Are you protected with the necessary tools to run your rental business efficiently?
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Are you protected with the necessary tools to run your rental business efficiently? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are you protected with the necessary tools to run your rental business efficiently?. Do you feel locked out of operating your business more efficiently because of your antiquated software?. Press Enter For Next Slide.

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Are you protected with the necessary tools to run your rental business efficiently?

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Are you protected with the necessary tools to run your rental business efficiently?

Do you feel locked out of operating your business more efficiently because of your antiquated software?

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Genisys Software can link your business together under one complete inventory management system.

Order Processing

Drop down menu’s allow even quicker navigation to any area of the software.

AlphaRENTAL™ Main Menu

One screen in Order Processing will allow you to choose from several different “Modes”. Reservations and Quotes can quickly be converted to contracts, or create a Pick-Up Ticket and record any Lost Rental or Sales.

The optional Drivers License Scanner automatically fills in the customers information and stores the image in the customer file plus view customer information such as any open contract dollar amount, YTD dollars spent, credit limit, last active, customer start, A/R Balance, rental and sales discount and much more.

Authorized Users can be quickly added for each customer to help protect your customers business, and this information will print on the contract. The Drivers License option can also be used to help identify any employee who is renting under that particular account, which helps decrease any unauthorized charges.

The Ship-To/Job Site Address is a way to keep valuable information about job sites while allowing your rental business to be protected for possible lien rights, assist in mapping deliveries, and set tax codes by job site.

The Order Header allows you to enter important information about the rental from

length of rental, job location, any delivery information along with online mapping,

setting up delivery for dispatching plus create a Rental Purchase and much more.

Example of a map created by MapQuest from the software. From here the map can be printed, linked to an email, sent to a cell phone, or to a GPS system like “Onstar”.

The On-Line Mapping has the ability for you to select a map of address or driving direction from your company’s address and select from three sources like MapQuest, Yahoo and Google without opening a new internet session.

The Order Lines window gives you the ability to add rental equipment, merchandise & parts

on one screen and in any order you desire. Also, quickly create a re-rental if needed.

Contract Line Message screen will allow you to add on additional information. This will print underneath the selected equipment on the quote, reservation, rental contract or sales invoice.

Screen Messages can be modified to add any manufacturers specifications or general information on the item and can also be used to prompt the employee to ask questions about related rental or sales items. This will not print on the contract.

The Digital File will allow picture(s) such as any previous damage, outgoing hour meter to be stored with contract for future reference plus store signed operating instructions. Even with the contract being closed, you will always have these pictures attached to it for any future reference such as disputed billings.

AlphaRENTAL™ will allow you to add multiple payments of any type (cash, check, credit card, coupon, etc.) to any transaction in the Payments screen. With the optional Signature Capture, a digital signature is electronically stored with contract or invoice. No more searching for a signed copy of an contract because

if and when you need to reprint the contract, the signature will be printed on the contract or invoice.

Rental return screen displays the actual time the contract was open. You have the ability to generate a partial return on equipment while leaving the contract open for the remaining items and you can charge for broken or missing items all from the same screen without creating a new separate sales invoice to relieve it from inventory.

Day Inquiry with “Detail On”

The “Day Inquiry” screen in Order Processing, will allow you to quickly get a snap shot of your days business on one screen. Each transaction can be previewed, edited or converted to a contract with a click of one button.

Availability Screen

Availability Screen allows you to search for an item multiple ways including a partial description to a manufacturers name. Rental inventory can be quickly identified as what is available by either on rent and due date, either in-shop or a rental return. Rental rates can be quickly quoted with Tax and Damage Waiver.

Each rental item can be customized with Contract and Screen Messages plus the ability to quickly view financials or identify information on that unit such as make, model, year and current hours and much more.

From Availability, you can easily view pictures of the unit and also view, print or email any stored

product brochures, operators manual or any safety instructions directly to your customer.

Unlimited items can be easily added to a “Kit” to include related rental items, parts and merchandise.

Equipment File

The Main Page of the Rental Equipment File gives you the flexibility to view or change

important information about your equipment with just a click of the mouse or the keyboard.

Each rental item can be customized to have different rates and you have the ability to set up how you want to charge from a minimum to monthly charge and have up to 12 separate monthly rates for long term rentals.

With the interface to Qualcomm’s GlobalTRACS, AlphaRENTAL™ can automatically retrieve equipment

meter readings, and provide you with the exact location of your equipment via a Virtual Earth™ mapping .

The Management File gives you valuable information from the purchase date, unit cost,

selling price, to the profitability of that item and equipment balance information.

Several types of Depreciation Methods

Depreciation can be set for up to 20 years.

The MaintenanceFile allows you to set up 10 Maintenance Schedules and 5 Warranty Expiration periods on each piece of equipment plus store the engine’s make, model and serial number which would be completely separate from the units unique make, model and serial number, great for your parts and service personnel

when that information is required or requested to order parts or file warranty claims.

Selected work order shows breakdown of service work preformed on unit.

Repair History File gives you repair history on one page without sorting through work orders.

Drilled down copy of selected invoice and from here you can select “Print” to reprint, fax or email to your customer .

No need to hassle reprinting the contract to fax or scan to your computer just so you can email it.

With the AlphaRENTAL™, you can

do it all with a click of a button.

