East midlands ast conference 6 th march 2009
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East Midlands AST Conference 6 th March 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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East Midlands AST Conference 6 th March 2009. Workshop B2 Negotiating Success and Identifying Impact Lesley Eldridge Northamptonshire AST Co-ordinator. Why does your impact matter?. Every year the government provide millions of pounds to LAs to fund AST posts;

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East Midlands AST Conference 6 th March 2009

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East Midlands AST Conference6th March 2009

Workshop B2

Negotiating Success and Identifying Impact

Lesley Eldridge

Northamptonshire AST Co-ordinator

Why does your impact matter?

  • Every year the government provide millions of pounds to LAs to fund AST posts;

  • In 2007 the AST role was under scrutiny, we needed to justify why they should continue with ASTs and fund AST posts;

  • In the EM Maurice put together a paper to show the difference that ASTs make;

  • It was easy to say what ASTs had DONE, but very much harder to document the IMPACT;

  • LAs are often asked about how ASTs contribute to school improvement.

Examples of impact statements

Do we know what the AST achieved?

The NQT was praised by the Headteacher

There are improvements in reading

We set objectives for support and outlined planning

Better confidence and I hope better results!

What does impact mean?

Write a definition of what the word impact means to you.

Should you consider:

- Activities?

- Objectives?

- Outcomes?

We came up with:

“The consequence of changes initiated by action”

How do we measure impact?

Look back over your recent outreach work, could you state clearly what the consequence of your actions have been?

As a group discuss the barriers you experienced when trying to measure the impact of your support?

Overcoming barriers

Having clarity when arranging outreach work:

-What am I trying to achieve?(clear objective)

-How am I going to achieve that?(timed action plan)

-How can I measure success? (smart targets or success criteria)

How effectively do these report impact?

“The head of department has an increased capacity to analyse data”

“80% of pupils are now able to use conjunctions in their writing”

“The teacher is now able to write effective learning objectives”

Within the statements is it also apparent what the AST was being asked to achieve?

Measuring short and long term impact

How frequently should you measure the impact you have in a school? As a group consider the following:

- After every visit?

- After a series of related activities?

At the completion of the project / outreach?

What differences would you expect to see in a report of impact after an individual visit compared with an end of project impact report?

What is the impact of this ASTs work?Using the prompts on the sheet, write her impact statement for her!

To successfully measure impact you need toplanahead…..

Before you begin the support work make sure you know:

What are the desired outcomes?(your objectives/targets)

The tasks to do & timescales to do them in?(your action plan)

What measures to use to know the support has met targets? (the success criteria)

Negotiating for success

  • Remember- most people just want solutions to their problems;

  • In discussions be realistic about what can be done;

  • Be formal, record the request for support on paper – you can refer back at the end of the process;

  • Role play – try it out!

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