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Chapter 17: Censorship - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 17: Censorship. Should censorship be used in any circumstances? What about obscenity or hate speech? Does censorship destroy art, or does some measure of restraint actually make art better?

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Chapter 17: Censorship

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Chapter 17: Censorship

  • Should censorship be used in any circumstances? What about obscenity or hate speech?

  • Does censorship destroy art, or does some measure of restraint actually make art better?

  • What are some ways that the public could have more of a say in what gets put on movie screens?

Chapter 17: Censorship

  • Case 75: The Voice of America

  • Case 76: Fencing the Net

  • Case 77: Frontal Assault

  • Case 78: Life Stinks

Case 75: The Voice of America

  • Facts – Empirical Definition

  • Values

  • Principles

  • Loyalties

  • The rapper, Eminem, has become extremely popular. But is his message socially responsible?

  • Do artists such as Eminem have a responsibility to society?

  • Should artists have to be accountable?

  • What can artists to to present a better message to their audience without compromising their art?

Case 75: Additional links – The rapper’s website.

The Paradox of Eminem: Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up? – A look at Eminem – His life, work, and the controversy surrounding him.

Eminem Photo Gallery – A gallery of Eminem pictures.

The Eminem Syndrome – Article on Eminem’s negative social influence on society.

The Voice of America – Rolling Stone article on Eminem and how his music is sweeping, and defining, America.

Case 76: Fencing the Net

  • Facts – Empirical Definition

  • Values

  • Principles

  • Loyalties

  • Several acts in the past years have tried to control what children can view in public places. They have met with much resistance.

  • Does the government have a right to censor if it is in the best interest of the children? Or should the parent decide what the best interest is?

  • How could Rawls curtain be used to obtain a fair result for everyone?

Case 76: Additional links

Watchdogs launch attack on filter law – Report on the challenges to the Children’s Internet Protection Act.

Children’s Internet Protection Act – Actual text of the act.

Censorship in a Box: Why Blocking Software Is Wrong for Public Libraries – The ACLU’s position on filtering software in libraries.

American Library Association Is No Friend of Our Children – Supports CIPA and accuses the American Library Association of not having the best interests of children at heart.

Case 77: Frontal Assault

  • Facts – Empirical Definition

  • Values

  • Principles

  • Loyalties

  • Stormfront is a white supremacist site. This site and others like it are a new way of spreading hate to the world.

  • There is not doubt that hate speech is a terrible thing, but should hate sites be censored?

  • What is the best way to overcome hate speech and vehicles used to spread this message, such as Stormfront?

Case 77: Additional links

Stormfront – The white supremacist’s homepage.

Father and son team on hate site – Article on Don Black, his son, and their website, Stormfront.

Don Black: White Pride World Wide – Article that exposes Don Black and his website as hate mongers.

Internet and First Amendment – Does not support hate speech but also does not support censoring hate speech on the internet.

Case 78: Life Stinks

  • Facts – Empirical Definition

  • Values

  • Principles

  • Loyalties

  • Many people criticize how movies have become far more objectionable. At left are some of the ones that draw criticism.

  • How could the golden mean be used to ensure a reasonable solution to this conflict over the content of movies?

  • How can we avoid returning the the old production code, yet at the same time please those who say movies are to extreme?

Case 78: Additional links

Censorship in Hollywood – A history of censorship in Hollywood.

The Motion Picture Production Code of 1930 – Text of the production code that governed Hollywood for years.

Of Black Centaurettes, Twin Towers, and Political Correctness: The Question of Censorship – An extensive history of film censorship and its pros and cons.

‘It Is So Sad to Just Accept’ – One controversial filmmaker’s views on censorship in Hollywood.

Guarding against 'Hollywood' Values – Article that blasts Hollywood for its non-family friendly values.

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