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Lec. 11. Evaluation Process & Evaluation Criteria - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HETC Project University Development Grants (UDGs) Training Program for Proposal Writers. Lec. 11. Evaluation Process & Evaluation Criteria. PRINCIPLES. Objectivity Fairness Competence Professionalism Relevance to the results to be achieved. UDG Review Panel (UDGRP).

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HETC Project

University Development Grants (UDGs)

Training Program for Proposal Writers

Lec. 11. Evaluation Process & Evaluation Criteria


  • Objectivity

  • Fairness

  • Competence

  • Professionalism

  • Relevance

    to the results to be achieved

Udg review panel udgrp
UDG Review Panel (UDGRP)

UDGRP will consist of min 5 members

  • one of the Reviewers will be designated as the Anchor Reviewer

    Appointed by the UGC/MoHE

    Any potential conflict of interest should be prevented in the evaluation process

  • reviewers will not be allowed to evaluate proposals submitted by his/her own university or the institution that he/she has affiliation, financial connection or personal interest

  • Key steps

    Eligibility Check

    Desk Evaluation

    Site Evaluation



    Eligibility check
    Eligibility Check

    • will be conducted by the MoHE

    • those satisfying the eligibility criteria will be forwarded for Desk Evaluation

    • Updated University/Institution Corporate Plan will also be forwarded to the review panel along with the proposal

    Desk evaluation
    Desk Evaluation

    • Undertaken by a UDG Review Panel (UDGRP)

      • 5 members; One as the Anchor Reviewer

    • Carried out according to a set of evaluation criteria

    • Detailed Feedback will be provided to all

      • in the form of Reviewers’ Comments

    Desk evaluation1
    Desk Evaluation

    • If the proposal meets the selection criteria only partially, then

      • Revise and Resubmit

    • If the proposal fully meets the selection criteria, then

      • Site Evaluation

    Site evaluation
    Site Evaluation

    • By the same UDGRP that has conducted the Desk Evaluation

    • Main Objective

      • to assess the conformity between the written proposal & the ground realities, and

      • to draw a final judgement on the feasibility & implementability of the proposed plan

    • In particular

      • Validation of the data included in the proposal

      • Clarification of issues that have arose during the desk evaluation

      • Assessment of the university/institution’s commitment to the project activities outlined in the proposal

    Evaluation criteria
    Evaluation CRITERIA

    Relevance & Quality Enhancement

    Institutional Commitment, Feasibility & Implementability

    Efficiency & Effectiveness

    Relevance quality enhancement
    Relevance & Quality Enhancement

    • Relevance – responsiveness to the social demand & labour market needs

      • universities are encouraged to make their programs more demand driven

    • Also, Relevance to the Results to be Achieved (Performance Targets)

    • Proposed plan should also be in line with the updated University/Institution Corporate Plan

    Relevance quality enhancement1
    Relevance & Quality Enhancement

    • Proposal should demonstrate how the proposed activities would improve the quality & relevance of programs

      • as a result provide graduates with knowledge, capabilities, skills and attitudes required by the labour market and the society

      • special emphasis on the employability of graduates of Arts & Humanities, Management and General Sciences

    • Proposal should demonstrate the commitment to submit a separate proposal for improving the quality & relevance of the EDPs, where applicable

    • Innovation and creativity in designing the activities is encouraged and will be highly appreciated

    Relevance quality enhancement2
    Relevance & Quality Enhancement

    Corporate Plan

    Mechanism & Design of Activities

    Reviewers will look at

    Improvements in Teaching & Learning Process

    Improvements in Assessment Methods

    Performance Targets

    Institutional commitment feasibility implementability
    Institutional Commitment, Feasibility & Implementability

    • Institutional Commitment

      • Provision of Tangible Support to the Proposed Plan

    • Feasibility & Implementability

      • Availability of Physical & Human Resources

      • Availability of Required Conditions

      • Realistic Time Schedules

      • Some Examples of Hindering Factors

        • Unrealistic and/or Over Ambitious Targets

        • Over Optimistic Assumptions

        • Inadequate Number of Qualified & Experienced Staff to carry out the project activities

        • Other Limitations due to external factors

        • etc.

    Institutional commitment feasibility implementability1
    Institutional Commitment, Feasibility & Implementability

    Project Planning

    Access to Data & Information

    Space to carry out activities

    Reviewers will look at

    Physical & Human Resources

    Proposed Budget

    Activities & Activity Plan

    Performance Targets

    Efficiency effectiveness
    Efficiency & Effectiveness

    • Efficiency – Relationship between Input & Process

      • shows the degree of the proposed plan’s frugality in using resources

    • Effectiveness – Relationship between Process & output

      • shows the results of a process using specified resources to achieve the objectives

    • Proposed Budget should be based on Solid Rationale

      • efficient and effective use of proposed investment as well as the existing resources to achieve the objectives

    • Beneficiary Population & Performance Targets would also demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed plan

    Efficiency effectiveness1
    Efficiency & Effectiveness

    Improvement Plan – Mechanism & Design of Activities

    Utilization/Sharing of Resources

    Reviewers will look at

    Beneficiary Population

    Performance Indicators