Class II Assembly
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Class II Assembly February 3, 2014 R3 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Class II Assembly February 3, 2014 R3. Ms. Elizabeth McCoy Assistant Head Master. Recommend 1 – 3 AP courses / student Discuss interest with parents and guidance counselor Submit Course Request Form by March 7 th Elective list will be reviewed by Program Directors and teachers.

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Class II Assembly February 3, 2014 R3

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Class II Assembly

February 3, 2014


Ms. Elizabeth McCoy

Assistant Head Master

Recommend 1 – 3 AP courses / student

Discuss interest with parents and guidance counselor

Submit Course Request Form by March 7th

Elective list will be reviewed by Program Directors and teachers

Class II Students

Mr. Thomas Kennelly

Community Service &

A.P. Coordinator


  • Each student is required to complete a minimum of 100 hours of verified community service in order to graduate.

  • 50 of these must be completed in school and 50 must be completed outside of school.

  • Any student in grades 8-12 is eligible to count hours toward the graduation requirement Verification forms available in guidance and from Mr. Kennelly (outside service requires a letter). Refer to community service overview posted in Homerooms.

  • See Mr. Kennelly in room 253 or email [email protected] with any questions or concerns.


  • AP exams May 5 – May 16

    -info available at

    -Exams administered at BLS and MCPHS

    -BLS testing schedule will be posted and distributed in April

  • Exam registration will continue until Feb. 28th

    -registration at or on SIS

  • Exam Fees (checks to Mr. Kennelly in 253)

    -Exam fee is $97 per exam and $10 for those eligible for a fee waiver/reduction

  • Questions

    -talk to your AP teacher or Mr. Kennelly.

Profile of a Successful AP Student

  • Motivated to work (1+ hours per night on homework—reading, note-taking, study)

  • Good attendance and attention in class

  • Scored 150+ on PSAT

  • Grades of B or better in current courses you are taking in the same department

Ms. Judi Freeman


Mr. Jeff Mikalaitis



(trumpets blare and cymbals crash!)

The Capstone Project/Advanced Independent Research & Presentation Methods Seminar

Yes, it’s true.

There will be a NEW course option for seniors next year.

We’re piloting a Capstone project, a course/senior project that has been offered at other high schools and many colleges but is a first for BLS.

The Capstone Project/Advanced Independent Research & Presentation Methods Seminar

The core of the course description:

This challenging course for highly-motivated seniors enables students to develop advanced research, writing, & presentation skills, while grappling with essential questions spanning disciplines.

It will pull together and further refine skills that students have developed and advanced in all courses during their BLS education and culminate in the creation of a truly interdisciplinary investigation: a Capstone project that students conceive and execute, with the support of faculty mentors.

The 2014-2015 year features an inaugural single section of the course; in future years, more sections of Capstone classes will be created.

The Capstone Project/Advanced Independent Research & Presentation Methods Seminar

What will the Capstone course year look like in 2014-15?

  • During terms 1 and 2, students engage in inquiry-based, self-driven, authentic learning while researching, collecting, analyzing, evaluating and presenting information from varied sources, all focused around a central topic. This year’s topic will focus on food and issues surrounding it.

  • During terms 1 and 2, students develop and receive feedback on a central question, a research focus, and a proposal for their final Capstone projects.

The Capstone Project/Advanced Independent Research & Presentation Methods Seminar

What will the Capstone course year look like in 2014-15?

  • The class culminates in the student-designed and faculty-mentored interdisciplinary Capstone projects in terms 3 and 4.

  • Your Capstone project could take multiple forms—examples might include building a vehicle, writing (and performing?) a play, creating a significant work of art, producing a documentary film, conducting and documenting a lab investigation, writing a manual or plan for community action, or writing an in-depth research paper on something that fascinates you. Come up with an idea and if it seems reasonable and sufficiently challenging, it will be supported.

The Capstone Project/Advanced Independent Research & Presentation Methods Seminar

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

  • Will this be an “extra” course in my senior year?

    This will be ONE of your six major courses, but it is an elective—which means you have to choose it after you have enrolled in all the courses you need to take to graduate.

  • Will it involve considerable work?

    Absolutely. The scope of the work will be ambitious, but YOU will be defining the topic based on what interests you and YOU will propose the nature of the project. You will get plenty of support—from an advisor and mentors—but you will be taking on an ambitious project that YOU, above all, are passionate about.

The Capstone Project/Advanced Independent Research & Presentation Methods Seminar

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

  • Will this look good on my transcript as I apply for college?

    Yes! Many colleges already have Capstone projects; that’s why the best high schools are adopting these prestigious courses. This is an advanced research course (and will be listed that way on your transcript); it will allow you to create something you are passionate about and lay the foundation for areas you may pursue in college. Imagine how you will be able to talk about this in college essays and interviews.

The Capstone Project/Advanced Independent Research & Presentation Methods Seminar

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

  • Will I be able to work with individuals outside the school who can help with/be useful to this project?


  • How is it graded?

    This class will receive grades much like any other BLS class. In terms 1 and 2, the work we do as a class will be graded; in terms 3 and 4, the blogging and steps involved in the Capstone project will be assessed and the principal grades will be on the final Capstone project, portfolio, and your public presentation on the project.

