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Finger Lakes Energy $mart Communities Program PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Finger Lakes Energy $mart Communities Program Matthew Griffiths, Coordinator Genesee Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council What is NYSERDA? Public Benefit Corporation Created by the Legislature in 1975 Conduct finance programs for Energy and Environmental Research and Development

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Finger Lakes Energy $mart Communities Program

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Finger lakes energy mart communities program l.jpg

Finger Lakes Energy $mart Communities Program

Matthew Griffiths, Coordinator

Genesee Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council

What is nyserda l.jpg

What is NYSERDA?

  • Public Benefit Corporation

    • Created by the Legislature in 1975

  • Conduct finance programs for

    • Energy and Environmental Research and Development

    • Deployment of Energy Efficient Technologies (residential & commercial)

    • Low Income Residential

Nyserda sbc strategy l.jpg


  • PSC’s Public Policy Goals

    • Improve system wide reliability and peak reduction thru energy efficiency actions

    • Improve energy efficiency and access to energy options for underserved customers

    • Reduce environmental impacts of energy production and use

    • Facilitate competition to benefit end-users

  • NYSERDA portfolio of +30 SBC Programs

  • Significant Progress Towards Goals

Ny sbc program budget allocation 787 million june 2001 thru june 2006 l.jpg

NY SBC Program Budget Allocation($787 Million – June 2001 thru June 2006)

Sbc eligible participants l.jpg

SBC Eligible Participants

  • Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corp.

  • Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc.

  • New York State Electric and Gas Corp.

  • National Grid

  • Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.

  • Rochester Gas & Electric

Nyserda s r d programs l.jpg

NYSERDA’s R&D Programs

  • Research and Development

    • Provide financial/technical assistance to New York businesses who are developing energy/ environmental technologies

    • New products manufactured in New York

    • Innovative processes that save energy

    • R&D Programs

      • Industry

      • Buildings

      • Energy Resources

      • Transportation and Power Systems

      • Environment

What s hot l.jpg

What’s Hot

  • Distributed Generation/Combine Heat & Power

  • Industrial Process Improvements

  • Renewable Technologies

  • RPS Procurement

  • Site Renewable Mfg Plants

  • Transmission & Distribution - NYSERDA/Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) developing a statewide strategic R&D plan

  • Hydrogen Infrastructure

Technical assistance l.jpg

Technical Assistance

Objective: Establish network of TA providers

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Energy Operations Management

  • Rate Analysis & Aggregation

  • CHP & Renewable Generation

  • FlexTech

  • Audits

Flextech l.jpg


  • 36 engineering firms under contract with NYSERDA

  • First come, first serve

  • All types of energy engineering assistance is eligible

  • NYSERDA reimburses customer up to 50% of the study cost up to a maximum of $50,000

Energy audit program l.jpg

Energy Audit Program

  • Small businesses and other facilities

  • Helps identify improvements that yield electric savings

  • Audit cost depends on annual electric bill

    Annual Electric BillEnergy Audit Fee

    Less than $12,000 $200

    $12,000 - $48,000$400

    $48,000 - $100,000$600

    Audit fee is refundable if recommended measures are implemented

New construction program l.jpg

New Construction Program


  • Transform the way buildings are designed and built


  • Both new construction and substantial renovations

  • Technical assistance

  • Financial incentives to offset added costs associated with more energy-efficient equipment and systems

  • Commissioning

New construction program12 l.jpg

New Construction Program

  • Applicants may choose among pre-qualified equipment ($50,000 cap/$120,000 for geothermal) , custom measures ($120,000 cap) or whole building design incentives ($300,000 cap/$375,00 for LEED certified buildings)

  • Whole building design and performance-based incentives are capped at 60% of the incremental costs of qualified electric energy-efficient measures

  • NYSERDA will fund the initial $5,000 for technical assistance and cost share (50/50) the remainder up to a maximum of $100,000

New construction program13 l.jpg

New Construction Program

  • Incentives available for design and installation of advanced solar and daylighting technologies ($200,000 cap)

  • Building commissioning required for projects over $100,000 in incentives.

  • Applicants eligible for up to $50,000 in commissioning services

Green building program l.jpg

Green Building Program

  • Designed to minimize the environmental and economic impacts of commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings in New York State.

  • Long-term goal is to make green design standard practice.

  • Services provided:

    Materials Analysis

    Energy Modeling

    LEED Assessment



    Design Guidelines

Commercial industrial performance l.jpg

Commercial/Industrial Performance

Objective: Build a Robust ESCO Industry

  • Provides incentives to contractors that deliver verifiable electric energy savings

  • Standard Performance Contract is between NYSERDA and contractor

  • Contractor - Energy Service Company or ESCO

Slide16 l.jpg

Commercial & Industrial Performance

  • Financial incentives paid on a performance basis to contractors implementing cost-effective electrical efficiency improvements.

  • $400,000 cap per end user.

  • Incentives paid per kilowatt hour of savings are:

    $0.05 for lighting efficiency

    $0.10 for motors & other pre-approved measures

    $0.20 for cooling

    Custom measures on a case-by-case basis

Energy mart loan fund l.jpg

Energy $mart Loan Fund

  • NYSERDA “buys down” the interest rate on loans by 4%

  • Loans must be with a lender participating in the Program – NYSERDA does not make the loans

  • Maximum amount bought down is $1,000,000

  • Maximum length of buy down is 10 years

Smart equipment choices program l.jpg

Smart Equipment Choices Program

  • Incentives defray a portion of the incremental capital cost of energy-efficient equipment

  • All equipment is pre-qualified and paid on a per measure basis

  • Maximum incentive $10,000

New york energy mart sm program l.jpg

New York Energy $martSMProgram

Economic and Environmental Benefits

  • $2.8 billion capital investment in New York

    • $1 of public benefit investment leverages additional $2.5 of private investment

  • $198 million annual reduction in energy costs

  • 4,200 net jobs created or retained

  • 1,400 GWh per year saved; equivalent to providing energy to 230,000 households

  • Annual emission reductions (tons)

    • Nitrogen oxides (NOx) – 1,280

    • Sulfur dioxides (SO2) – 2,320

    • Carbon dioxide (CO2) – 1,000,000 (equivalent to 200,000 fewer cars on the road)

Contact information l.jpg

Contact Information:

Matthew Griffiths

585-454-0190 ext 22

[email protected]



[email protected]


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