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Diffusion of innovation. Everett M. Rogers. It is a theory called Diffusion of Innovation invented by Everett Rogers. So………. What is diffusion of. innovation ?. Diffusion of innovation is spreading a new idea from one to another. Why. it is important?.

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Diffusion of innovation

Diffusion of innovation

Everett M. Rogers

Why another.

it is important?

another. And over the time…

another. it will make

an invention to be possible.

Then, another. …after we knew the changed.

  • And another. lastly, We can control or prevent from negative impact.

So when and how

So another. When and how

it happen?

First of all don t confuse that
First of all, don’t confuse that another.

“ in Diffusion of Innovations it is not people who change, but the innovations themselves”. (Robinson 2009)

The innovation spread another. when

it has a quality and become valuable to people.

There are another. 5 qualitiesthat make innovation spread

1) another. Relative advantage :

is when people accept that the new idea is better than old-fashion.

2 another. ) Compatibility :

is whenthequality can be use together with the existing values.

3 another. ) Simplicity :

is when it simpler to understand and adopted.

4 another. ) Trainability :

is when people be able to learn how to adopt it.

5 another. ) Observable results :

is when people simply able to see the result of the effect.

Therefore, an innovation will spread another. when it meet with the five quality….

. another. ..also whenpeople make a decision to adopt or except it.


Therefore another.

How is the process of making a decision?

  • Knowledge : another.

    occurs when people learn the innovation’s existence and understand how it functions.

  • Persuasion : another.

    occurs when people feel like or dislike toward the innovation.

  • Decision : another.

    occurs when people choose to adopt or reject the innovation.

  • Confirmation : another.

    occurs when people strongly understand the innovation and make a decision

    to use or against it.

Do you know

Do you know… another.

Who are the adopters ?

There another. are different adaptors with different actions

in diffusion of innovation

First of all
First of all, another.

There are 5 categories of adopters.

1. another. Innovator :

He is the first person who get

a new idea…

2. Early innovation. adopter :

He is the person that try to invest on the new innovation.

3.Early innovationmajority :

He tries to use the new ideas and feel comfortable...

innovationbecause, he can see a solid prove of benefit.

4.Late innovationmajority:

He is the person that feel not comfortable about the new innovation…

5.Laggards: do not like.

He is the person who take a high risk…

…and do not like. try to argue against the new innovation.

So do not like.

The conclusion are :

Conclusion do not like.

  • Diffusion of Innovation is a action of spreading a new idea to one another.

Conclusion do not like.

  • Diffusion of Innovation is a process of developing a new innovation.

Conclusion do not like.

  • Not every new idea is good therefore the innovator has to convince with proof of benefit.

Conclusion do not like.

  • It is people who make a decision to adopt or against the innovation.

Thank you

Thank you do not like.

For your attention !!!

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