The Illinois P-20 Council

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Rationale for Council . ?Preparing Illinoisans for success in school and the workplace requires a continuum of quality education from preschool through graduate school." (PA 96-0746)P-20 Council provides a framework to guide education policy and integrate education at every level and will work at

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The Illinois P-20 Council

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1. The Illinois P-20 Council Legislatively mandated through Public Act 96-0746 Members Appointed in November 2009 1st Council meeting in December 2009

2. Rationale for Council “Preparing Illinoisans for success in school and the workplace requires a continuum of quality education from preschool through graduate school.” (PA 96-0746) P-20 Council provides a framework to guide education policy and integrate education at every level and will work at intersections of educational systems to provide collaborative infrastructure.

3. By focusing on education at all levels, this statewide coordinating council will: Promote improved teaching and learning Cultivate strong accountability and efficiency across the entire educational system Coordinate and leverage strategies, actions, legislation, policies and resources of all stakeholders to support fundamental and lasting improvement in Illinois schools, community colleges and universities.

4. Illinois P-20 Council will develop a statewide agenda that will move the State toward common educational goals: Improving academic achievement Increasing college access and success Improving use of existing data and measurements Developing improved accountability

5. Common Educational Goals (cont.) Fostering innovative approaches to education Promoting lifelong learning Easing the transition to college Reducing remediation at all transition points

6. Long term outcomes Strengthened State’s economic competitiveness by producing a highly skilled workforce Increased efficiency and cost effectiveness across all levels of the system Enhanced ability to leverage funding

7. Specific duties include: Aligning high school curriculum and postsecondary expectations; Improving assessment and data use across all levels; Improving high school and college graduation rates; Improving rigor and relevance of academic standards for college and workforce readiness; and Aligning college and university teaching programs with the needs of Illinois schools

8. Composition of Illinois P-20 Council Chair of the Council (Governor or designee) Member – Organized Labor Member – Parents Organization Member – Civic Organization Member – Local Government Member – Non-profit Organization Member – Educational Researcher

9. Composition of Council (cont.) Four Members of General Assembly Six Business Organizations Seven Education Organizations P-20 Five School Administrators/School Boards Four College and University Members Eight Ex-Officio (non-voting) members: IBHE, ISBE, ICCB, ISAC, DCEO, Early Learning Council, IMSA, IERC

10. Funding Strategy for Illinois P-20 Council Illinois P-20 Council shall be funded through State appropriations* to support staff activities, research, data collection, and dissemination. We are also seeking state agency, federal and private support for Council activities. *No current State appropriation

11. Illinois P-20 Council Staffing Staffed by the Office of the Governor, in coordination with relevant state agencies, boards, and commissions Facilitation and management by University of Illinois faculty and staff Illinois Education Research Council to provide research and data collection support

12. Progress to Date Set quarterly meeting schedule and format Adopted mission statement Created working groups aligned with mission and goals Established the Joint Education Leadership Committee of the P-20 Council to implement and monitor progress Secured funding from Chicago Community Trust to support strategic planning and goal setting

13. P-20 Council Mission Statement The mission of the Illinois P-20 Council is to deliberate and make recommendations to the Governor, Illinois General Assembly, and state agencies for developing a seamless and sustainable statewide system of quality education and support, from birth through adulthood, that maximizes students’ educational attainment, opportunities for success in the workforce and contributions to their local communities.

14. Illinois P-20 Council Working Groups The Chairperson authorized the creation of four working groups : Data Integration, Assessment and Accountability Effectiveness of Teachers and Educational Leaders Career Pathways and Workforce Development Family, Youth and Community Engagement

15. Next Steps for Illinois P-20 Council Developing an issues driven, data-based agenda aligned with Illinois needs Identifying annual and five year goals and metrics to gauge progress and impact Communicating with key stakeholder groups to gain input and inform them regarding key educational issues: Establishing a funding strategy for sustainability

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