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Good morning students
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Good Morning Students. How’re you ? . Teacher’s information Md.Hasanuzzaman B.S.S(degree) B.S.S(honors) M.S.S(Political Science ) B-Ed Assistant Teacher Kofezan nesa and Hazi Niamot ullah high school. Moslempur , Bheramara , Kushtia .

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Good Morning Students

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Good morning students

Good Morning


How’re you ?

Good morning students

Teacher’s information


B.S.S(degree) B.S.S(honors) M.S.S(Political Science)


Assistant Teacher

Kofezannesa and HaziNiamotullah high school.

Moslempur, Bheramara, Kushtia.

Good morning students

Today’s Lesson:

Subject: English 1st paper Class: Nine

Unit: Three Lesson: 3

Good morning students

Learning outcomes

After studying this lesson, students

will be able to

infer meaning from the contest.

write about the event 1947, 48, 52.

write answer to the question.

Good morning students

What are you looking at the picture ?

Why do we use these Alphabet ?

These are Alphabet of Bangle language.

Good morning students

Who is the dead man ?

He struggled for the language .

Good morning students

Who are they ?

Good morning students

Why’ll we remember them ?

They sacrificed their lives for the language ..

Good morning students

Now tell, What can be lesson today ?

Today’s lesson:

International Mother Language Day

Good morning students


Good morning students

Why is it built ?

What’s picture about ?

It is built to honour and commemorate the sacrifices of the language martyrs.

The picture is about ShaheedMinar .

Good morning students

Loud reading

Good morning students

Ask some word’s meaning

Words Meaning










Ban or make illegal



A strong complaint expression disagreement


Good morning students

Student’s silent reading

Good morning students

Single work

Complete the chart.

Time What happened

Pakistan and India become





Mohammad Ali Zinnah declared that Urdu would be the state language of Pakistan

The students of Dhaka University brought out a procession on 21st February

Good morning students

Group work

1.Why do we observe 21 February as the International Mother Language Day ?

2.What happened when Urdu was declared as the only state language of the pakistan ?

Good morning students


1.The UNESO has proclaimed February 21 as the International Mother Language Day in 1999. So we observe 21February as International Mother Language Day.

2.The declaration raised storm of protest in East Pakistan. It continued non-stop. The government banned all types of public meeting.

Good morning students


Good morning students

1.Who were killed in the movement ?

Good morning students

1.Salam, Rafiq, Barkat, Jabber, and many other were killed in the movement.

Good morning students

2.When did the protest reach it’s climax ?

Good morning students

2.The protest reached its climax in 1952.

Good morning students

Why is it decorated ?

Good morning students

It is decorated because at 21 February people of world observe to commemorate the Language Martyr’s with great respect.

Good morning students

Home work

Write briefly how observed this year’s 21 February at your school.

Good morning students

Thank you everybody

Good bye

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