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WELCOME CLASS OF 2014. AHS ADMINISTRATION. Principal J. Ivey Dean of Accountability & Instruction Dr. C. Kirkland Assistant Principals D. Baker , S. Drummond, T. Sikes. Counselors 9-10 th Tammy Hathcock C114 11 th Jamie Durham C213 12 th Thelma Griffin C210. Registrar

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Ahs administration


J. Ivey

Dean of Accountability & Instruction

Dr. C. Kirkland

Assistant Principals

D. Baker , S. Drummond, T. Sikes


9-10th Tammy HathcockC114

11thJamie Durham C213

12th Thelma Griffin C210


Leslie Bell Front office

Ahs counseling services
AHS Counseling Services

  • Graduation

  • Career Planning

  • Financial Aid

  • College Admission

  • Testing registration

  • Scholarship

  • Forms and documents

  • Personal & academic guidance

Graduation plans 4x4

Recommended Plan–adjusted August 09 by House Bill 3 (HB3) for all students

– 26 state credits

1.0 credit (not 1.5) of PE is required with no maximum number of credits

Health is not required

Technology is not required

Distinguished Achievement Plan

– 26 state credits (see above) plus 4 advanced measures

Graduation Plans-4x4

District Graduation Policy!

Beginning with the class of 2008, students must completeall requiredcourseworkand passall parts of the TAKS in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.

TAKS Test dates: October 21-24

Senior contracts
Senior Contracts

  • 10-day requirement for letters

  • Financial Aid

  • Transcript Evaluation

  • TAKS status

  • State credits earned

  • Credits needed

  • Graduation Plan

  • GPA and rank

  • College Application Process

  • College Choices

  • Major/Career Choice

  • Ways to contact you

  • Websites

Off to college where to go what to do
Off to college….where to go? what to do?

  • Apply to 3 – 5 colleges.

  • Select a “dream” school that may be a stretch.

  • Select at least one “sure thing”.

  • Select 2 – 3 schools in between.

  • A college should fit YOU

    • academically

    • personally

    • socially

College admission terms
College Admission Terms

  • Early Decision – a binding commitment to attend the college if you are accepted

  • Early Action/Notification – simply applying early so you will receive acceptance notification early – no commitment to attend

  • Rolling Admission – apply and usually receive an admission decision within four to six weeks

College application process
College Application Process

Every college requires:

  • An application sent electronically or by mail

  • An official transcript sent by high school

    Most colleges require:

  • SAT or ACT scores (sent by testing agency)

    Many colleges & scholarships require:

  • Letters of recommendation, essay(s), resume,

    counselor report

What influences the admission decision
What Influences the Admission Decision?

  • Top 10%

  • Class rank/G.P.A.

  • SAT or ACT scores

  • Choice of courses

  • Recommendation letters

  • Application essay

  • Extra-curricular activities

  • Leadership experiences

  • Special interests/talents

  • Community involvement

  • Service to the school

  • Special circumstances

  • Interviews

  • Completion of “optional”

Application tips
Application Tips

  • Follow instructions carefully (many applicants do not!)!!

  • Pay attention to deadlines.

    Don’t meetthe deadline; beat the deadline!

  • Don’t be humble! Include and describe all of your accomplishments (no acronyms).

Apply texas application
Apply Texas Application

  • www.ApplyTexas.org

  • Used by all Texas public four-year colleges and most community colleges

  • On-line applications can be submitted beginning August 1st


Top ten percent bill
Top Ten Percent Bill

Students ranking in the top 10% of their class are automatically admitted to any public university in Texas

  • Exception:2014 UT Austin-Top 7%;

    2015 – Top 7%

  • Complete application requirements

    by theuniversity’s deadline

  • Enroll in college no more than two years after graduating from high school

Surprise non top ten percenters can get in
Surprise!!!! Non-Top Ten Percenters Can Get In!

  • At UT Austin, 87% of Texas residents admitted for Fall 2010 ranked in the top ten percent.

  • At Texas A&M, 50% of students admitted for Fall 2010 ranked in the top ten percent.

Demonstrate interest in colleges
Demonstrate interest in colleges

  • Visit the university (not just for football games!) Attend an orientation session.

  • Meet with representatives at school

  • Contact admissions representatives

  • Use websites to compare schools

Important websites
Important Websites

  • www.collegeboard.com-SAT

  • www.act.org- ACT

  • www.thea.nesinc.com- THEA

  • www.applytexas.org-Texas applications

  • www.commonapp.org-national applications

  • www.ncaaclearinghouse.net- athletic scholarships

Show me the money tips on financial aid
Show me the Money!Tips on Financial Aid

  • Apply for your PIN number early: www.pin.ed.gov

  • Complete the FAFSA (or TASFA) form on-line after January 1st during your senior year

  • Visit the following websites for more information:

    • www.fafsa.ed.gov

    • www.collegeforalltexans.com

Types of financial aid
Types of Financial Aid

  • Money that does NOT have to be repaid

    • Scholarships – award based on merit

      • Senior newsletter Beyond the Buzz

      • Search the internet

      • Free scholarship search websites

      • Beat the deadline

    • Grant – award based on financial need

  • Money that DOES have to be repaid

    • Loan

Texas grant program requirements
Texas Grant Program Requirements

  • High school diploma

  • Enrollment within 16 months of graduation and 3/4 time

  • Completion of Recommended or Distinguished Achievement high school curriculum

  • Financial need determined by FAFSA

  • Texas resident

  • No conviction of a felony or crime involving a controlled substance

New tsi assessment texas success initiative
New TSI AssessmentTexas Success Initiative

  • Required by all Texas public colleges unless exempt

  • Exemptions:

    * TAKS (exit-level): 2200 in math and/or 2200 in English/Language Arts with a writing score of 3-4

    * STAAR end of course (EOC): Level 2+ on English III EOC, Level 2+ on Algebra II EOC

    * SAT: combined score of 1070 with 500 on math and verbal sections

    *ACT: a composite score of 23 with a 19 on the math and English sections

Tsi assessment texas success initiative
TSI AssessmentTexas Success Initiative

  • Offered at TVCC, 1st Monday

    of most months

  • $35.00

  • Details

    • Computer based

    • 3 areas: reading, writing, math

    • 2 parts

      • PAA-Pre-Assessment Activity

      • TSI Assessment

    • Takes up to 4 hours

    • Student will receive a score sheet with diagnostic information

Important notes
Important Notes!

  • Only 1 final transcript will be sent to the college of your choice after May 1

  • AHS cannot release an official transcript to a parent or student. It can be mailed.

Ahs senior 2014 motto no until a pps are complete
AHS Senior 2014 Motto No until Apps are Complete!

Trick or Treatat AHS on October 31 if you

  • Complete a newcollege application

  • Bring copy of your submittedApplyTexasconfirmation to C210 prior to Friday, October 25

Trick or Treat