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OVERVIEW TEAM5 SOFTWARE. The TEAM5 software manages personnel and test data for personal ESD grounding devices.

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The TEAM5 software manages personnel and test data for personal ESD grounding devices.

Test and personnel data may be viewed/reported locally, via a network Web page and emailed automatically on a scheduled or on-demand basis. Robust and easy to use sort/filter capabilities are built in to all reporting controls.

TEAM5 uses date/time stamps on all user requirement changes to comply with quality control and record keeping requirements. This ensures archived tests are always linked to historically accurate personnel data, test requirements.

TEAM5 automatically maintains backups in a redundant network storage area.

The SmartLog V5™ ESD test stations and Network (Multi User) programs operate semi-autonomously to ensure continuous operation even while network or server outages occur.



Windows 2003 Server

Windows 2008 Server

Windows XP SP3


Windows 7

(All Versions)

2GB Program and Database Disk Space

8GB Backup Disk Space


1024 x 768 display resolution

1 available USB port

1 or more SmartLog V5™ devices


Dated: 2012-01-03

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Single Workstation Setup

Single user access to TEAM5


Multiple Workstation Setup

Multiple user access to TEAM5 Enterprise


SmartLog V5™


SmartLog V5™

Clean Room

SmartLog V5™

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TEAM5 makes it easy to add and manage users by allowing a entire employee list to be imported. TEAM5 guides you through the importing process and identifies any duplicate entries before the are imported

  • Department Managers – Assigning a manager to a department allows the manager to receive an ESD report for employees in their department

  • Leave Time – Schedule when employees will be on leave to eliminate an absent test status on ESD reports

  • Certification Expire Date – Manage your ESD training program by documenting when employees participate in an annual training.

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Color coded test results make it easy to indentify the current status of each individual user. Enabling Auto refresh ensures the software is displaying the current ESD status of each individual user.

  • Historical Lookup – Select a specific day and time to view the ESD status of each user at that time

  • Individual Test History – Launch the “click to view history” feature for a 31 day test history of each individual user

  • UserTest Location – Identify where users are testing under the Last Test Location column

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Identify each users attendance and completed ESD tests for each day with the Attendance Log. Enable the ESD statistics feature to display the overall monthly recorded tests

  • Leave Time – Generate a report to identify which users are currently on a leave of absence

  • User Pass/Fail – Generate a report to indentify which users are consistently failing their ESD tests

  • User Compliance – Generate a report to indentify which users are not completing their monthly ESD tests

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TEAM5 continuously monitors the performance of each individual SmartLog V5™. Use the Network Status window to identify the status of all active SmartLogs.

  • Last Poll Time – Displays the last time TEAM5 communicated with each SmartLog V5™

  • ID Count – Displays the number of users loaded in each SmartLog V5™.

  • Transactions Today/Count – Displays the number of ESD transactions completed for the current day as well as overall

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TEAM5 offers multiple methods for reporting the ESD data captured on each SmartLog V5™. Emailed reports can be scheduled daily, managed by supervisors and archived to a dedicated folder on the network. Multiple formats are available including HTML, Excel, and Text

  • Department Managers – Manager’s will receive ESD status reports for employees in their respected departments

  • Email Lists – Create a ESD email list of managers or supervisors

  • Status Filter – Customize each report to only display employees who have Failed, Not Tested and Passed their ESD test

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TEAM5 provides you with a number of tools used to manage the database. Backing up the data to a shared folder ensures a recent copy of the database can be accessed from another PC incase the initial PC running the software crashes.

  • Database Maintenance – Run monthly to control the database size to prevent performance problems and to insure data is archived.

  • Test Data Purge – Archives old data and reduces the database size

  • Automated Backups – Schedule daily or weekly backups of the ESD test data and software preferences

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Monitor real-time activity of users and SmartLogs using the web monitor feature. The Web Monitors are a set of static web pages updated by the TEAM5 server as often as every polling cycle. This is a useful tool for personnel needing to determine a users ESD status if the emailed report has not been received.

  • Web User Status Monitor – Displays real-time ESD test information of all users

  • Web Test Log Monitor – Displays from one to seven days of ESD test log history

  • Web SmartLog Status Monitor – Displays the current Online/Offline status of all Smartlogs in the system

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Team5 has preset emailed alerts that when enabled will immediately notify you when an event occurs. TEAM5 keeps a log of all alerts which can be filtered by the day or for a specific time period.

  • Calibration – A notification will be sent when each SmartLog V5™ is due for recalibration.

  • SmartLog Communication– A notification will be sent when each SmartLog V5™ loses communication to the software

  • Failed without Retesting – A notification will be sent when users fail their ESD test and don’t retest and pass right after

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TEAM5 Enterprise includes network applications that allow ESD Test and User data to be viewed and edited via a shared network drive. All changes made remotely are tracked using the user changed history report

  • Remote Status – An interactive report that gives you access to current or past ESD test records of all users remotely

  • Remote Administrators – Only remote administrators will have access to managing the ESD user list

  • Desktop Access Control – Users can determine their current ESD test status by accessing this program from any PC on the network

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TEAM5 Enterprise has the ability to synchronize data between TEAM5 Enterprise and other personnel databases. Enable this feature to allow TEAM5 Enterprise to automatically import a user or leave time list from a separate database

  • Import to Database/File – Allows the automated import of user data from a direct database or creates a file to be imported from a shared folder

  • Export from Database/File – Allows the automated export of user data to a direct database or creates a file to be imported

  • Desktop Access Control – Users can determine their current ESD test status by accessing this program from any PC on the network

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Enable the Time Clock feature to begin capturing in and out punches for each user from the SmartLog V5™. Sync the punch data with ESD reports to identify whether a user is not in the building that day or if they forgot to perform their ESD test

  • Time Clock Reports – Generate reports to display time clock punches for the day, week or month

  • Time Clock Import – Import punches from a third party software such as Kronos, Paychex, etc.

  • Time Clock Export – Export punches to a third party software to be managed and formatted for payroll

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1 year of software support is included

The support includes setup, training and technical support

EMIT offers several ways of support including:



Web Conference

30-60 day demos are available

EMIT’s demo program offers remote installation (via web conference), training and technical support. Contact EMIT customer service for additional information on our demo program


Customer Service: (909)664-9980

Email: [email protected]