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1. Bioethics Vocabulary and Theory

2. Ethics A field of human inquiry that examines the bases of human goals and the foundations of right and wrong human actions that further or hinder these goals (Wertz, 5-8) A reasoned process for dealing with a problem concerning what ought or should be done in a situation

3. Morals Actions-based on social customs, emotional responses to a breach of socially accepted practice What is right or wrong Ideas of what is right or wrong are often shared by groups of people

4. Values What is important to you as an individual Based on your experiences, groups you are a member of, your age, your interests

5. Principles Based Ethical Decision Making Autonomy-respect for personhood-the right to self govern-the right to have all the information necessary to make a decision Non-maleficence-to do the least amount of harm Beneficence-to serve the greater good Justice-to be fair-to be equitable

6. Utilitarianism Outcome based decision making Consequentialist Outcomes are considered and the good and bad outcomes are weighed Requires that the interests of everyone be considered Ends justify the means

7. Deontology Rules based decision making Actions reflect what you would want to become universal law Ask-What would happen if everyone did this?

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