Diffusion of innovation
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Diffusion of innovation. Everett M. Rogers. It is a theory called Diffusion of Innovation invented by Everett Rogers. So………. What is diffusion of. innovation ?. Diffusion of innovation is spreading a new idea from one to another. Why. it is important?.

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Diffusion of innovation

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Diffusion of innovation

Everett M. Rogers

It is a theory called Diffusion of Innovation invented by Everett Rogers


  • What is diffusion of

innovation ?

Diffusion of innovation is spreading a new idea from one to another.


it is important?

Because, it is the process of developing a new knowledge………

…And over the time…

…it will make

an invention to be possible.

Then,…after we knew the changed.

  • We can change our behavior.

  • We can predict what business is good to invest.

  • And lastly, We can control or prevent from negative impact.

SoWhen and how

it happen?

First of all, don’t confuse that

“ in Diffusion of Innovations it is not people who change, but the innovations themselves”. (Robinson 2009)

The innovation spread when

it has a quality and become valuable to people.

There are 5 qualitiesthat make innovation spread

1) Relative advantage :

is when people accept that the new idea is better than old-fashion.

2) Compatibility :

is whenthequality can be use together with the existing values.

3) Simplicity :

is when it simpler to understand and adopted.

4) Trainability :

is when people be able to learn how to adopt it.

5) Observable results :

is when people simply able to see the result of the effect.

Therefore, an innovation will spread when it meet with the five quality….

...also whenpeople make a decision to adopt or except it.


How is the process of making a decision?

There are 5 steps in DECISION making PROCESS

  • Knowledge :

    occurs when people learn the innovation’s existence and understand how it functions.

  • Persuasion :

    occurs when people feel like or dislike toward the innovation.

  • Decision :

    occurs when people choose to adopt or reject the innovation.

  • Implementation :

    occurs when people try to use the new innovation.

  • Confirmation :

    occurs when people strongly understand the innovation and make a decision

    to use or against it.

Do you know…

Who are the adopters ?

There are different adaptors with different actions

in diffusion of innovation

First of all,

There are 5 categories of adopters.

1. Innovator :

He is the first person who get

a new idea…

…and he is the one who first talk about the new innovation.

2. Early adopter :

He is the person that try to invest on the new innovation.

Because, he has a budget and can see the benefit from the innovation

3.Early majority :

He tries to use the new ideas and feel comfortable...

…because, he can see a solid prove of benefit.

4.Late majority:

He is the person that feel not comfortable about the new innovation…

…because, he listens to negative comments from people who do not like.


He is the person who take a high risk…

…and try to argue against the new innovation.


The conclusion are :


  • Diffusion of Innovation is a action of spreading a new idea to one another.


  • Diffusion of Innovation is a process of developing a new innovation.


  • Not every new idea is good therefore the innovator has to convince with proof of benefit.


  • It is people who make a decision to adopt or against the innovation.

Thank you

For your attention !!!


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Presented by LukmanMasor

(IT scholar)

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