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SharePoint 2010 & Office 2010 Better Together. Norm Thomas Litéra Jennifer Potter Beaudette Fish & Richardson. Sharepoint 2010 & Office 2010. THINGS THAT ARE BETTER TOGETHER. peanut butter & jelly brick & mortar Bonny & Clyde Rum & Coke Cake & Ice Cream Cheese & Crackers

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Sharepoint 2010 office 2010 better together

SharePoint 2010 & Office 2010 Better Together

Norm Thomas


Jennifer Potter Beaudette

Fish & Richardson

Things that are better together

  • peanut butter & jelly

  • brick & mortar

  • Bonny & Clyde

  • Rum & Coke

  • Cake & Ice Cream

  • Cheese & Crackers

  • bread & butter

  • bacon & eggs

  • yinG & yang



Local remote
local & remote

  • Use Office Anywhere

  • Viewing and Editing Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Notebooks in a Browser.

  • Save time and resolve issues faster.

  • Support telecommuting.

  • Requires connectivity to firm resources.

  • Most Smartphones using the microbrowser standard (iPhone, RIM, Symbian and Windows Mobile)

  • Access and respond to information securely from virtually anywhere.

  • Content changes and fidelity are maintained across locations and devices.

  • Attorneys in different locations can share, edit, and comment on documents or presentations from their mobile devices with a familiar experience that is tailored to mobile devices.

  • Example

  • Enable people who travel without a PC to comment on a press release. Finance Director, Robert Lyon, is heading out for a long weekend in the country. He leaves his PC behind but brings his mobile device. While he is away, some late-breaking firm news requires him to review and edit a press release.



Local remote1
local & remote

Connected off line

  • Practical Productivity Platform

  • Stay productive anywhere whether working at the office, at a client site or court, or from home.

  • Tools seamlessly synchronize online and offline changes.

  • Save time working away from the office.

  • Resolve client-attorney or other issues faster.

  • Work from more locations.

  • Stay up-to-date,.

  • Working Offline with improved access

  • Example

  • Marketing Director, Jeff Phillips, is traveling from the U.S. to the Far East for several client visits. He wants to update a presentation for a product launch while he is on the plane or in the hotel.



Connected off line1

Reporting analysis
Reporting & analysis

  • Bring Ideas to Life

  • Draw insights from complex or disparate data sets.

  • Capture, search, and reuse different types of content more easily.

  • Formatting and Analysis with Data Slicers in Excel and PowerPivotfor Excel 2010.

  • Publishing and Sharing Through Office Backstage view and Excel Services.

  • Make Better Decisions and React Quickly to Change.

  • Decrease IT cost of generating reports and Avoid cost of 3rd party BI solutions.

  • Provide self-service access to information to help practice managers make more informed business decisions

  • Create and share powerful analysis from desktops or browser.

  • Improved analysis capabilities.

  • Example

  • Provide attorneys with self-service access to billing information to analyze massive data sets. Director of Business Development, Mike Miller, wants to see how his firm’s billing and receipts

  • are going so far this year.



Reporting analysis1
Reporting & analysis

Co authoring collaboration
Co-authoring & collaboration

  • Work Better Together

  • Work simultaneously with the same documents, data, and information

  • Share ideas with colleagues, partners and clients, and to deliver results regardless of where they are, or if they are connected or on the go.

  • Enable people to respond faster.

  • Co-authoring Documents and Presentations

  • Reduce client response time and document turnaround timeframes

  • Reduce re-work and time spent reconciling document changes

  • Accurately and quickly respond with information that is pulled together from various experts across the organization.

  • Resources in various roles and practices need to combine information in a variety of ways

  • Example

  • Director of Client development, Jane Mollerup, must work with the Head of the IP Practice, Sean Chai, and the Finance Manager, Jim Kim, to put together an accurate and up-to-date RFP

  • document quickly.



Sharepoint lit ra

  • Secure, database of auditable history

  • Not a WIKI, no overwriting, no conflicts in real time editing and the original remains modifiable only by the owner.

  • See all comments in one location and accept, ignore question or edit those comments

  • Synchronous or Asynchronous

  • Adaptable to any DMS

  • Offline capability

  • Invite unlimited collaborators

  • Embedded OLE objects (Excel, Visio, Jpegs etc.) retained

Fish richardson

Fish & Richardson

Sharepoint 2010 & Office 2010





Session goals
Session Goals

  • Highlight features that are under-used and provide significantbusiness value

  • Prove non-programmers can add significantbusiness value

  • Spark interest & encourage initiative to add business value

Process improvement facts
Process Improvement facts

  • Your business is full of process improvement opportunity

  • Process improvement opportunities are never-ending and always evolving

  • Non-programmers can add significant business value (automation)

  • Sharepoint designer is free

Process automation what visio 2010 brings to the table
Process Automation – What Visio 2010 brings to the table

  • New template – Microsoft Sharepoint Workflow (.vwi)





Bonus infopath 2010
BONUS - InfoPath 2010

  • Web-based forms (Forms Services)

  • New 2010 Sharepoint list data connections

    • Multiple choices, multiple lookups, person/group picker (Active Directory), signature line

  • Rules manager

  • Single-click publish

Still using MS Word to build forms? Ouch.

Sharepoint 2010 onenote 2010 facts
Sharepoint 2010 & OneNOte 2010 Facts

  • OneNote alone provides significant value

  • OneNote is viewable/editable via web browser or client application

  • Synchronization/Co-Authoring

  • Security via sharepoint

  • Versioning

  • Mobile

Onenote uses best practices
OneNOte Uses & Best Practices

  • Case/Matter Notebooks

    • Practice Specific Templates

    • Request Workflow

    • Exposure of Access Link in Various Apps

  • Administrative Notebooks

    • Templates (meeting minutes, etc.)

    • Project Management

    • Specifications

    • Handbooks

    • Committee & Task Force

    • Personal

Document collaboration co authoring via sharepoint 2010
Document Collaboration (Co-Authoring) via Sharepoint 2010

  • Works with MS Office 2010 documents (Excel with Web Apps Only)

  • Simultaneous editing by multiple authors (no limit found)

    • Document, paragraph, sentence, new pages, etc.

  • Track change capability with roll-back

  • Versioning (if turned on)

  • Integration with Lync/Communicator

  • On-Screen Visuals – who, what, where, when

  • DON’T – use the check-out feature

Co authoring value
Co-Authoring Value

  • Documents are often co-authored

  • Concurrent vs. Sequential = Efficiency

  • Reduction in overhead/administrative burden associated with reconciliation of multiple copies

  • Reduction in time & cost

  • Increased integrity of the work product

  • Security (Access & Content)

Co authoring

  • Tested up to 18 authors simultaneously

  • Co-Authoring initiative supported by Re-Engineering Committee

  • COMING SOON – custom launch from DMS

Discussion questions

Discussion & questions

Norm Thomas


Jennifer Potter Beaudette

Fish & Richardson