect the system from potential losses as a result of unauthorized access.

Track and Trace Capability

Provides online track and trace capability to aid and facilitate customers’ production, material and distribution planning.

Transportation Management System

Richland Transportation Management System (TMS) provides close monitoring of trucking activities by means of mobile communication equipment through a GSM network. Each truck will be equipped with a mobile communication equipment to transmit job status to and receive job details from the HQ server. The TMS will also be able to monitor the locations of the trucks at intervals of jobs.

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Our quality programs l.jpg



We believe that good customer service can only be derived from a healthy, friendly and closely-knit corporate community. Hence, the most important ingredient to a company’s success is our human resources. To retain talents and groom potential successors of the company, we invested in the following people quality programs.



    Irregardless of the rank, file or post, all staff from the Managing Director to the drivers and cargo-handlers receive specific training at least twice a year. We have in place, a total company training plan (TCTP) which is revised every year in accordance to the training needs of every individual staff. Our TCTP includes a training calendar that lists out all the in-house and external training programs designed for each staff.

    In April 2000, we were recognised by The Singapore Productivity and Standards Board (PSB) for our efforts in organising an in-house training program for our truck-drivers and cargo-handlers at the start of the millennium year.


    In our strive to compete in the ever-challenging market, the management sets forth its vision for the company for the next five years, in its annually-revised Strategic Business Plan.

    This plan consists of our long term mission, coupled with a list of short term goals and objectives to facilitate the fulfillment of our mission. To complement and realise these visions, we engaged a business coach to assist us in a “10 steps to Successful Business Perfection” program, one which has helped over 1000 workgroups to achieve their goals

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Our quality programs10 l.jpg







    A quality circle committeewas initiated to streamline our current business processes. Problems and recommended solutions are derived from employee suggestion schemes, benchmarking results and feedback from customer surveys. Various tools such as pareto charts, cause and effect diagrams, pie charts and checklist are often employed to produce meaningful reports to support proposed solutions.



    To cultivate team spirit and a people friendly environment, staff and family day outings are organised on a regular basis. All staff are constantly kept updated on corporate progress and developments via an internal newsletter. Recently, our company was recognised by the media as the first SME to sign up for SDS corporate membership. The decision to become a corporate member stems from our belief that a productive worker is one who can strike a healthy balance between work, social and family life.


    Every month, all staff are welcome to attend a dialogue session with the management. The objective of this session is for staff to voice out any suggestions or problems they encounter during work and for the management to communicate their vision and plans for the company. This two-way communication session will bridge the gap between management and the staff and enhance the overall communication flow of the organisation.


    To assure maximum efficiency and productivity, a host of Key Performance Indicators are applied across all important operational tasks. It is imperative that all staffs adhere to our performance standards. Any discrepancy from the expected standard will be seriously dealt with.


Route Planning -

Mileage and turnaround time

Optimum Resource Allocation)

Fleet management -

Frequency of vehicle breakdown

Regular maintenance of vehicles

Performance -

Service response time

Adherence to customers’ requirements

Adherence to Richland’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Attitude -

Physical Presentation

Customer service skills

Positive attitude towards change

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Our structure l.jpg




Richland undergone a restructuring exercise and had identified several improvement and addendum to its present organisation structure.

The Sales and Department Division has been renamed to the Business Development Division. A customer service team is introduced to improve communication with customers.

Two new divisions being introduced are; Planning & Engineering and Enterprise Technology.

The Planning & Engineering Division will be responsible for both internal and external processes. The internal process will focus on work improvements, quality and data management. While the external process generally focus on customer programme and process flow.

The Enterprise Technology Division will fulfill Richland IT Masterplan. Richland has successfully implemented the customer data analysis, SUNRAY V – scheduling of container haulage service, Computerised Routing Engine system, Web based cargo tracking system – E-Delivery and Web based inventory control system – E-Warehouse.

Useful Contact Information

Web site :

Enquiry : [email protected]

Main Line : 5437130

Main Fax : 5422170

Business Development

Mr Yap Chin Guan : 5491109

Mr Ismail Bin Ali : 5491130

Corporate Service

Mr Lim Chwee Poh : 5491114

Ms Lynn Chia : 5491111

Planning and Engineering

Mr Luke Ng : 5491113

Mr Lee Sek Hon : 5491106

Enterprise Technology

Mr Chan Chiew Pung : 5491112

Mr Khor Yau Seng : 5481126


Mr Goh AK : 5491108

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