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State Bank Of India WITH YOU - ALL THE WAY PowerPoint PPT Presentation

ONE STOP SOLUTION FOR ALL BANKING NEEDS The Preferred Partner in Prosperity State Bank Of India WITH YOU - ALL THE WAY PMs Task Force on MSMEs

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State Bank Of India WITH YOU - ALL THE WAY

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The Preferred Partner in Prosperity

State Bank Of India


Pms task force on msmes l.jpg

PMs Task Force on MSMEs

  • 40% of total Advances to MSE should go to Micro (manufacturing) Enterprises with Investment In P&M upto Rs. 5 lacs & Micro (Service) with Investment in Equipments upto Rs. 2 lacs.

  • 20% of total Advances to MSE should go to Micro (Manufacturing) with Investment in P&M above Rs. 5 lacs and upto Rs. 25 lacs, and Micro(Service) with Investment in Equipments above Rs. 2 lacs and upto Rs. 10 lacs.

  • 20% y-o-y growth in credit to MSE enterprises

  • 10% annual growth in number of Micro Enterprise a/cs.

Export oriented mses l.jpg

Export Oriented MSEs

  • Extending schemes like Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) – March 2012

  • Duty Entitlement Passbook (DEPB) – June 2011

  • Interest Subvention extended to Sectors like Handloom, Handicraft, Carpet & SMEs- March 2011

  • Also extended to additional products in sectors like Engg., leather, textiles & Jute

Various concessions in interest l.jpg

Various Concessions in Interest

  • Concessional Rate on Interest to Rice Mills, Dal Mills, Cotton Ginning & Pressing and Other Seasonal Industries. (9.50% to 10.25%)

  • Warehouse Receipt finance at 10% (Repayment - Upto 6months) and 10.50% (Repayment - 6 months to 1 year)

  • SMECFL at 9% upto Rs. 25 lacs and 10% above Rs. 25 lacs upto Rs. 1 Cr. (till September,2010)

Forex products l.jpg


Export finance l.jpg


  • Pre-shipment Finance (EPC)

    • Extended as WC for purchase of RM, warehousing etc of goods meant for export.

    • Rate of Interest: 7.25% pa

  • Post-shipment Finance

    • Extended after shipment to bridge the time lag between the shipment of goods and realisation of proceeds.

    • Discounting of Bills under Foreign LC.

    • Rate of Interest: 7.25% pa

Import finance l.jpg


  • Arranging of Buyers Credit (Libor Linked) from our foreign office. (LIBOR – 0.51 USD for 6 months)

  • Provision of LCs

  • Provision of BGs and Performance BGs.

Interest subvention l.jpg


  • RBI has given special permission to banks to quote rates below Base Rate in respect of Export Credit finance.


  • The new rate will be applicable to new as well as existing advances.

  • Further, the interest rate on SBI Exporters Gold Card will continue to be 25 bps lower than the Normal Export Credit.

Asset products l.jpg


Open term loan l.jpg

Open Term Loan

  • For New & Existing Customers in Manufacturing and Services sector

  • For expansion / modernisation, Upgradation of technology, Energy conservation systems &ISO and other such certifications.

  • Sanction valid for 12 months

  • Maximum Rs.250lacs (Mfg) & Rs. 100lacs (Services)

  • 10% Margin

  • Generally not to exceed 3 years. May be extended upto 5 years selectively if considered necessary.

Sme smart score l.jpg

SME Smart Score

  • Target Group

    • Individually managed proprietary/partnership firm or closely held public/private limited companies in the Small and medium industrial and trading sector under C&I and SIB segments.

  • Eligibility

    • The chief promoter /chief executive should be below 66 years of age

    • Based on a Scoring model

  • Type of facilities

    • Cash Credit / Term Loan

  • Quantum of Finance

    • Rs.5lacs to below Rs.50lacs

    • 20% of annual turnover for WC loan and 67% of project cost for TL

Sme credit card l.jpg

SME Credit Card

  • Target Group

    • SSI units, tiny units, village industries, Retail traders, professionals, self- employed, etc.

  • Eligibility

    • Customers of the following segments with a satisfactory track record for the last two years :-

      Small industrial units, Small retail traders, Professionals, Self employed persons, Small business enterprises, Transport operators

  • Type of facilities

    • Cash Credit and/or Term Loan

  • Quantum of Finance

    • Maximum - Rs. 10lacs

Artisan credit card l.jpg

Artisan Credit Card

  • Target Group

    • Artisans in the handicrafts sector and NOT covered by the government sponsored loan schemes.

  • Eligibility

    • Thrust to be to finance in clusters and preferably those supported by a Self Help Group (SHG)

  • Purpose

    • For WC requirements as well as cost of tools and equipment required for carrying out the manufacturing process.

  • Type of facilities

    • A cash credit limit supported by a photo card which indicates the limit and validity and a passbook

  • Quantum of Finance

    • Maximum of Rs.2 lacs

  • Rate of Interest

    • 4.00% above Base Rate

Rent plus l.jpg

Rent Plus

Doctor plus l.jpg

Doctor Plus

Stree shakti l.jpg

Stree Shakti

  • A well designed scheme was introduced for promoting entrepreneurship among women folk.

  • Eligible for Retail trade, business enterprise and professionals.