Rental History will give you a breakdown of the rental history by customer, date,

revenue and contract with full drill down ability to see entire original rental transaction.

Once selected, you can print, fax or email to your customer.

The Digital File allows storage of pictures, product brochure and any specification sheet

plus any “Operating Instructions” that you would want to print out when unit is rented and

they can easily be faxed or emailed to your customer.

Example of a Product Brochure in the Digital File. These can easily be printed or emailed to your

customer plus will keep your company from stocking brochures that might become outdated.

Example of an Operation Manual in the Digital File. This can easily be printed, faxed or emailed to your customer.


Order Header screen showing the “Dispatch / F7” button that is available in the Delivery / Pickup area. This allows you to see what other orders are being delivered or picked up that day, so you can make sure you

are able to get the inventory to the customer on time and not over-promise your capabilities.

If you then select one of the orders from the prior screen, you can enter the estimated travel time and time needed on site to unload & setup or tear down & re-load vehicle and then designate who is going to be the driver and any crew members that are going to accompany the driver. The dispatch module will alert you of any overlaps with either vehicle schedules or crew schedules so that you are aware of them prior to anything causing any conflicts.

Now that the job has been scheduled (from prior page) you can see how it shows up on the time schedule above. Colors are used to designate time in transit or on site, for each vehicle on each date. Orders are shown on the bottom of the screen and designated by color (on the left side of each order)

if they have been scheduled on a specific vehicle.

Example of how the “Toggle / F9” button can change from your

delivery vehicles to your actual crew of drivers.

Although the red cells would indicate a “Overlap – Warning”, this feature will show that your

vehicles can still be scheduled to make multiple deliveries or pick up’s all on the same trip.

Not only rental contracts and reservations but also sale invoices and work orders can be scheduled through the Dispatch Module with the ability to sort all orders and select them by delivery or pick up time.

With just a click of a button, you can easily move to the next day, next week or go back to a

particular day. Having this ability will help in scheduling staff for peak delivery times and

most important, will help keep your business D.O.T. compliant.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Order allows information to be added that includes the terms, ship to, requestor, buyer and a

promise date and more. Vendor account number is also stored here for better accuracy of

account along with minimum order amount and free freight allowance amount.

Suggested Order routine will allow you to quickly create a purchase order for resale/parts that

have been purchased from that vendor in the past, it will check to see if any of them should

be reordered and will suggest the quantity to reorder..

Adding new parts, resale or even equipment can easily be added on the fly to a purchase order.

All Purchase Orders can easily be printed, faxed or emailed directly to the vendor..

Work Orders

This listing will show internal, warranty and customer work orders. You can select criteria’s to

narrow down a search of a work order by customer, mfg, category or serial number and more.

Criteria Listing enables quick searching of work orders based on specific search information.

You can add an unlimited number of segments to a work order such as internal charges,

customer damage repairs, and warranty work all on the same work order.

Example of drill down ability to view the parts for that segment of the work order

Each segment allows parts, labor, any sublet and warranties to be added to the work order,

plus you have the ability to allocate charges to another branch for that repair.

Customer Work Orders will give you a quick breakdown of segment totals for parts,

labor and any jobsite information where the unit was rented for possible lien rights.

Customer Maintenance

In the Customer File main page you have the ability to set up accounts with contact name,

account type(s), set credit limits and assign a salesperson to this account and much more…

The Customer File helps create a paperless office by scanning into your customers account any forms from tax exempt certificates, insurance certification, credit application or any rental agreement with ability to view or print as needed plus you can set up the “Open Order Fax” that will automatically fax open orders right to your customers office.

Customer File allows up to 10 Email address’s with contact

information along with phone number and extension.

The Phone Log in the Customer File will give you a running history of calls made to customer with unlimited text field, all on one screen. A Call Back Report can easily be ran for any date range desired.

The A/R Summary in the Customer File gives you balance on account, average days to pay, account start date, last payment and a Sales / Payment Summary. Also gives you a Sales Summary broken down to

M-T-D, Y-T-D and Lifetime with Transaction Totals plus, prior year(s) revenue summary.

The A/R Transaction in the Customer File will display all open A/R transactions and payments

made by this customer with drill down ability to view, print, fax or email invoice(s).

The Order Historywill displayall transactions and payments made by this customer with

drill down ability. A quick toggle will sort all open, closed or all transactions.

Lien Inquiry stores all transactional information by Jobsite or Ship-To-Address for future lien rights.

AlphaRENTAL™ is a comprehensive, powerful software package that manages all aspect of a rental, sales, and service business. Our flexible software is ideal for rental companies of any size and structure. Most importantly, AlphaRENTAL™is extremely easy to use.

Standard and Optional Features

Complete Inventory Management Single and Multi-Store Locations

Fully Integrated Accounting Module Accounts Receivable

Maintenance/Service Department Party/Special Event Features

Purchase Orders Fax and E-Mail Integration

Credit Card Software Drivers License Information Technology

Mobile Application via Smart Phone Equipment Warning Sheet System

These are just a few reasons to consider Genisys Software as one of your business partners. We have some of the latest innovations in the rental software like Touch Screens, Automated Delivery Mapping, real time Web Reservations from your website, Dispatch Module, and integrations with GlobalTRACS by Qualcomm and PartSmart.

Visit our web site at www.genisys.comfor the latest innovations.

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