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ONE STOP SOLUTION FOR ALL BANKING NEEDS The Preferred Partner in Prosperity State Bank Of India WITH YOU - ALL THE WAY PMs Task Force on MSMEs

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The Preferred Partner in Prosperity

State Bank Of India


Pms task force on msmes l.jpg
PMs Task Force on MSMEs

  • 40% of total Advances to MSE should go to Micro (manufacturing) Enterprises with Investment In P&M upto Rs. 5 lacs & Micro (Service) with Investment in Equipments upto Rs. 2 lacs.

  • 20% of total Advances to MSE should go to Micro (Manufacturing) with Investment in P&M above Rs. 5 lacs and upto Rs. 25 lacs, and Micro(Service) with Investment in Equipments above Rs. 2 lacs and upto Rs. 10 lacs.

  • 20% y-o-y growth in credit to MSE enterprises

  • 10% annual growth in number of Micro Enterprise a/cs.

Export oriented mses l.jpg
Export Oriented MSEs

  • Extending schemes like Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) – March 2012

  • Duty Entitlement Passbook (DEPB) – June 2011

  • Interest Subvention extended to Sectors like Handloom, Handicraft, Carpet & SMEs- March 2011

  • Also extended to additional products in sectors like Engg., leather, textiles & Jute

Various concessions in interest l.jpg
Various Concessions in Interest

  • Concessional Rate on Interest to Rice Mills, Dal Mills, Cotton Ginning & Pressing and Other Seasonal Industries. (9.50% to 10.25%)

  • Warehouse Receipt finance at 10% (Repayment - Upto 6months) and 10.50% (Repayment - 6 months to 1 year)

  • SMECFL at 9% upto Rs. 25 lacs and 10% above Rs. 25 lacs upto Rs. 1 Cr. (till September,2010)

Export finance l.jpg

  • Pre-shipment Finance (EPC)

    • Extended as WC for purchase of RM, warehousing etc of goods meant for export.

    • Rate of Interest: 7.25% pa

  • Post-shipment Finance

    • Extended after shipment to bridge the time lag between the shipment of goods and realisation of proceeds.

    • Discounting of Bills under Foreign LC.

    • Rate of Interest: 7.25% pa

Import finance l.jpg

  • Arranging of Buyers Credit (Libor Linked) from our foreign office. (LIBOR – 0.51 USD for 6 months)

  • Provision of LCs

  • Provision of BGs and Performance BGs.

Interest subvention l.jpg

  • RBI has given special permission to banks to quote rates below Base Rate in respect of Export Credit finance.


  • The new rate will be applicable to new as well as existing advances.

  • Further, the interest rate on SBI Exporters Gold Card will continue to be 25 bps lower than the Normal Export Credit.

Open term loan l.jpg
Open Term Loan

  • For New & Existing Customers in Manufacturing and Services sector

  • For expansion / modernisation, Upgradation of technology, Energy conservation systems &ISO and other such certifications.

  • Sanction valid for 12 months

  • Maximum Rs.250lacs (Mfg) & Rs. 100lacs (Services)

  • 10% Margin

  • Generally not to exceed 3 years. May be extended upto 5 years selectively if considered necessary.

Sme smart score l.jpg
SME Smart Score

  • Target Group

    • Individually managed proprietary/partnership firm or closely held public/private limited companies in the Small and medium industrial and trading sector under C&I and SIB segments.

  • Eligibility

    • The chief promoter /chief executive should be below 66 years of age

    • Based on a Scoring model

  • Type of facilities

    • Cash Credit / Term Loan

  • Quantum of Finance

    • Rs.5lacs to below Rs.50lacs

    • 20% of annual turnover for WC loan and 67% of project cost for TL

Sme credit card l.jpg
SME Credit Card

  • Target Group

    • SSI units, tiny units, village industries, Retail traders, professionals, self- employed, etc.

  • Eligibility

    • Customers of the following segments with a satisfactory track record for the last two years :-

      Small industrial units, Small retail traders, Professionals, Self employed persons, Small business enterprises, Transport operators

  • Type of facilities

    • Cash Credit and/or Term Loan

  • Quantum of Finance

    • Maximum - Rs. 10lacs

Artisan credit card l.jpg
Artisan Credit Card

  • Target Group

    • Artisans in the handicrafts sector and NOT covered by the government sponsored loan schemes.

  • Eligibility

    • Thrust to be to finance in clusters and preferably those supported by a Self Help Group (SHG)

  • Purpose

    • For WC requirements as well as cost of tools and equipment required for carrying out the manufacturing process.

  • Type of facilities

    • A cash credit limit supported by a photo card which indicates the limit and validity and a passbook

  • Quantum of Finance

    • Maximum of Rs.2 lacs

  • Rate of Interest

    • 4.00% above Base Rate

Stree shakti l.jpg
Stree Shakti

  • A well designed scheme was introduced for promoting entrepreneurship among women folk.

  • Eligible for Retail trade, business enterprise and professionals.