  • Lower margin by 5%

  • Interest concession of 50 bps for limits above Rs. 50,000/-

Sbi smile l.jpg


  • Eligible for Professional and Technically qualified First time entrepreneurs

  • Equity assistance up to a maximum of Rs.10 lacs for Micro and Small Scale industries

  • For professionals and self-employed – Maximum Rs.5 lacs-

  • Minimum margin required is 15%

  • Interest Free Loan

  • Equity Loan Assistance can be repaid over a period of 3 years after an initial moratorium period of 5 to 7 years

  • Minimum Equity contribution of 7.5% of the cost of project.

Sme collateral free loans l.jpg

SME Collateral Free Loans

  • All Micro & Small Enterprises as defined by MSMED Act 2006 are eligible.

  • Mode – Working capital and/or Term loan.

  • Maximum loan coverage of Rs 100.00 Lakh.

  • No collateral Security/third party guarantee is required.

  • Includes Small Road and water transport Operators, Small Business, Professionals and self employed persons and all other service enterprises under the ambit of MSE.

  • Loans for Retail Trade, Educational, Training Institutions & Self Help group are not eligible.

  • Cover under CGTMSE (credit Guarantee Trust for Medium & Small Enterprises) Scheme. (MANDATORY)

  • Max 7 yrs with m moratorium of 6 – 12 months.

Sme collateral free loans19 l.jpg

SME Collateral Free Loans

  • Concessional rate of interest for thefirst year.

  • The aforesaid concessionary rate of interest will be the applicable to loans sanctioned upto 30 September 2010.

  • After that, the normal rates will apply.

Supply chain financing l.jpg

Supply Chain Financing

Liability products l.jpg


Power pack power gain l.jpg


  • Saving in Bank charges on remittance & collection

  • MCC, CORE power, CINB facilities at Minimal/no cost

  • No cash handling charges

  • Cheque return protection facility

  • NEFT and RTGS facilities

  • No extra charges at Non Home Branches.

Other power products l.jpg

Other Power Products

  • Value added Current Accounts with different QABs.

  • Convenience of Inter-core transactions

  • Auto sweep of balances

  • Free CINB & one view of accounts

  • Multi City Cheques for centralized payments

  • Other Freebies: International card, CINB facility, Free duplicate statements and cheque books, Pre approved car loan, Free Demat services/eZ trade account, Various categories of salary accounts for the employees , Free Standing Instructions

Surabhi account with autosweep reverse sweep l.jpg


  • Minimum balance : Rs. 10,000

  • Auto sweep over threshold limit to TDR on weekly basis

  • Threshold limit : Rs. 50,000

  • Initial sweep Rs. 10,000 and then multiples of Rs. 1000

  • Tenure of deposit : Min 12 months; Max 36 months

  • Can be decided by depositor at the time of opening of account

  • Withdrawal by Cheque

  • Breaking TDR in multiples of Rs.1000 last in first out basis

Payment solutions l.jpg


Cinb products l.jpg



For Small Firms, Companies, Institutions Banking

With One Branch


For Small & Mediums Sized Orgns. Small User Group With Discretionary Access And Discretionary Rights


For Large & Very Large Orgns, Access To Accounts Across Branches With A Single Sign On

Cinb e tax l.jpg

CINB – E-Tax

1. Direct Tax

A) Income tax, corporation tax, wealth tax

B) TDS companies & non companies deductees

C) Securities transaction tax, gift tax, estate duty,

2. Indirect tax

A) Central Excise (CBEC), service tax

3. DGFT Payment (Directorate General of foreign trade )

Corporate salary package l.jpg

Corporate Salary Package

  • Institutions and Corporates with Minimum 25 employees are eligible

  • Centralized compensation and salary administration

  • Convenient management of salaries through 11600 plus Core Banking branches

  • One debit and multiple credits

  • Reduced Paperwork

  • Savings on Remittance Cost

Corporate salary package product l.jpg

Corporate Salary Package - Product





Four Variants…

Employees with gross monthly salary between

Above Rs.100,000


to Rs.100,000


to Rs.50,000


to Rs.20,000

Common problems l.jpg

Common Problems

Thank you for your patronage l.jpg



Cgtmse l.jpg


  • Maximum loan coverage of Rs 100.00 Lakh.

  • Mode – Working capital and/or Term loan.

  • No collateral Security/third party guarantee is required (only Assets created out of Bank Finance shall be hypothecated/ mortgaged).

  • The business or activity of the borrower for which the credit facility was granted has not ceased.

  • The facility should not be utilized for any adjustment of any debts.

Security l.jpg


  • Primary Security

    • The assets created out of the credit facility so extended and / or existing unencumbered assets which are directly associated with the project or business for which the credit facility has been extended.

  • Collateral Security

    • Other unencumbered assets directly associated with the business/ project that can be taken as security.

  • Third Party Guarantee

    • If the security offered is in the name of another person/ Company, TPG is required to be given.

Guarantee fee annual service fee l.jpg

Guarantee Fee & Annual Service Fee

  • Guarantee Cover – It means maximum cover available per eligible borrower which shall not exceed 75 percent of the amount in default in respect of credit facility extended by Bank.

  • The fee should be recovered from the unit upfront.

  • The fee will be absorbed by the Bank for loans with limits upto Rs. 2.00 Lakh.

Core power inter core transactions for all sme customers l.jpg

Core Power (Inter Core Transactions)- For all SME customers

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Other power products37 l.jpg


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