Geography investigation water management
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Geography Investigation “Water Management” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Geography Investigation “Water Management”. Yeo Meng Han (Leader) Ron Jay (Poster i /c) Bryan Liow (Research i /c) Nicholas Chin (Secondary Researcher & Recorder). Chosen Household. High Water Usage Usage above National Average Parent’s approval. Yeo Meng Han’s Place.

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Geography Investigation “Water Management”

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Geography Investigation“Water Management”

Yeo Meng Han (Leader)

Ron Jay (Poster i/c)

Bryan Liow (Research i/c)

Nicholas Chin (Secondary Researcher & Recorder)

Chosen Household

  • High Water Usage

  • Usage above National Average

  • Parent’s approval

Yeo Meng Han’s Place

Chosen Household

  • Executive HDB flat

  • 2 toilets

  • 4-member family

  • Located in Jurong West

  • Mostly cooking for dinners

  • No pets



First Appointment

Saturday, 9am-11pm





How many times do you bathe a day?

Dad: 1-2, Mom: 1-2, Brother: 1-2, Me: 2-3

How long do you bathe each time on average?

Family Average: 5-15 minutes

How do you bathe (method of splashing the water on you)?

Toilet 1 (master bedroom) : Bathtub but uses the showering system

Toilet 2 (kitchen) : Pail method but also capable of using the showering system


How much water per day do you water the plants?

15-20 litres of fresh water

Do you water the plants with recycled water?

Yes, previously. However, I stopped using recycled water now as the slightly dirtied water is not doing good to my plants. The changes to my plants are significant when watered recycled water. Their leaves turned yellow.

How do you water the plants (method of distributing the water)?

Watering Can

How often do you do a full-dress cleaning up of your home?

Normally every month.


How often do you leave your tap open?

  • When washing the dishes, the tap are constantly flowing

  • After using them after going to the toilet as the tap is sometimes leaky (droplets)

    Is there any appliances in your house that is water consuming?

    A cooling fan in the living room that uses water to cool

    How often do you wash your clothes?

    I normally wash the clothes on every other day but sometimes 2 times in 3 days

Appliances & Water Usage

Toilet Orientation

Manual Flushing

Pail & Scoop

Bathing Method

Kitchen Tap

Cooling Fan

Mini Garden


Watering Plants

Inefficient Water-Saving Technology

or methods

Cleaning up

Chosen Problem

Inefficient Water-Saving

Technology or Methods


Install thimbles (sinks)

Use pails instead of hose

Invest in water recycling technology


Smarter readings

Water efficient labels

Check for leakage

Take shorter bathes

Use less of the cooling fan

Solutions to work on

Installing Thimbles

Encouraged to use the pail method to


Taking Shorter Bathes

Continue using the Manual flushing


2nd Appointment

Saturday, 2pm


Re-assessment & Review



Taken Readings

Water Consumption


Increase water consumption from July

One of the lowest in this year



Increase water consumption from July

One of the lowest in this year

Decrease from the chosen bill (May)


  • Increase use of water for plants

  • Increase use of bathing

  • Increase use of the washing machine

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