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SAT Vocabulary. 21-30. Ubiquitous ( yoo BIHK wih tis ) (pos?). Fast food franchises are ubiquitous in the United States. There’s a MacDonalds on every street corner!. adj – existing everywhere simultaneously. Adj – marked with different colors; varied.

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SAT Vocabulary

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SAT Vocabulary


Ubiquitous(yoo BIHK wihtis)(pos?)

Fast food franchises are ubiquitous in the

United States. There’s a MacDonalds on every street corner!

adj – existing everywhere simultaneously

Adj – marked with different colors; varied

Variegated (VAAR ee uh gaytehd) (pos?)

Marisol surprised her parents for their anniversary when she repainted the old kitchen in variegated primary colors.

Adj – sickly pale

Wan ( WAHN)(pos?)

Ashley’s rosy complexion become wan when she spotted the thin envelope from the first-choice college in the mailbox. She had a feeling that it wasn’t good news.

Yen (YEHN) (pos?)

N – strong desire;


Willow had a yen for a spring roll, so she went to her favorite Chinese restaurant after school to get one.

Zenith (ZEEnihth) (pos?)

N – the point of culmination; peak

Josh had a lot of fun in high school, but knew it would not be the zenith of his life.

Abrasive (ab RAY sive) (pos?)

Ironically, the basketball coach’s abrasive style really motivated the team to win the game.

Banality (buh NAL ih tee) (pos?)

N – something

that is trite,

commonplace, or predictable

The other kids on the pep squad complained about the banality of Ashley’s fund-raising idea to hold a bake sale; they wanted something more exciting.

Cadence (KAYD ns ) (pos?)

N – rhythmic flow; marching beat

Thecadence of the music kept the marching band in step as they circled the football field.

Dated (DAY tid)(pos?)

Shanna wore her mother’s neon-pink sweatshirt and a pair of matching leg warmers over her jeans; the look was totally dated but perfect for a Halloween costume.

Eccentric (ek SEN trik) (pos?)

Adj – abnormal; unconventional

Some say that Marisol is a bit eccentric because she sometimes likes to paint with her own hair.

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