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My Game. The Tokyo Runner. The Story.

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My Game

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My Game

The Tokyo Runner

Corey Martin

The Story

  • It will revolve around the main character Ryo as he tries to beat all other racers in Tokyo on the Wangan and on the mountain near it and to become the fastest around. He will have three rivals which are the kings of the area which he will need to beat in order to get to the last boss (Shinigami).

Corey Martin


  • It will be available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 first which if it is successful on these two consoles then it will be sold on the PC too.

  • The different perspectives used in the game will include 1st person and 3rd person perspectives like cockpit view and follow view.

  • It will also mostly feature Japanese tuner cars like Mazda RX7’s and Subaru Imprezas.

Corey Martin


  • It will be in the Open-World Racing genre.

  • This has lots of games in it and is becoming more popular.

  • It is also in high demand as the games of this genre are always too small of map or don’t have many cars to choose from.

Corey Martin

Target Audience

  • The target group will be males between the ages of 12-50.

  • Also car fans and racing game fans will be targeted by the game.

  • It will also target fans of popular anime series like Initial D and Wangan Midnight.

Corey Martin

Why To Buy This Game?

  • It has the potential to sell well if given the chance.

  • If there is good enough work put into it there will be good sales and it will be a good game.

Corey Martin

Selling Points

  • It will have more cars than the similar games in the market currently.

  • The map will be bigger than its rival games.

  • It will have a better amount of customisation than other games which will bring in customers.

  • There will be a better variety of cars instead of just muscle, tuners and exotics.

Corey Martin

Similar Games On The Market

  • There are some similar games out there on the market already like Initial D Extreme Stage and Forza Horizon but their main down sides are that they haven't got much changes wherever the player goes and also the lack of cars in them which this game will have both so it will beat them and be successful.

Corey Martin

Unique Selling Point

  • Its main selling point that is unique to it is the way it mixes touge racing with highway racing as no other game does this.

Corey Martin


  • Cockpit view to make it more immersive.

  • Mix of different types of cars.

  • Different environments like from mountains to highways.

  • Junkyard random car system.

  • Drifting and grip racing

Corey Martin

Concept Art

Corey Martin


Corey Martin


  • The interface for the game will be similar to the one in Forza 4 but will include more gauges for things like boost pressure and oil pressureto add to the realism of the game.

Corey Martin


  • It will include 1st person and 3rd person perspectives with views like cockpit view and far view so the player can use the view they prefer when playing the game.

Corey Martin


  • Ryo: Brown hair, blue eyes, main character

  • Shinigami: Black hair, brown eyes, main rival

  • TK: Blond hair, brown eyes, touge rival

  • Emperor: Brown hair, green eyes, Wangan rival

  • Taku: Grey hair, blue eyes, mechanic

Corey Martin

Market Research

  • Games of this genre have what others don’t but are missing important selling points.

  • Many players want more cars than the other games of this genre have in them.

Corey Martin


  • It will have a good list of different music for the player to listen to when playing the game with songs that are fast to ones that are slow.

  • It will include songs from artists like Versailles, OZ and M.O.V.E.

Corey Martin

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