Solve Your Commercial Trade Problems
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Solve Your Commercial Trade Problems Seeking Aid From The Arbitration Law Firm Beirut Lebanon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Various firms face the problems with their trade partners. When you are perfectly not ready to visit the court, it is essential that you seek help from the Arbitration Law Firm Beirut Lebanon.\n

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Solve Your Commercial Trade Problems

Seeking Aid From The Arbitration Law

Firm Beirut Lebanon

When you are seeking help for meeting some problems, but want to avoid the

court, arbitration is the option that you can choose. In a case of any problem,

where the two parties are willfully allowing to settle the issue outside the court is

rightly called arbitration. Submitting the disputes by the agreement of the parties

to a single or more arbitrators who is responsible for binding the decision on the

dispute is all that happens in the arbitration process. Thus, this entire process is

conducted outside the court in the presence of a third person.

Characteristics of arbitration

There are definite characteristics of arbitration. An Arbitration Law Firm Beirut

Lebanon can help you more to know about them. Some of them are:

Arbitration is possible only when both the parties have agreed to arbitrate

the issue. They need to sign an arbitration clause on their personal


•Choosing the arbitrator becomes important for both the parties. In fact

both the parties can also choose the same arbitrator. They can also choose

three members according to their choice. Both of them will be from their

personal sides, and the third one will be the neutral one to judge the


•When there is a single arbitrator, normally they are neutral. Thus this

makes the conclusion to be neutral and prevents the judges to be biased

and more importantly the parties are also contented with the solution that

comes from one person.

Beneficiaries of arbitration

Some other factors ensure that arbitration can help in the future commercial

trade procedures much easily. The reason being:

•The arbitration process is specifically considered to be confidential. As

generally the issues that are solved are mainly related to the commercial

trade, it is ensured that the authority tends to protect the disclosure of the

procedures of arbitration.

•This helps in stopping the rage that may be created due to some problems

in functioning with the regulations.

•As the decision of the tribunal is considered to be the final one in the

process, it is considered to be the final one. This also helps in no particular

third party interpretation.

Getting a resolution

After knowing the benefits of the arbitration process, it is essential to note that

how well you get the assistance. It is essential to get hold of a good firm that

helps in this process. The Arbitration Law Firm Beirut Lebanon can help you to

solve the problems faced in the commercial trade.