The Capstone Project/Advanced Independent Research & Presentation Methods Seminar

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

  • How do I enroll in Capstone?

    The first class will consist of a maximum of 24 students. Insofar as it is an inaugural class, we seek a wide variety of students with an array of academic and extracurricular interests and backgrounds. You will need to submit an online application for the class—go to -- and fill this out before the date your course selection sheet is due: by no later than Friday, March 7. If you wish to take Capstone, be sure to indicate it as one of your six courses on that final course selection sheet, but be sure that you indicate backups in class the class is over-enrolled.

The Capstone Project/Advanced Independent Research & Presentation Methods Seminar

Additional questions?

See or e-mail

Ms. Freeman ([email protected] ) in 307 OR

Mr. Mikalaitis ([email protected] ) in 230.

And write down (NOW!) the URL for the

Capstone course application:

Ms. Susan Moran

Program Director


Class I—English 12 or AP Literature

Important note for Class II

The fulfillment of the literary research paper as a graduation requirement is moving from Class I to Class II. The 2014-2015 academic year will thus be a transitional year, with both juniors and seniors working on this requirement.

A.P. Literature and Composition

This course may be taken in place of English 12.

  • Students selecting this course should be strong readers and writers and have a solid work ethic.

  • The course includes additional summer reading and course requirements.

  • Qualified students wishing to remain enrolled must submit their completed English 11 literary research papers to Ms. Moran no later than May 9, 2014. Your English teachers will give you instructions.

  • All students in this course must sit for the A.P. exam.

English Elective—Class IIHumanities

  • This course will appeal to students who enjoy exploring connections among the arts, history, literature, philosophy, religion, science, psychology, and other disciplines. Readings span cultures and time periods.

  • Students with strong reading and writing skills will do well in this class. Students are expected to work well on their own and on collaborative projects. Class participation is vital, both during daily discussion and more formal presentations.

Mr. Thomas Kennelly

Program Director


Class I and II History options

AP U.S. History - includes entire history of the United States, starting with pre-Columbian American civilization going through to the present day.  

United States History II – covers the History of the United States from Reconstruction (1865) to the present.

History Electives for Classes I and II


AP Economics

AP Modern European History

AP U.S. Government

American Foreign Policy

Facing History & Ourselves

Art History

Mr. Jonathan Mulhern

Assistant Head Master

Student Leadership

Ms. Sherry Lewis-daPonte

Assistant Head Master

AP Latin

The Myth Tradition

Greek I

Greek II (Greek I is a prerequisite)

Latin Prose

Latin 5 Poetry

Class I Classics Electives

Ms. Kathleen Bateman

Program Director

Mathematics and Science

Class I and II Science Electives

Biology II (prerequisite: Chemistry 1)

AP Biology (prerequisite: Chemistry 1)

Chemistry I

AP Chemistry (prerequisite: Chemistry 1)

Environmental Science

AP Environmental Science

Physics I

AP Physics C: Mechanical (prerequisite: Physics I)

AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism (prerequisite: Physics I)

Class I Math Options


AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC


AP Statistics

AP Computer Science

Students currently taking Advanced

Pre-Calculus will take either

AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC

Ms. Christine Kelley

Program Director

Modern Foreign Languages

Chinese 3, 4

AP Chinese Language

Comprehensive Chinese

French 3, 4

AP French Language

Italian 3, 4

AP Italian Language

Spanish 3, 4

AP Spanish Language

AP Spanish Literature

German 3, 4

AP German Language

Modern Foreign Language Choices

Students also

have the option

to choose a

new language

and pursue two

years of study

during their final

two years.

Mr. Paul Pitts

Program Director

Fine Arts

Fine Arts Electives

Fundamentals of Visual Arts

Class II and I

Prerequisite for A.P. Art

A.P. Art

Class I only

Sign Up for Foundations of Visual Art!

  • Foundations of Visual Art is an enrichment class in which students build skills through art-making techniques.

  • Students will learn fundamentals of drawing, painting, printmaking, design, and ceramics.

  • No prior art experience is necessary to take this class!

  • All abilities welcome!

Imagine what you can do if you spend 45 minutes a day engaging in creativity!

Fine Arts Electives

Music Theory

Class II and I

Musical experience is recommended but not required

A.P. Music Theory

Class I

Prior music theory experience recommended

Ear training, dictation and sight singing are perhaps the most difficult aspects of the course and the AP test

Mr. Jim Montague

Program Director

Guidance & Support Services

Meet with your Guidance Counselor as

early as possible.

Choose courses with an eye to college

admission requirements……

  • 3 years of science for all and

    4 or more for others.

  • Make your final high school

    years your best.

  • Take on challenges that are

    reasonable – don’t overdo it.

There is a limit of three A.P. courses

that any student may take.

Students who feel an exception should

be made must complete the online

application and submit by February 21st.

They will be notified by February 28th.

WARNING: For seniors, the college search and application process is the equivalent of taking another AP course

Maintaining good health, both emotional

and physical, is critical.

  • Stress management is important.

  • Getting adequate sleep is too.

  • Effective time management is

    a skill that must be developed.

  • If you need help, see your

    Guidance Counselor.


  • Pay attention to the Daily Bulletin.

  • Ask questions at any time.

  • Visit the website (

  • Keep an eye on your attendance and tardiness.

  • Avoid discipline problems.

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