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Implementing ICT In Mathematics to enhance student learning

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Implementing ICT In Mathematics to enhance student learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Implementing ICT In Mathematics to enhance student learning. A Presentation by Sharron Smith Year 5 Teacher Eden Park Primary. The 21 st Century and ICT.

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Presentation Transcript

Implementing ICT

In Mathematics to

enhance student



“The teacher is pivotal in the design and creation of exciting, challenging and authentic learning environments in which ICT changes not only what the students learn but also how they learn…”(Finger, Russell, Jamieson-Proctor & Russell, 2007).

overview of presentation
Overview of Presentation
  • Evaluating current practice and research using;
    • An Online Article
    • A Website
    • An Online Video
    • A Podcast
  • Current trends and possible issues
  • Implications for Teaching
  • Conclusions & Suggestions


“Using Interactive Whiteboards to Enhance Mathematics Teaching”;dn=171454322540987;res=IELHSS

key points
Key Points
  • Richardson Primary School’s use of ICT enhances the teaching & learning process.
  • The school has adopted a form of e-teaching.
  • E-teaching facilitates;
    • Higher order thinking
    • Substantive conversations
    • Teaching in a real life context
    • Activation of prior learning
    • Integration between learning areas
  • Practical examples of lessons.
  • Written by a practicing, experienced teacher.
  • Picture use supports information given.
  • Relevant to today’s teaching.
  • Published in 2006
  • Discusses only one school.
  • Doesn’t look at limitations or issues associated with this technology.


Kent ICT

“Welcome to the Kent ICT website.We aim to support both teachers and pupils in the use of ICT across the curriculum by providing pages of resources, lesson ideas and links to \'safe\' websites on the internet.”

key points1
Key Points
  • Resources utilising ICT are available for a variety of curriculum areas.
  • Suggestions of lesson ideas.
  • Links to safe websites.
  • Literacy and Numeracy games.
  • Interactive Whiteboard resources.
  • Lots of resources available together.
  • Practical suggestions for ICT in the Early Years.
  • Dedicated section for e-safety.
  • Encourages cross-curricula activities.
  • Created in the United Kingdom.
  • Website is very content heavy.
  • Published in 2008 – updated regularly?


Using Xbox Kinect and Nintendo DS for mental maths

key points2
Key Points
  • The students were involved in game based learning.
  • The school used an ICT club to test out new ideas.
  • Xbox Kinect & Nintendo DS consoles were used for Maths practice.
  • Interactive.
  • Movement based.
  • Engaging.
  • Instant feedback.
  • Limitations & implementation issues were discussed.
  • Cost & Availability of equipment.
  • Designed to use individually or in small groups but not as a whole class.


Lessons in Life – Mental Maths Presented by Jason Goudie

key points3
Key Points
  • Designed to be used as a supplement to class activities.
  • Demonstration of a range of Mathematical strategies.
  • Covers a wide range of Maths areas.
  • Created to be accessed from home.
  • Shows a simple way of using ICT to teach Mathematics.
  • Good way to get additional teaching time.
  • The video of the presenter makes it feel personalised.
  • The audio quiz given after the video tutorial allows for practice time.
  • Time consuming to make.
  • Some of the explanations are confusing.
  • Students cant ask questions or get immediate feedback.
  • Sometimes a little difficult to hear the presenter.
current trends
Current Trends
  • Computers & web-based learning are common-place.
  • Interactive Whiteboards are on the increase.
  • Other digital technologies are filtering into schools.
  • Teaching & Learning with ICT is increasing.
possible issues
Possible Issues
  • Ongoing ICT Support.
  • ICT Infrastructure & the Digital Divide.
  • Training & Professional Development.
  • Resistance & Reluctance to change.

Finger, Russell, Jamison-Proctor & Russell, 2007.

implications for teaching
Implications for Teaching

What does this mean to teachers?

  • Be open to change.
  • Take risks, be prepared to fail.
  • Participate in PD about ICT.

How will teaching & learning Maths change?

  • Interactive activities & web-based learning.
  • Engaged students & deeper understanding.
conclusions suggestions
Conclusions & Suggestions
  • Start using more ICT tomorrow.
    • Try at least one new idea each week.
  • Collaborate with other teachers.
  • Integrate web-based learning into your Mathematics teaching.
  • Encourage the use of ICT around the school.

Ready or not…The World is DifferentKids are different…Learning is different…And Teaching Must Be Different, too(Finger, Russell, Jamison-Proctor & Russell, 2007. p 34)


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