The internet s impact on print advertising session
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The Internet’s Impact on Print Advertising Session PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The Internet’s Impact on Print Advertising Session. The New Automotive Marketing Paradigm Newspaper Association of America National Automotive Account Managers’ Conference, NAIAS- January 9, 2002. Presented By. Sheila L. Sasser, Ph.D. App. Lecturer, Marketing

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The Internet’s Impact on Print Advertising Session

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The internet s impact on print advertising session

The Internet’s Impact on Print Advertising Session

The New

Automotive Marketing Paradigm

Newspaper Association of America

National Automotive Account Managers’ Conference, NAIAS- January 9, 2002

Presented by

Presented By

  • Sheila L. Sasser, Ph.D. App.

  • Lecturer, Marketing

  • [email protected]

  • Dr. Edward A. Riordan

  • Professor, Marketing

  • [email protected]

  • Wayne State University

  • Detroit, MI, USA


Detroit, Michigan

[email protected]

[email protected]

Outline road map

Outline “Road Map”

  • Trends

    • Advertising

    • Automotive

  • Website/Internet

    • Research

    • Behavioral

  • Ideas & Future Opportunities

  • Summary



  • IAB reports Q1 & Q2 Internet Ad Revenue of $2.76 billion in US…

  • J.D. Power shows continued growth in Automotive Internet usage in 2001

  • ...43% of all used vehicle buyers use the Internet as part of the vehicle shopping process, a 27% increase over 2000

  • R2: Vary by gender & type of channel

  • R3: Vary by ethnic nationality & type of channel

  • R4: Vary by customer geographic residential location

Industry ad trends

Industry Ad Trends

  • Automotive sales represent a major proportion of all retail sales

    • Even Pre Owned Segment comprises 12.5% of all retail sales equal to ($370 billion)

  • Auto advertising represents 16.4% of all nationally measured advertising

  • Newspapers = #2 medium: $18.9 billion in ‘00

National newspaper advertising source ad age 9 24 01

National Newspaper Advertisingsource: Ad Age 9.24.01

National internet advertising source ad age 9 24 01

National Internet Advertisingsource: Ad Age 9.24.01

Spending trends signals

Spending Trends - Signals???

  • Note the mixed trend directions for OEMs…some are way up and some are way down….

  • How do we interpret these changes?

Automotive advertising trends

Automotive Advertising Trends

  • Long term planning difficult (due to 9/11 and 0% incentive wars)

  • Ad Spending should slow in ‘02?

  • However last period reported 1999-2000 up 6.3% ==> $14.6 billion to $15.5 billion

Automotive advertising trends1

Automotive Advertising Trends

  • 0% Financing/incentive war has pulled ahead approximately 500,000 unit sales from 2002 (400,000-700,000 range)


  • 215 million units of vehicles

  • The automotive industry equivalent of retail “PANTRY LOADING” has now hit the automotive sector proliferating multiple vehicle households and aberrations of demand curves & forecasts...

Dealer ad

Dealer Ad

Automotive advertising trends2

Automotive Advertising Trends

  • We expect the OEMs to continue incentive programs to keep the plants running and to continue sales “pull aheads” (ie. GM’s $2002).

  • We expect the OEMs to continue to re-evaluate dealer advertising (ie. GM’s $500m holdback) and impose stricter format standards on their dealers for both print and broadcast.

Dealer ad1

Dealer Ad

Automotive trends

Automotive Trends

  • On average, the automotive Internet user visits 6.8 automotive sites before making a purchase…preferring 3rd Party Sites

  • 6% of vehicles were sold online, up from 4.7 % in 2000, small but significant….

  • Kelley Blue Book, remains the most visited site for the 4th straight year

Automotive trends1

Automotive Trends

  • 50/50 Split between Car/Truck for 2001….

  • Truck sales for 2001 were approximately 49% of the market, with light duty trucks rivaling passenger cars (Autopacific):

  • SUVs = 44.4%

  • Minivans = 16.9%

  • Pickups = 35.8%

  • Caruck & Tall Station Wagon hybrids...

  • This will affect nature of advertising segmentation different buyers “millennials”

Dealer ad2

Dealer Ad

Web trends

Web Trends

  • More dealers are creating full service websites like OEMs

  • NP ads must contain web addresses & more interactive elements

  • Everyone wants to get buyers to website

  • Dealer NP ads can be shown on NP websites along with promos, offers, etc.

    • DFP - DN - O&E examples

    • Drive dealer classified ads to NP websites

    • Conversion & integration are critical to mitigate loss - cannibalize or be cannibalized...

Web trends1

Web Trends

  • OEM Website Examples

  • Instead of viewing the Internet as a competitor to NP advertising, both should work together to complement message

  • Sell the NP-Web mix to dealers

  • Traditional retailers have been integrating print, direct, web & broadcast interchangeably

  • Broadcasters have also integrated the Web

  • Several stations showcase Web & NP

Web trends2

Web Trends

  • Toyota Interactive Matrix Video Promotion

  • Mazda Zoom-Zoom Interactive IMC

  • DCX PT Cruiser CRM Launch

  • Ford Focus Youth Tour

  • GM Buick Rendezvous with Tiger Woods

  • All of these unique programs were very successful in effectively generating new targeted prospective customers

Our web research findings

Our Web Research Findings

  • The best website factors:

  • High Utility:

    • easy to navigate & read

    • consistent page formatting

    • understandable icons, menus

  • Pleasing Aesthetics

    • sharp images, color, quality graphics

  • Entertainment & Engagement

    • ability to grab and hold attention

    • high entertainment value

Our web research findings1

Our Web Research Findings

  • Does this list sound like rules for good newspaper advertising???

