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1. Changes for ‘08 National Park Community College

3. Changes to ARHealth Restructuring of Benefit Options with fewer plans 2 Plan Options instead of 4 ARHealth & ARHealth HD PPO No HMO, POS or PPO 2 Benefit Coordinators instead of 4 Health Advantage & NovaSys Health No Blue Cross & Blue Shield or QualChoice

4. Changes to ARHealth POS “Style” Plan: The structure of an HMO with the choice of a PPO No deductible Co-pays are primary method of payment Primary Care Physician is Recommended but not Required Greatly Expanded Networks No Referrals Required Out-of-Network Coverage (may be subject to Balance Bill)

5. Is There Another Option? ARHealth HD PPO Offered thru the NovaSys Health Network Deductible & co-insurance is primary method to pay for medical services Open Access PPO plan Significantly Lower premium Healthy Employee only coverage less than $5 per payroll Not right for everybody

6. What are the Options for ‘08? ARHealth Health Advantage Network NovaSys Health Network ARHealth HD PPO NovaSys Health Network

7. Benefit Enhancements Additional vaccines & immunizations have been added to the Wellness/Preventative Care benefits, including Gardasil (females ages 9–26) and Zostavax Vaccine (adults age 60 & over). Out-Patient Rehabilitation services coinsurance reduced from 20% to 10%. New Utilization and Case Management Services will be provided. Enhanced TMJ/TMD Coverage

8. Benefit Changes Copayments for Specialist Office Visit were increased to $35 and Physician Office visits were increased to $25. Preferred (Tier II) Prescription Copayments were increased to $30 and the Non-Preferred (Tier III) Prescription Copayments were increased to $60 Out-Patient Radiology Services has a $250 copayment along with a 10% coinsurance. These fees would apply for radiology services such as MRI, CT, MRA, and PET Scans. It will not apply to simple x-rays.

9. Benefit Changes Annual Coinsurance limit has been increased for the family to $2,000. Coinsurance increased to 10% for many In-Network services and to 40% for most Out-of-Network services. Preventative services for dental and vision are no longer available

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