Human capital strategy
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Human Capital Strategy.

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Human capital strategy
Human Capital Strategy

  • “Each person is different, and deserves special attention and plans. None the less, it is fundamental to create Cultures of Truth. Without truth and trust, no award will compensate or retain anybody. Awards, stock options, promotions are just pieces of the a strategy of developing and taking very much care of Trust.

  • I share with you four key elements, that I use in the designing and execution of a Human Capital strategy:

human capital strategy, Mgmt of Tec. Inn., KV Patri

a) Inclusiveness: Involve people in the design of rules, processes, objectives, evaluations. How they want to be awarded? What personality differences has each team member? Are their goals compatible with the Vision and Mission of the Organization? Are there third parties that are key to include, like wife and kids? Are all members invited in important celebrations of success? Just to mention an example, some people get more exited about geting a scholarship, than stock options, an expensiv trip, or a trophy.

human capital strategy, Mgmt of Tec. Inn., KV Patri

b) Always tell the truth.

c) Consistency: Are you being consistent between what you do, and what you ask them to do? Are you doing a contest just this year? or Is it the launch of a tradition? What are the standard outside the company? Are you telling people there is not enough money for a project or contest, and you just bought a BMW?

d) Discipline: The last three points require lots of WILL and PERSEVERANCE. It is hard, however it is good news to know that must of it is in US: how we behave and lead, not necessarily how much money we spend.

human capital strategy, Mgmt of Tec. Inn., KV Patri

I share with you some references that may be of interest for you:

1) Book: "Money and the meaning of life" by Jacob Needleman.

2) The Myers-Briggs sorter. It has been a very useful tool, to help my team members to understand themselves better, also understand why some times teams do not work well, and reflect about the design of their future careers. There is a free similar test on the internet: that may be of your interest.

human capital strategy, Mgmt of Tec. Inn., KV Patri

3) Some other books that cover this issues are: you:

  • "Executive Talent" by Tom Potts and Arnold Sykes

  • “A Great Place to Work" by Robert Levering

  • "Supermotivation" by Dean R. Spitzer

  • "Tribal Warfare in Organizations" by Peg C. Neuhauser

  • "Hot Groups" by Jean Lipman-Blumen & Harold J. Leavitt

  • "Twentysomething" by Lawrence J. Bradford and Claire Raines

human capital strategy, Mgmt of Tec. Inn., KV Patri

  • "The Unwritten rules of the game" by Peter Scott-Morgan you:

    [Personal communication to KV Patri from Hugo Garza-Medina, CIO and Investment Banking Director, Vector Financial Services. He also teaches at the ITESM (Tec de Monterrey) two new courses:

    (a) Leadership, Human and Social Capital involved in Technology Integration.

    (b) Economic Valuation of Technology and Old Economy Companies. Investment Banking and Private Equity Offerings.]

human capital strategy, Mgmt of Tec. Inn., KV Patri