1. The LBA SSC recognizes the catalytic role that Dr. Dieter Anhuf has played in promotion of canopy...
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1. The LBA SSC recognizes the catalytic role that Dr. Dieter Anhuf has played in promotion of canopy studies and canopy observatory proposals. The LBA SSC requests that the SSC chair write a letter to Anhuff thanking him for his activities to date and offering the support of the LBA SSC for efforts to foment canopy observatories.

2. The LBA SSC requests that the HIBAM associated project obey their agreement to register and deposit data with the LBA DIS. The SSC chair should write a letter to HIBAM with a copy to ANA reminding them of their commitments and requesting that they register and make their data available in the LBA DIS. The SSC also suggests that a HIBAM representative attend the next SSC meeting to report on their activities.

3. The LBA SSC congratulates Dr. Bertha Becker and her team for their extensive review of the Human Dimensions research on the Amazon region relevant to LBA. The SSC recommends that the report and an executive summary be made available on the LBA web site.

4. The LBA SSC recommends that Human Dimensions components of LBA organize an open workshop (possibly on the model of the Manaus Workshop in 1995) to establish the key questions for this component. The workshop should make recommendations for future priorities in research and practical means to enhance the Human Dimensions research in the Amazon. Because of the overlap between the Land Use and Land Cover Change and Human Dimensions components, the SSC recommends that the Land Use and Land Cover Change component play a significant role in the planning and execution of the workshop. (Organizing Committee: Berhta Becker, Eustáquio Reis, Mateus Batistella, Diógenes Alves)

5. The LBA SSC seeks closer cooperation between LBA and IBGE. The SSC requests that Eustáquio Reis approach IBGE to develop mechanisms for sharing data. In addition the SSC recognizes the desirability that IBGE researchers be included in LBA activities and that a suitable IBGE representative be sought to serve on the LBA SSC.

6. The LBA SSC recommends that for future LBA special issues of journals, both meta-data (entered in Beija-Flor) and data availability be a requirement prior to publication, if agreed to by the editor and other relevant authorities. This requirement should be applied first to the Earth Interactions special issue.

7. The LBA SSC recommends that each LBA team name a primary and secondary data contact. If contacts are not named, it will be assumed that the PIs are the primary and secondary contacts and all inquiries and annoyances will be directed to the PIs.

8. The LBA SSC recommends that the LBA Central Office work with the appropriate authorities within the Brazilian government to design procedures to assure that the LBA researchers conform to the laws related to genetic information without paralyzing the progress of LBA research.

9. The LBA SSC recommends that the LBA Central Office seek appropriate wording for disclaimers attached to all packages transporting biological materials and should provide orientation to all LBA researchers through the LBA web site. The SSC requests that the Central Office report on actions related to genetic information at the next SSC meeting.

10.      The LBA SSC strongly recommends the concepts presented for the BARCA project to estimate regional budgets for carbon dioxide and other gases.11. The LBA SSC recommends that the LBA DIS produce an on-line tutorial for Beija-Flor (Rita Mesquita and M.A. Silva-Dias, consultants.)

12.      The LBA SSC recommends that the DIS staff report on data archived by LBA DIS but not registered on Beija-Flor at the next SSC meeting.13. The LBA SSC recommends that the SSC Chair approach the Brazilian Academy of Sciences to seek approval of the Academy for LBA to be considered an Academy project.

14. The LBA SSC recommends that the governments of Brazil and the US seek an arrangement to extend the field activities of LBA ECO beyond December 2004 for at least one year.

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