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1. JosÚ Emilio Pacheco (1939 - ) By: Lindsay M.

3. Literature Accomplishments Assistant editor of Revista de la Universidad de Mexico (Magazine of the University of Mexico) from 1959-1960 Associate editor of La Cultura en Mexico (The Culture in Mexico) Later taught literature at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom Early Publications First book of poetry, Los Elementos de la Noche (The Elements of Night) 1963 Novel, El Viento Distente (The Distant Wind) 1963 Translated works by many including Albert Einstein

4. Other Poetry Collections El Reposo del Fuego (The Resting Place of Fire) 1966 Irßs y no Volverßs (And So You Go, Never to Come Back) 1973 Islas a la Deriva (In the Drift of the Islands) 1976 Desde Entones (Since Then) 1980 Los Trabajos del Mar (The Laborers of the Sea) 1983 An Ark for the Next Millenium: Poems (illustrated by Francisco Toledo and translated by Margaret Sayers Peden) 1993

5. Literary Awards No Me Preguntas Cˇmo Pasa el Tiempo (Donĺt Ask Me How the Time Goes By) won the Mexican National Poetry Prize in 1969 El Silencio de la Luna (The Silence of the Moon) was awarded the Premio JosÚ Asunciˇn Silva for the best book in Spanish to appear in any country between 1990 and 1995

6. Poetry Example ľ Mar Eterno (Eternal Sea) Espa˝ol Digamos que no tiene comienzo el mar Empieza donde lo hallas por vez primera Y te sale al encuentro por todas partes English Like sky letĺs say it has no origin Wherever you find it first the sea begins And going out it meets you everywhere

7. Bibliography Poetry Exhibits ôJosÚ Emilio Pachecoö JosÚ Emilio Pacheco ôMar Eternoö JosÚ Emilio Pacheco ôEternal Seaö Premio Otorgado el A˝o ôJosÚ Emilio Pachecoö Grupo de Trabajo Quebec MÚxico ôJosÚ Emilio Pachecoö

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