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Group 1 Quality Meat Production Enhancement Group 2 Quality Vegetable Production Enhancement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Group 1 Quality Meat Production Enhancement Group 2 Quality Vegetable Production Enhancement. WELCOME TO ALL DISTINGUISHED GUESTS AT “Consultative Workshop”. Agro-Livestock A New Look. Punjab Agriculture & Meat Company (PAMCO).

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Group 1

Quality Meat Production Enhancement

Group 2

Quality Vegetable Production Enhancement

Welcome to all distinguished guests at consultative workshop


Agro livestock a new look

Agro-LivestockA New Look

Punjab agriculture meat company pamco
Punjab Agriculture & Meat Company (PAMCO)

Punjab Agriculture & Meat Company is a new brand of Lahore Meat Company after the merger of Punjab Agri Marketing Company into Lahore Meat Company

Punjab agriculture meat company pamco1
Punjab Agriculture & Meat Company (PAMCO)


Engage for the betterment of agro-livestock economy through developing meat & agriculture sector by facilitating and implementing research & development initiatives at its own and in collaboration with national & international organizations of public & private sector


  • Engage itself to enhance quality production, processing, value addition, marketing & supply chain of meat, livestock, agriculture products & by-products for local & export markets

  • Engage itself to establish compliance regime & certification system at all levels of value chains of meat, livestock & agriculture

  • Provide trainings & technical backstopping at all stages of the integrated meat & agriculture value chains

Punjab agriculture meat company pamco2
Punjab Agriculture & Meat Company (PAMCO)

Focus (short term)

  • Develop Halal meat value chain

  • Develop Potohar as Olive Production Zone

  • Develop Leyya, Bhakkar and Muzafargarh as new Citrus Zone

  • Develop Cholistan as Grapes valley & animal disease free zone

  • Develop peri-urban vegetable production zones & kitchen gardening through private entrepreneurs

    (long term)

  • Develop each District's own economy

Punjab agriculture meat company pamco3
Punjab Agriculture & Meat Company (PAMCO)

Participatory Planning Process:

Food vegetables consumption statistics compiled from fao statistics 2007 08
Food &Vegetables – Consumption Statistics(Compiled from FAO Statistics - 2007-08)

Shift in food pattern needed
Shift in food pattern needed

  • Main staple comes from Grains & Cereals

  • Wheat, Rice, Maize, Pulses etc.

  • G&C are in great demand due to livestock & poultry sector development

  • G&C prices rising – causing food inflation

  • Shift in food pattern towards vegetables needed

Vegetables – Inflation

  • Basic vegetable prices sky-rocketing

  • Inflation due to lack of supply

  • Lack of supply due to low production & in-efficient marketing

  • Production increase = vegetable available & affordable

Vegetables – Production Increase

  • Involvement of agro-services providers for per-urban production zones

    • Nurseries

    • Seed companies

  • Vegetables growing on:

    • Roofs of houses

    • Lawns of houses

    • Landscape

  • Peri urban v egetable production zones
    Peri-urban Vegetable Production Zones

    • Identify potential entrepreneurs~ Agri service providers, exporters…

    • Register & organize per-urban farmers

    • Provision of inputs & services

    • Capacity building & provision–Global GAP

    • Green Channel Markets

    • Veg-gardening in front lawn, backyard, balcony, vacant public places etc.

    Potential ~ Livestock

    Million Heads

    • Pakistan has various breeds and classes of livestock

    • Almost 1:1 ratio of humans & livestock population

    • World's 4th largest livestock population

    • Livestock growing @ 4% against human growth of 2.9%

      • Livestock feeding ~ 100% Halal & Agro-based

    Economic Survey of Pakistan 2010-11

    Halal market

    Halal Market

    Global Halal certified trade $3,000 billion p.a.

    Food & beverages 45%

    Pharmaceutical 22%

    Halal meat 16%

    Cosmetics 10%

    Gelatin 7 %

    Pakistan can become the “Halal Hub” of the world

    4th largest livestock population in the world

    Livestock feed resource is 100% Halal

    100% Halal slaughtering practices

    Immediate focus should be on

    Processing & value addition

    Global compliance standards

    Awareness campaign about opportunities

    Comparative advantage
    Comparative Advantage


    • Large domestic market

    • Religious limitations

    • Limitations to ensure Halal animals feeding & slaughtering


    • Large domestic market

    • Multi-religious society (Cow, etc.)

