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This Is How Music Producers Can Make Money - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on 6 simple ways music producer can make money online selling beats, promo service and much more and start making a full time income online.

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The first major thing that you can do is simple, sell your beats.

You can sell your beats via email, your own beat selling website, and even websites like Soundcloud or Soundclick.

Another way that you can make money as a producer is to cut a deal for your music through publishing rights.

The music that you hear in commercials, movies, and more are bought and paid for.

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Now, the licensing part of this can be tricky, but you can easily find calls for submissions and more via online platforms.

You can sell directly, or you could license things through a second medium.

For those that are good at creating loops, drum samples and creating custom sounds you can sell them.

Many music producers don’t have the equipment, nor do they know how to play certain instruments or sounds.

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For instance, a music producer may want bigger and creating custom sounds you can sell them.badderdrum sounds to compete with other online beatmakers.

You can easily create drum kits and loops to allow them to have their beats sound professionally made.

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Right now, it’s not just musicians that need help with creating custom sounds you can sell them.mixing and mastering.

There are podcasts, video producers, and many others that need sound and audio chopped, edited, mixed, and mastered.

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You could very well have a full-time career just mixing and mastering, at a high rate an hour.

Whatever your goals are in the music world, this skill set can take you far.

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Many music producers do not realize the power that YouTube has right now.

You may see it as an avenue in which many others put up videos, but you can make money too.

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Here’s the thing, YouTube has right now.pays for content.

They do so through monetizing channels with ads before and even during video playback.

You will get paid a few cents per visitor, and upwards of six figures if you have millions of views.

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There are several major music libraries online. has right now.

You can submit your music for free, and get a credential within them.

When you have credits amidst many libraries, people will want to hear more, and possibly contact you with more projects.

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The goal here is to spread the word and make sure that you are getting noticed for sound.

The more you submit, the more chances you have to get found online.

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