  • The worst websites “bombed” on all these features especially those that trapped the user in a closed loop!

  • Time is a critical factor

Web behavioral findings

Web Behavioral Findings

  • Advertisers & Automotive Dealers still trust print more than the web, but are slowly migrating and testing new ways to integrate both formats…

  • Overall Web Benefits perceived are:

  • Greater control of content on the web,

  • Flexibility to change offers

  • Immediacy of knowledge gathering

  • Instantaneous potential communication

  • Customer segmentation opportunities

Web behavioral findings1

Web Behavioral Findings

  • Disadvantages:

  • Distrust of nationally sponsored sites

  • Loss of direct dealer customer control

  • Lack of knowledge of database CRM

  • Potential technology glitches

  • Customer wariness of long term viability

  • Varying levels of consumer confidence

  • Measurability & tracking issues

Web behavioral findings2

Web Behavioral Findings

  • Most Business Advertisers are hesitant to pull print advertising and risk web only

  • Print still has proven tangible attributes

  • Sense of security with existing system

  • As national websites and customers become more sophisticated, change will occur…

  • Transitioning from print to Internet will depend upon ad industry innovation, advertisers, users & consumers

Gender findings analysis

Gender Findings Analysis

  • Men rated online sites highest in trust & security

  • Women trusted catalog sites more than online

  • Women also trusted retailers more than the web

  • Why?

Gender findings analysis1

Gender Findings Analysis

  • Evolutionary Life Cycle of the Web?

  • Familiarity, Usage, Routine Shopping Behavior?

  • Access Barriers & Convenience Issues

  • Male => Transactional Task Orientation

  • Female => Interpersonal Orientation

  • Both read Newspapers & Buy Lots of Stuff!

Ideas future opportunities

Ideas & Future Opportunities

  • Smart dealers have used the Internet to reach highly profitable specialty segments of customers

  • Pre Owned, customs, collectibles, performance...

  • Newspapers can target gender, age & lifestyle specific ad message appeals combined with web, like cable TV strategy

  • Tracking of promotions, customers & CRM

  • Still use print in IMC for mass market image

Ideas future opportunities1

Ideas & Future Opportunities

  • Automaker Research may also benefit dealers, newspapers & CRM

  • -Customer centric user design findings

  • -Internet focus group testing breakthroughs

  • Elite status of key dealers prompting more sophistication & evolution…

  • 5 Star - Blue Oval - GM

  • Balancing act of budgets & performance

Ideas future opportunities2

Ideas & Future Opportunities

  • Programs that will affect the future of advertising in Newspapers

  • Used/Pre Owned Cars

  • Certified pre-owned programs growing rapidly:

    • Both OEMS & Dealers will need to advertise the specifics and benefits of these programs

    • Incremental budget opportunities

    • Large volumes of vehicles to move from expired lease programs, fleet & other

Ideas future opportunities3

Ideas & Future Opportunities

  • The US pre owned car market is 3 times larger than the new car market...

  • It is also much more profitable for dealers thus greater ad dollars...

    • ($500/unit used vs $100/unit new)

  • Dealers will need to advertise more to help increase their profits and move vehicles

  • Greater control of ad funds in this area

Ideas future opportunities4

Ideas & Future Opportunities

  • New Cars

  • OEM dealer co-op and Dealer Group Advertising will have more structured standardized modules...Multi-Brand Dealer Ads will be used for increased visibility & efficiency

  • Themed messages, headlines, events (Home)

  • White space, white space, white space

  • New ways to measure effectiveness & allocate funds…response cues...tracking

Dealer ad3

Dealer Ad

Ideas future opportunities5

Ideas & Future Opportunities

  • “Two years ago the number of people who located their vehicle through a published classified ad outnumbered Internet classified by more than 7 to 1…the gap narrowed to only 2 to 1 this year and it is likely that Internet classifieds will surpass the traditional published classifieds within the next few years.” …Chris Denove, JDP

Ideas future opportunities6

Ideas & Future Opportunities

  • The Automotive Category represents 16.4% of all US ad spending (CMR data, 2000, Ad Age)

  • In times of economic uncertainty…there is even more challenge, as dealers try to sustain growth fueled by 0% financing and rebate incentives…



  • Pay closer attention to specific segments of buyers & their needs

  • Leverage the gender differences existing on Internet in favor of Newspaper Adv

  • Recognize sophistication levels in users

  • Promote comfort and security as key

  • Print can provide stability to web

  • Drive synergy with IMC & CRM



  • Proactive Interactive Program Modules

  • Work more closely with Advertisers to track results of integrated print/web ads

  • Create multibrand & themed modules

  • Set up third party endorsement sites

  • Inform, Engage and Entertain customers

  • Leverage print equity & reader base

  • More promotion, database & research

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