the plan, powerpoint, elevator speech: pitching your ideas

the plan, powerpoint, elevator speech: pitching your ideas PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2. Always in Pitch Mode. Great Entrepreneurs are Constantly SellingSelling yourself as a business partner and leader to prospective team membersSelling your idea and team to potential investors and financing sourcesSelling your products and services to customers and distribution partnersSelling your enterprise to eventual acquirers.

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the plan, powerpoint, elevator speech: pitching your ideas

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1. The Plan, Powerpoint, Elevator Speech: Pitching Your Ideas

2. 2

3. 3 Entrepreneurs’ Arsenal for Pitching

4. 4 Executive Summary

5. 5 Business Plan

6. 6 Business Plan – The Nitty Gritty Market Opportunity ? What’s the pain point you can help solve? Product / Service ? What can you offer and how does it address the pain? Innovation ? What are the key innovations in technology or business model than enable your solution? What IP or other barriers to replication exist? Market Sizing ? What’s the scope of the market? How fast is it growing? How is it segmented? Sales & Marketing Approach ? How will you reach customers? What’s the pricing structure and profit margins? Financial Model ? Any historical financials? What are the projected revenues and expenses for the next 3-5 years? Team ? Bios of key members. What’s the hiring plan for additional staff? Funding Needs ? What money has gone in thus far? How much do you need today and what will you achieve with it? What might you need in the future? Exit Strategy ? What are likely scenarios and why? What similar companies have been acquired, gone public, etc recently?

7. 7 Slide Show

8. 8 Elevator Speech

9. 9 Case Study – The “Tube”

10. 10 The VC Process – PJC Example Sourcing Investment Opportunities ? Elevator speech Initial Screening ? Exec summary First Meeting ? Powerpoint slides Request Additional Information ? Business plan Present to Full Partnership ? Powerpoint slides Due Diligence Negotiate Investment Terms Closing

11. 11 Suggestions for Successful Pitching Be Prepared ? You never know when pitch opportunities will arise Be Assertive ? Take your opportunities when they present themselves Be Focused ? Get the info across that’s important and identify next steps Be Honest ? Optimism and energy is essential, unrealistic messages unhelpful Leverage Yourself ? Solicit feedback and input from others on your pitches, use your network to expand the opportunities to pitch

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