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Aluminum Can Recycling in Fayette County - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CENTER FOR A SUSTAINABLE ALUMINUM INDUSTRY A Sloan Industry Center Aluminum Can Recycling in Fayette County: Partnership Between Industry, University, Public Schools and Community Presented by: Dr. S. Das July 19 th 2005 A Sloan Industry Center Project

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Aluminum Can Recycling in Fayette County:Partnership Between Industry, University, Public Schools and Community

Presented by: Dr. S. Das

July 19th 2005

A Sloan Industry Center Project

Center for a Sustainable Aluminum Industry

University of Kentucky

Fayette County Public Schools

Lexington Fayette Urban County Government

Commonwealth of Kentucky-

Economic Development Cabinet

Baker Iron & Metal Co.

Wise Alloys LLC.

Anheuser Busch

Clark Distributing Co.

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Sloan Industry Center-

Synergy of Partnership

Clark Distributing Co.

Sloan foundation industry centers l.jpg
Sloan Foundation Industry Centers

  • TheAlfred P. Sloan Foundation

    • Established in 1934 by Alfred P. Sloan, Jr.

  • A Sampling of Sloan Industry Centers:

    • Harvard

      • Textile and Apparel Research

    • MIT

      • International Motor Vehicle

    • Georgia Tech

      • Paper Business

    • Carnegie Mellon

      • Steel

Center for a sustainable aluminum industry csai l.jpg
Center for a Sustainable Aluminum Industry (CSAI)

  • Founded in Jan. 2005

  • Funded by several sources:

    • Sloan Foundation Industry Centers Program

    • A consortium of Aluminum Producers

    • The Commonwealth of Kentucky

    • The University of Kentucky

  • Have about $800,000 in funding for research over the next three years.

    • Faculty in Economics, Business and Engineering are members of CSAI

Csai research areas l.jpg
CSAI Research Areas

  • Finding ways to enhance recycling rates is one of the major focus areas.

  • The current project will study the aluminum recycling trends in Fayette County, KY.

  • Fayette County will be the first “recycling test lab” in the nation.

  • Incorporate “economic development” concepts into environmental benefits to appeal to both “sandals and suits”.

Why aluminum beverage can l.jpg
Why Aluminum Beverage Can?

1% change in recycling rate

has an economic impact of

approximately $12 million

Trashed cans contribute about $294 million to the nation’s trade deficit each year

National Aluminum Beverage Can Recycling Rate Trends.

(Source: Aluminum Association)

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Commodities Shipped from LFUCG Recycling Center

(06/01/04 to 04/15/05, 10 months)

(Source: James Carter, Manager LFUCG Recycling Center)

Initiatives underway l.jpg
Initiatives Underway

Industry and Government

  • Work with LFUCG, Baker Iron & Metals and Wise Alloys to track monthly aluminum can recovery in Fayette County.

  • Work with beverage can distributors (Anheuser Busch, PepsiCo, Coca Cola, Clark Distributing Co.-Coors, Miller) to track number of aluminum cans sold in Fayette County.

  • Track the true recycling rate in Fayette County.

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Fayette County Public Schools and University

  • Work with Fayette County Public School Systems to promote awareness and recyclability of aluminum cans.

  • Work with University of Kentucky to enhance the recycling rate among the 18-29 years old demographics.

    • Integrating recycling messages into UK 101 classes.

    • Locate and increase the numbers of recycle bins throughout UK.

    • Working with fraternities and sororities to get them involved in the recycling efforts as part of their civic duties.

    • Target special events such as football games as opportunity to collect cans.

Planned path forward l.jpg
Planned Path Forward

  • LFUCG will fund a waste composition characterization study in targeted areas and demographics in Fayette County.

  • Bring “national best practices” to the county.

  • Use Fayette County as the nation’s first “recycling test laboratory”.

Recycling as an economic development initiatives l.jpg
Recycling as an Economic Development Initiatives

  • Kentucky has one of the largest concentration of aluminum facilities in the US.

  • Recycling of aluminum beverage can is crucial in sustaining Kentucky’s aluminum industry.

  • Most of Kentucky’s aluminum facilities rely on secondary (recycled) aluminum.

  • Increasing recycling rate will grow existing jobs and bring high paying, knowledge based jobs and modern aluminum plants to Kentucky.