  • Lower margin by 5%

  • Interest concession of 50 bps for limits above Rs. 50,000/-

Sbi smile l.jpg

  • Eligible for Professional and Technically qualified First time entrepreneurs

  • Equity assistance up to a maximum of Rs.10 lacs for Micro and Small Scale industries

  • For professionals and self-employed – Maximum Rs.5 lacs-

  • Minimum margin required is 15%

  • Interest Free Loan

  • Equity Loan Assistance can be repaid over a period of 3 years after an initial moratorium period of 5 to 7 years

  • Minimum Equity contribution of 7.5% of the cost of project.

Sme collateral free loans l.jpg
SME Collateral Free Loans

  • All Micro & Small Enterprises as defined by MSMED Act 2006 are eligible.

  • Mode – Working capital and/or Term loan.

  • Maximum loan coverage of Rs 100.00 Lakh.

  • No collateral Security/third party guarantee is required.

  • Includes Small Road and water transport Operators, Small Business, Professionals and self employed persons and all other service enterprises under the ambit of MSE.

  • Loans for Retail Trade, Educational, Training Institutions & Self Help group are not eligible.

  • Cover under CGTMSE (credit Guarantee Trust for Medium & Small Enterprises) Scheme. (MANDATORY)

  • Max 7 yrs with m moratorium of 6 – 12 months.

Sme collateral free loans19 l.jpg
SME Collateral Free Loans

  • Concessional rate of interest for thefirst year.

  • The aforesaid concessionary rate of interest will be the applicable to loans sanctioned upto 30 September 2010.

  • After that, the normal rates will apply.

Power pack power gain l.jpg

  • Saving in Bank charges on remittance & collection

  • MCC, CORE power, CINB facilities at Minimal/no cost

  • No cash handling charges

  • Cheque return protection facility

  • NEFT and RTGS facilities

  • No extra charges at Non Home Branches.

Other power products l.jpg
Other Power Products

  • Value added Current Accounts with different QABs.

  • Convenience of Inter-core transactions

  • Auto sweep of balances

  • Free CINB & one view of accounts

  • Multi City Cheques for centralized payments

  • Other Freebies: International card, CINB facility, Free duplicate statements and cheque books, Pre approved car loan, Free Demat services/eZ trade account, Various categories of salary accounts for the employees , Free Standing Instructions

Surabhi account with autosweep reverse sweep l.jpg

  • Minimum balance : Rs. 10,000

  • Auto sweep over threshold limit to TDR on weekly basis

  • Threshold limit : Rs. 50,000

  • Initial sweep Rs. 10,000 and then multiples of Rs. 1000

  • Tenure of deposit : Min 12 months; Max 36 months

  • Can be decided by depositor at the time of opening of account

  • Withdrawal by Cheque

  • Breaking TDR in multiples of Rs.1000 last in first out basis

Cinb products l.jpg


For Small Firms, Companies, Institutions Banking

With One Branch


For Small & Mediums Sized Orgns. Small User Group With Discretionary Access And Discretionary Rights


For Large & Very Large Orgns, Access To Accounts Across Branches With A Single Sign On

Cinb e tax l.jpg
CINB – E-Tax

1. Direct Tax

A) Income tax, corporation tax, wealth tax

B) TDS companies & non companies deductees

C) Securities transaction tax, gift tax, estate duty,

2. Indirect tax

A) Central Excise (CBEC), service tax

3. DGFT Payment (Directorate General of foreign trade )

Corporate salary package l.jpg
Corporate Salary Package

  • Institutions and Corporates with Minimum 25 employees are eligible

  • Centralized compensation and salary administration

  • Convenient management of salaries through 11600 plus Core Banking branches

  • One debit and multiple credits

  • Reduced Paperwork

  • Savings on Remittance Cost

Corporate salary package product l.jpg
Corporate Salary Package - Product





Four Variants…

Employees with gross monthly salary between

Above Rs.100,000


to Rs.100,000


to Rs.50,000


to Rs.20,000

Thank you for your patronage l.jpg



Cgtmse l.jpg

  • Maximum loan coverage of Rs 100.00 Lakh.

  • Mode – Working capital and/or Term loan.

  • No collateral Security/third party guarantee is required (only Assets created out of Bank Finance shall be hypothecated/ mortgaged).

  • The business or activity of the borrower for which the credit facility was granted has not ceased.

  • The facility should not be utilized for any adjustment of any debts.

Security l.jpg

  • Primary Security

    • The assets created out of the credit facility so extended and / or existing unencumbered assets which are directly associated with the project or business for which the credit facility has been extended.

  • Collateral Security

    • Other unencumbered assets directly associated with the business/ project that can be taken as security.

  • Third Party Guarantee

    • If the security offered is in the name of another person/ Company, TPG is required to be given.

Guarantee fee annual service fee l.jpg
Guarantee Fee & Annual Service Fee

  • Guarantee Cover – It means maximum cover available per eligible borrower which shall not exceed 75 percent of the amount in default in respect of credit facility extended by Bank.

  • The fee should be recovered from the unit upfront.

  • The fee will be absorbed by the Bank for loans with limits upto Rs. 2.00 Lakh.

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