Objective atc 17
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Objective ATC 17. ESSIP Plan 2014. Luca DELL’ORTO DSS/EIPR 19.09.2014. Comprehensive Explanation. Target Date: 12/2018 SCOPE: ECAC – All States except SK

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Objective atc 17

Objective ATC 17

ESSIP Plan 2014




Comprehensive explanation
Comprehensive Explanation

  • Target Date: 12/2018

  • SCOPE: ECAC – All States except SK

  • Electronic dialogue as automated assistance to controller during coordination and transfer addresses the facilities and processes between ATC components serving ATC units.

  • ATC17 complements ITY-COTR.

  • Purpose:

    • Co-ordination prior to the transfer of flights from one ATC unit to the next;

    • Transfer of communication from one ATC unit to the next ATC unit of such flights;

    • Support the exchange of OLDI messages related to the Basic procedure and, if applicable, SSR Code Assignment Message.

ESSIP Plan 2014 / Objective ATC17

What is new or has changed for essip plan ed 2014
What is new or has changed for ESSIP Plan ed. 2014

  • Deletion of SLoA REG01 on safety oversight (action carried across the ESSIP Plan ed. 2014)

ESSIP Plan 2014 / Objective ATC17

Link to european atm master plan and or interim deployment programme idp
Link to European ATM Master Plan and/or Interim Deployment Programme (IDP)

Eur. ATM Master Plan:

  • [CM-0201] – Automated Assistance to Controller for Seamless Coordination, Transfer and Dialogue


  • WP 5.2

ESSIP Plan 2014 / Objective ATC17

Most important sloa s
Most important SLoA(s) Programme (IDP)

  • All

  • Note: whereas this objective is defined with an ECAC scope, it will be the decision of the individual ATS Provider to:

    • define its local applicability in terms of relevant ATSUs, and

    • identify the processes to be implemented (refer to ATC17 SLoAs and in particular, their finalisation criteria, for the complete list of processes).

ESSIP Plan 2014 / Objective ATC17

Finalisation criteria and closed questions
Finalisation Criteria and Closed Questions Programme (IDP)

For ASP01:

  • Deliver safety arguments for all changes related to implementation of electronic dialogue for Coordination and Transfer.

    For ASP02/3/4 (important to clearly identify ATSUs involved and which processes are implemented):

  • Ground systems updated

  • Technical File with evidences of compliance to EC Declaration of Verification;

  • Functions (form the list in it he individual SLoAs) documented and in operational use.

    For ASP05:

  • Training plans updated and training package developed by the ANSP for the use of electronic dialogue procedure.

ESSIP Plan 2014 / Objective ATC17

Supporting material
Supporting Material Programme (IDP)

  • EUROCONTROL-Specification for On-Line Data Interchange (OLDI) Edition 4.2 (OJEU Reference 2011/C 146/05)

  • EUROCONTROL-System Supported Coordination (SYSCO) Implementation Guidelines

ESSIP Plan 2014 / Objective ATC17

Essip report 2014
ESSIP Report Programme (IDP)2014

  • Objective introduced in the ESSIP Plan in 2012.

  • By end of 2013, 1 State has reportedit as completed; 6 reporteditpartiallycompleted (functionalitiesavailable and ATCOstrained but not implementedoperationally). This requires agreement withneighbouringACCswhere the samefunctionalities must beavailable.

  • From the reported ANSP plans, the current estimate for achievement is 12/2018.

ESSIP Plan 2014 / Objective ATC15

Links and contacts
Links and contacts Programme (IDP)

  • Objective Coordinator: Dell’Orto Luca, +32 2 729 3325

    [email protected]

  • EUROCONTROL Objective Expert:

    Stephen Morton, +32 2 729 3492

    [email protected]

ESSIP Plan 2014 / Objective ATC17