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Background Color. Blue green background & pale Caucasian female. Black background & tan Caucasian female. Breast Landmarks. Black arrow: sternal notch Blue arrow: midclavicular line Purple arrow: take off of breast from chest wall (better seen with lateral view)

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Background color l.jpg
Background Color

Blue green background & pale Caucasian female

Black background & tan Caucasian female

Breast landmarks l.jpg
Breast Landmarks

Black arrow: sternal notch

Blue arrow: midclavicular line

Purple arrow: take off of breast from chest wall (better seen with lateral view)

Green arrow: infra-mammary fold at meridian.

Orange arrow: midline of chest wall.

Breast landmarks3 l.jpg
Breast Landmarks

For each side, I measure:

SN - N: sternal notch to nipple

MC - TO: midclavicular line to take off

TO - N: “take off” to nipple

M - N: midline to nipple

IMF - N: infra-mammary fold at meridian to nipple

L – N: lateral to nipple (better seen in a lateral or an oblique view)

Normal measurements l.jpg
Normal Measurements

Yellow arrow: lateral most landmark of breast

Glandular ptosis asymmetry l.jpg
Glandular-ptosis & Asymmetry

  • Note:

  • White lines indicate asymmetry of breast contours. Lower contours are almost “boxy” in shape

  • Blue lines show exaggerated anterior axillary contours.

Slide6 l.jpg

Glandular-ptosis & Asymmetry

  • Note:

  • Yellow line indicates level of IMF.

    • A major part of the breast,, is below the yellow line.

    • Nipple is above the line

  • Blue line indicates lateral most extent of her breast.

  • White arrow indicates the take off of the breast from the chest wall.

Slide7 l.jpg

Glandular-ptosis & Asymmetry

Preop right lateral

Slide8 l.jpg

Grade 2 Ptosis

  • Note:

  • Good overall symmetry

    • Nipples equidistant and almost level

    • Lower contour of breast symmetrical

    • Outer upper curves of breast slightly exaggerated

  • She still needs a mastopexy (breast lift)

Slide9 l.jpg

Grade 2 Ptosis

Preop right lateral

Note: can’t see lateral most border of breast.

Nipple below IMF (yellow line) but above most dependent part of breast.

Grade 3 ptosis l.jpg
Grade 3 Ptosis

  • Note:

  • Nipple is virtually the lowest point of the breast relative to the IMF (red line)

  • Level of TO (red arrow) gets farther away from the MC (yellow arrow) as breast sizes get into the very large range