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Cvo vspw kortrijk stands for
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CVO VSPW-Kortrijk stands for …. Training centre for adults , recognized bij the Departement of Education of the Flandern Government Basic professional trainings in healthcare and social welfare on different levels Retraining – refresher courses Inservice training. Our students.

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CVO VSPW-Kortrijk stands for …

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Cvo vspw kortrijk stands for

CVO VSPW-Kortrijk stands for …

  • Training centreforadults, recognized bij the Departement of Education of the FlandernGovernment

  • Basic professional trainings in healthcareandsocial welfare on different levels

  • Retraining– refresher courses

  • Inservice training

Our students


  • Annuallyabout 2.500 students

  • Diverse profiles :

    • Workingadults

    • Unemployedjobseekers

    • Students without a diploma/certificate

    • Studentswho wants anadditional diploma/certificate

    • Studentswhotried highschool or university, but failed

    • Different ages

  • Motivatedstudents

  • Studying at cvo vspw kortrijk

    Studying at CVO VSPW-Kortrijk

    • A combination of learning/theoryandworking/practice

    • Students must have practical experience on the field :

      • As payedworker

      • As volunteer/trainee

  • Big accent on ‘workplacelearning’

  • But also a solidtheoretical base

  • Competencebasededucation : working on knowledge, skills and attitudes

  • Studying at cvo vspw kortrijk1

    Studying at CVO VSPW-Kortrijk

    • A modular system

    • We offer a standard route, but students are abletocreatetheironelearning route (intensity, speed, … )

    Studying at cvo vspw kortrijk2

    Studying at CVO VSPW-Kortrijk

    • Semestrial system

    • Students follow lessons at school during 1, sometimes 2, day(s) a week

    • Individualsupervision

    • E-learning

    • Grantingexemption (EVC/EVK)

    • Shortened routes forthosewho have alreadyan diploma/certificate

    • A flexible system of studyingforadults

    Our teachers trainers

    Ourteachers - trainers

    • Theoreticaland practical background

    • Innovation is essential:

      • Followinginnovations on the field – permanently updating the courses

      • Emproving teaching methods

  • Building on anoperationalnetworkwithservice-providersandother training centres

  • The outcome

    The outcome …

    • Legallyrecognized diploma or certificate

    • Same wagescalesandgrowthopportunities as studentswhofollowed traditional day school.

    Stimulating measures


    • Financial support of the localcentreforjoblesspeople (VDAB) forsomecategories of students

    • Financial contributionsforjobseekersandfor employees

    • Paideducationalleave

    Our basic professional trainings

    Our basic professional trainings

    Logistiek assistent zorgkundige

    “Logistiek assistent / Zorgkundige”

    Basic care forelder or illpeople living in institutes or for families whoneed support at home

    Begeleider in de kinderopvang

    “Begeleider in de kinderopvang”

    Working in childcare, nursery school, afterschoolchildcarewithchildrenbetween 0 and 12 yearsold

    Begeleider animator voor bejaarden

    “Begeleider-animator voor bejaarden”

    Accompaniment of elderpeople, living in institutes - givingthem a dailygood life

    Graduaat seniorenconsulentenvorming

    “Graduaat seniorenconsulentenvorming”

    Eldery consultant

    Increasing empowerment andwellbeing of seniors in society bygivingthem information, adviceandcouseling

    Jeugd en gehandicaptenzorg

    “Jeugd- en gehandicaptenzorg”

    Special youthworkerandeducator, workingwithdisabledpeople, in youth assistance, in elderly care, in psychiatric care of in general welfare care

    Graduaat orthopedagogie

    “Graduaat orthopedagogie”

    Special youthworkerandeducator


    Graduaat maatschappelijk werk graduaat sociaal cultureel werk

    “Graduaat maatschappelijk werk“Graduaat sociaal-cultureel werk

    In cooperation with IPSOC-Bijscholing - KATHO

    Retraining refresher courses

    Retraining – refresher courses

    Different subjects:

    • Eldery care sector

    • Child welfare

    • Family support

    • Management andleadership

    • Education

    Cvo vspw kortrijk stands for

    Studying at CVO VSPW-Kortrijk …

    An attractivecombination of theoryandpracticethatgivesto a lot of motivatedadults a new joy of learningandworkingandthatpreparesthemfor a job in the growing sector of care and welfare

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