homestuck inspired project
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Homestuck inspired project.

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Homestuck inspired project. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Homestuck inspired project. City of Fallen Angels. You’re the boy, the boy who starts this story for us.. Oh what’s his name?.

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homestuck inspired project

Homestuckinspired project.

City of Fallen Angels


Your name is Simon Lewis, you are the Daylighter. This means your one of the only vampires who can go in the sun without burning to a crisp. {How cool is that?} You’re just chillin’ doing your thing.


You look under your bed. So that’s where your phone has been for the past 3 hours… Looks like one of your chums is trying to talk to you.


Lol its probably one of my GFz So much Vampire swag.

Simon has two… Unofficial Girlfriends Named Maia {Werewolf} and Isabelle {Shadow-hunter}.

They don’t know about each other.


Okay so while you were gone, you somehow met up with this lady named Camille. She’s supposedly was the High Vampire of New York. She wants you to join her cause to over through Raphael, who is the current High vampire of New York. You turn on your phone so Clary can hear what’s going on.


Lately Jace has been having dreams where he hurts Clary. He tries to work out the labyrinth in his head.


After Being kicked out of your mom’s place for being a vampire, you get a roommate Named Jordan Kyle. He is a werewolf.


During the engagement party of Luke, and Clary’s mom. Simon sneaks off from the group and goes to a mysterious address he was invited to.


After going to the secret address, they find out, that the Mother of warlocks, the demon Eris is there. She wants Simon to turn Clary’s Dead demon brother, Sebastian into a vampire. And Simon is the one to ultimately Kill her.


Sebastian Finishes a ritual With Jace, causing him to posses Jace at any time he wishes. He says “We are now connected brother”. The blood of an angel and demon fuse. What will this make of Jace?