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Business Economics and Public Policy. 2010-11 AY Electives. BE 527: Energy Markets and Energy Politics (3.0 cr hrs). For students interested in sustainability and energy markets When: Fall 10 Who: Prof. Thomas Lyon Topics:

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Be 527 energy markets and energy politics 3 0 cr hrs
BE 527: Energy Markets and Energy Politics (3.0 cr hrs)

  • For students interested in sustainability and energy markets

  • When: Fall 10

  • Who: Prof. Thomas Lyon

  • Topics:

    • What are the environmental and social impacts of energy sources and use?

    • What institutions govern energy use?

    • How do energy markets (including spot and future markets) work?

    • How and why do energy markets fail?

    • What is the role of government in energy markets? What tools do governments use?

Be 562 growth and stabilization in the macro economy 2 25 cr hrs
BE 562: Growth and Stabilization in the Macro Economy (2.25 cr hrs)

  • For students interested in finance and consulting

  • When: Fall B 10, Winter A 11

  • Who: Prof. Levenstein

  • Topics:

    • What is a recession?  Are we in one now?  What causes recessions and what can we do to prevent them?

    • What is the impact of instability in financial markets, like the current mortgage crisis, on economic growth?

    • Why is the value of the dollar falling?  Is it likely to continue? What is the likely impact on the US economy?  On the global economy?

    • What is the likely impact of rapid growth in China and India on the US economy?

    • How do I interpret announcements about economic growth, the trade deficit, etc.

Be 570 tax policy and business 3 0 cr hrs
BE 570: Tax Policy and Business (3.0 cr hrs) cr hrs)

  • For students interested in accounting, financial services industries, and policy

  • When: Winter 11

  • Who: Prof. Joel Slemrod

  • Topics:

    • What key principles should govern the choice of tax policy?

    • What, if anything, can economic reasoning say about what tax system is fairest?

    • What is the likely impact of tax hikes for wealthy Americans on economic growth, investment, and saving?

    • How does the corporate income tax affect the volume of corporate investment and corporate financial structure?

    • Should the U.S. income tax be replaced with a consumption tax?

    • What are the key arguments for increasing the federal gas tax by a dollar a gallon, and how sound are they?

Be 580 competitive tactics and game theory 3 0 cr hrs or be 581 competitive tactics and policy
BE cr hrs)580: Competitive Tactics and Game Theory (3.0 cr hrs) [or BE 581: Competitive Tactics and Policy]

  • For students interested in consulting

  • When: Winter 11

  • Who: Prof. Valerie Suslow

  • Topics:

    • How can firms develop and maintain profits in the face of competition?

    • How do governments use antitrust and competition laws to set limits on the degree to which firms exercise market power?

    • What lessons does game theory hold for business strategy?

    • How can industry leaders defend their competitive positions without attracting unwanted attention from competition authorities?

New course be 608 health care markets and public policies 3 cr hrs
New cr hrs)Course: BE 608: Health Care Markets and Public Policies (3 cr hrs)

  • For students interested in health care

    and related industries (incl. insurance)

  • When: Fall 10

  • Who: Prof. Tom Buchmueller

  • Topics:

    • How is the U.S. health care systemorganized? How do regulations and other policies affect private markets?

    • Why do 90% of Americans with private insurance receive coverage through the workplace? What are the pros and cons of employer-sponsored insurance?

    • What is the effect of insurance on patient and provider behavior?

    • How will alternative approaches to health care reform affect key stakeholders—patients, insurers, providers, drug and device manufacturers?

    • How is health care financed and delivered in other countries? What lessons can be learned from abroad?

Be 619 incentives and productivity 2 25 cr hrs
BE 619: Incentives and Productivity (2.25 cr hrs) cr hrs)

  • For students interested in human resource management and consulting

  • When: Fall B 10

  • Who: Prof. Mario Macis

  • Topics:

    • How should pay and promotions be structured across jobs to induce best effort from employees?

    • Should incentive systems include elements of subjective evaluation?

    • Why do firms use teams and how are teams used most effectively?

    • Should firms pay for their employees' MBAs? Should they offer on-the-job training?

    • Why are CEOs so highly paid and why does their pay take the form that it does?

    • How can cross-country differences in pay patterns be explained?