    • Limitations to ensure Halal animals feeding & slaughtering

      South America

    • Limitations to ensure Halal animals feeding & slaughtering


    • 100% Halal animals feeding & slaughtering

    • Practicing Islamic society

    • Animal loving people ~ Livestock rearing a way of life & livelihood

    Meat inflation
    Meat Inflation

    • Unlimited domestic demand for hygienic & value added products

    • 4 million live animals crossing the Iran and Afghanistan border

    • Regional (Central Asia / Gulf) demand of Halal meat

    • Domestic meat inflation due to short supply

    Supply issues
    Supply Issues

    • 5m male calves die within 1 month of birth

    • No beef breed / cross breeding

    • Slaughtering of early age female sheep/goats

    • Absence of feed-lot fattening system

    • Absence of compliance regime

      • Disease free animals

      • Halal feeding

      • Antibiotic/chemical residues

      • Hygienic processing

      • Food safety standards etc.

    Integrated halal meat value chain concept




    Integrated Halal Meat Value Chain(Concept)

    Halal feeding

    Disease free

    No residual effect

    State of the Art Slaughtering & Processing

    Hygienic, Healthy domestic & export supply

    Supply enhancement
    Supply Enhancement

    Enhancing quality meat production Schemes under compliance regime(Halal feeding, free from Transboundary Animal Diseases, traceability);

    • Save The Calf

    • Beef Cross Breeding

    • Feed lot Fattening

    • Sheep/Goat Nucleus Farms

    Save the calf scheme
    Save the Calf Scheme

    Save the Calf Scheme

    • Those saving min 10 / max 100 calves of max 6 weeks may participate

    • Internationally accredited third party to certify compliance:

      • Halal feeding

      • Disease free farm

      • No chemical & antibiotic residues

    • Incentive program:

      • Vaccination & treatment services

      • Rs 3,200 cash incentive after 6 months of rearing

      • Target= 30000 calves/3 years

    • Execution by field force of L& DD Department

    Beef cross breeding
    Beef Cross-Breeding

    • 6m non-descript & draught cattle in Punjab

    • Technological advances in farming have made these animals redundant

    • These animals can be utilized for enhanced beef production

      Beef cross breeding

    • Exotic beef semen = 0.25million doses

    • Execution by L& DD Department (DLF)

    Feed lot fattening
    Feed Lot Fattening

    • Registration of Beef Fattening Farms (120 days fattening)

    • Min.10 & Max 200 animals per farm

    • Provision of tagging, vaccination, training & technical services

    • Target = About 150000 animals/ 3 years

    • Rs.1500/animal as incentive after ensuring Compliance & Certification

    Mutton farming model
    Mutton Farming Model

    Small Farmer

    Meat Company



    • Establish nucleus farms

    • Registration of existing herds around nucleus farms

    • Distribution of female units to registered farmers

    • Compliance of standards

    • Receive trainings & technical services

    • Return male sheep/goats to nucleus farms

    • Compliance of standards

    • Backward & forward linkage

    • Technical services & training

    • Vaccination & treatment services

    • Web based tagging

    Mutton farming project
    Mutton Farming Project

    • Sheep/goat producing areas of Punjab

    • Target: 100 nucleus farms

    • Min.500 & max.20000 animals/unit

    • Incentive: vaccination, treatment, facilitation, technical services, etc.

    • Target: About 3million certified quality mutton animals/3 years

    Supply chain enhancement
    Supply Chain Enhancement

    • Lahore Meat Processing Complex

      • Meat processing

      • Value addition through allied products

      • Export facilitation

      • Domestic supply chain enhancement

      • Compliance of standards

      • Training in collaboration with Universities

    • State of the art facility to guide private sector

      Rs.1.5 billion required to implement Enhancing Meat Production Program (3 years)