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Learning writing through twitter
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Learning Writing through Twitter :. Students’ writing and revising processes . What if…? - Rationale .

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Learning Writing through Twitter :

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Learning writing through twitter

Learning Writing through Twitter:

Students’ writing and revising processes

What if rationale

What if…? -Rationale

  • When I saw some companies and individuals that I followed posted informative tweets on Twitter, their writings within 140 characters were concise and straight forward to convey messages. Then, I wondered if Twitter can be used for writing processes.



Research questions

Research Questions

How Twitter is used for learning in different academic settings?

How Twitter enhances students’ writing processes?

An analysis of the studies on twitter for learning secondary education

An Analysis of the studies on Twitter for learning -secondary education

  • Sweeny

    • Tweets may or may not be related to a specific assignment

    • A sense of belongings in the education setting

  • McWilliams and et al

    • Characterization activities in Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible

    • The approaches to explore characterization

  • Cano

    • Tweets related to the specific assignments

    • The efficiency of Twitter to increase students’ linguistic competence

An analysis of the studies on twitter for learning higher education

An Analysis of the studies on Twitter for learning -higher education

  • Junco and et al

    • The response of assigned reading using in Mountains Beyond Mountains and having a discussion

    • The link between educationally relevant social media use and student engagement

  • Hong and et al

    • The students’ reflections on their first year experience in university

    • The students writing development

How twitter enhance students writing

How Twitter enhance students’ writing?

  • Two case studies

    • Hong and et al

    • McWilliams and et al

Discussion 1 hong and et al

Discussion 1Hong and et al

  • Writing processes

    • Prewriting activity using tweets

    • Drafting all the tweets

    • Revising and editing them

    • Publishing a formal text, “Freshman Survival Guide”

  • Revising processes

    • Contents/organization

    • Mechanics or writing conventions

    • Adding details

    • Text structures

Discussion 2 mcwilliams and et al

Discussion 2McWilliams and et al

  • Literary analysis skills

    • Close reading techniques

    • Perspective-taking

      Characterization/ character analysis

Work cited

Work cited

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