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OPNET - ITGURU. Internet Technologies 60-375. Agenda. Introduction Working with an example. OPNET : Overview. Supports Modeling, simulation , and analysis Supports New technologies Quality of documentation Ease of use Suitability for research

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Opnet itguru l.jpg


Internet Technologies


Agenda l.jpg


  • Introduction

  • Working with an example

Opnet overview l.jpg

OPNET : Overview

  • Supports Modeling, simulation , and analysis

  • Supports New technologies

  • Quality of documentation

  • Ease of use

  • Suitability for research

  • Supports almost all simulation platforms

Features l.jpg


  • Animations

  • Configurable objects

  • Hierarchical objects

  • Processing simulation objects

    • Graphs and analysis

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OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition

  • Academic software available at:

    • www.opnet.com/itguru-academic/mk-setup.html

  • enables to better understand the core concepts of networking and equips them to effectively troubleshoot and manage real-world network infrastructures.

  • provides a Virtual Network Environment that models the behavior of your entire network, including its routers, switches, protocols, servers, and individual applications.

    • diagnose difficult problems

    • validate changes before they are implemented

    • plan for future scenarios (i.e. growth or failure)

Invoking it guru l.jpg

Invoking IT guru

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  • Edit -> Preferences

Slide8 l.jpg


Using the project Editor

Slide9 l.jpg

Project Editor

Slide10 l.jpg

Example: small internetworks

Slide11 l.jpg


  • New project

  • New scenario (a project is a group of related scenarios)

  • Set up the scenario (using the wizard)

    • Define topology

    • Define the scale and size

    • Select a background map

    • Associate an object palette to the scenario

Slide12 l.jpg


Slide13 l.jpg

Creating the network(object palette)

  • Nodes

  • Links

Slide14 l.jpg

Creating the network(Rapid configuration)

  • Topology -> Rapid configuration

Slide15 l.jpg

Node and link models

Slide16 l.jpg


Slide17 l.jpg


Slide18 l.jpg

Adding a server

  • From ObjectPalette: Sm_Int_Server

  • Add a link: 10BaseT

  • Add an application definition object: Sm_Application_Config

  • Add a profile definition object: Sm_Profile_Config

Slide19 l.jpg

Final scenario

Slide20 l.jpg

Collecting statistics

  • From a specific object: Object Statistics

  • Form the entire network: Global Statistics

  • Example:

Server Load

(object statistic)

Ethernet Delay

(global statistic)

Slide21 l.jpg

Global statistic selection

Slide22 l.jpg

Running a simulation

Slide23 l.jpg

Running a simulation

Slide24 l.jpg

Viewing results

Object statistic:

From Server->

View results->

Select attribute :


Slide25 l.jpg

Viewing results

Global statistic:

From Workspace->

View results->

Select attribute:

Ethernet delay

Slide26 l.jpg

Expanding the network

Slide27 l.jpg

Comparing scenarios

Slide28 l.jpg

…comparing scenarios

Slide29 l.jpg

…comparing scenarios

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