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Presenting FlexiSIGN-PRO 8.0v1. April 3, 2006. Getting Started. Safenet (Rainbow) SHK hardware key is required. Aladdin Hasp 4 and Rainbow SuperPro keys are no longer supported. Key is cross-platform. SHK key will also support Flexi 6/7 and PhotoPRINT 4/5 Upgrades will ship with new key.

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Presenting flexisign pro 8 0v1

PresentingFlexiSIGN-PRO 8.0v1

April 3, 2006

Getting started
Getting Started

  • Safenet (Rainbow) SHK hardware key is required. Aladdin Hasp 4 and Rainbow SuperPro keys are no longer supported.

  • Key is cross-platform.

  • SHK key will also support Flexi 6/7 and PhotoPRINT 4/5

  • Upgrades will ship with new key.

  • New security system is virtually uncrackable.

  • Upgrades keys will have license transferred to SHK.

Password changes
Password Changes

  • Password length has increased from 20 to 32 digits long

  • Flexi 8 passwords never use 1, I, S, 5, 2, Z, 0, O

  • NFR keys now unlock Braille, URW, TIFF, HP9000 automatically

  • Variable timers with unlimited recharges

  • Language install protection allows for password to be limited to any language combination

  • Beta version uses a soft key with activation. It will run on a single system only and cannot be moved without requiring new activation.

  • Send any beta reports to

Operating systems supported
Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows 2000

  • Windows XP

  • Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

  • Windows 2003 Server

  • Macintosh OS X.2.8 and up (3 months later)

Updated splash screen
Updated Splash Screen

  • New look with updated packaging focused on theme “8” by using objects associated with 8, such as Octagon.

  • Spider theme is for beta.

  • Some info no longer shown in splash such as password. That is shown in about dialog only.

  • Link to web site removed from help menu. Link added to About dialog.

New look
New Look

  • Show preview defaults to on – no more wireframe dragging

  • Color widget has option to show as list

  • New look for Tip of the Day.

  • Overprint moved to Fill/Stroke Editor

Smooth screen
Smooth Screen

  • Anti-aliasing added to eliminate jaggies

  • Text smoothing more accurate

  • Option to disable in preferences

Updated toolbars
Updated Toolbars

  • Toolbar icons redrawn

    • More modern look. Toned down color

    • Enlarged from 16x16 to 20x20 for high resolution screens

    • Similar to 7.6 look to aid transition

    • True color (no 256 color limit)

    • Separators added

    • Flexi 7.x workspace for old icon look

Standard toolbar
Standard toolbar

  • 7.6v2:

  • 8.0v1:

  • Spell check removed

  • Navigator view removed

Main toolbar
Main Toolbar

  • 7.6v2:

  • 8.0v1:

  • Combine added

  • Effects added

View toolbar
View Toolbar

  • 7.6v2:

  • 8.0v1:

  • Show bitmaps removed

Combine toolbar
Combine Toolbar

  • 7.6v2:

  • 8.0v1:

  • Weld by color added

  • Remove overlap added

  • Combine options removed

  • Group, Ungroup, Compound, and Uncompound removed

Group toolbar
Group Toolbar

  • 7.6v2: N/A

  • 8.0v1:

    • New toolbar created by taking Group, Ungroup, Compound, and Uncompound from Combine toolbar.

    • Mask and Unmask are also included.

Effects toolbar
Effects Toolbar

  • 7.6v2:

  • 8.0v1:

  • Combine removed and made separate toolbar

  • Lens removed and made separate toolbar

Text toolbar
Text Toolbar

  • 7.6v2:

  • 8.0v1:

  • Text styles removed

  • Justify menu added to menu

Rip engine
RIP Engine

  • Based on PhotoPRINT 5 technology:

  • Adobe CPSI 3017 RIP engine

  • CMYK overprint support

  • “Ignore overprint in PDF” moved from preferences to Job Properties and renamed “Ignore overprint”

  • Job properties resolution setting

  • 3rd party Or / Gr ink limiting

  • Auto-rotate to fit media

Raster vector detection
Raster Vector Detection

  • Detect color mode and object type

  • Only shows used input profiles and rendering intents

  • Dim controls that do not apply

  • Use embedded ICC dims if none and shows name if available

Object color control
Object Color Control

  • See input and output color at any point

  • See object type and color space

  • Remap any color

  • Saves as a preset

  • Applies only to added jobs

Additional changes
Additional Changes

  • Vividness control

  • Presets in Default Job Properties

  • Moiré free angled screen patterns based on patented technology

Design changes
Design Changes

  • Option to save settings on exit

  • Improved Photoshop plug-in support

True shape nesting
True-Shape Nesting

  • Treats each object as its own shape, not as a rectangle

  • Allows for multiple copies to be set

  • Fills holes

  • Creates additional pages as needed.

  • Available as an optional feature.

Job statistics
Job statistics

  • Shows details of entire job or selection

  • Each object is listed along with position, size, area, color and perimeter

  • Export function

Import export changes
Import / Export Changes

  • Export as Adobe PDF for customer proofing

  • Save / open layers for AI, DXF, HPGL, DWG

  • Send to EnRoute improvements

  • Smaller native .FS files via compression

  • Export as Flexi 7.5 added

  • Email as JPEG, PDF, or .FS

  • Documents default to my documents folder

  • Option to not update document location

  • .FS / .PD can be added into Production Manager and be printed and contour cut

  • Improved support of text in EPS/PS files

  • Improved kerning of CasMate files

Text changes
Text Changes

  • On screen spell checking

  • Tabbed alignment

  • Easier incremental font selection in DesignCentral

Cut plot changes
Cut/Plot Changes

  • Options tab added, less complex advanced tab

  • Up to 10 custom cutter controls

  • Driver options per color

  • Weedline preview

  • Split weedlines

  • Easyweed removed

  • Overcut

Rip and print changes
RIP and Print Changes

  • Color adjustment curves added

  • Preset shown as a list

  • Borderless printing

  • Mutoh multi-segment with cut server

  • Roland hybrid marks

  • White ink support

Desktop printing
Desktop Printing

  • Position (center, corner or custom)

  • Scale (ratio, scale)

  • Preview (with tiles)

  • Templates (removed job info)

  • Added grid, guides and substrate options – no longer need to open DesignEditor.

Additional improvements
Additional Improvements

  • Templates – added additional options when applying a template such as "Selection only", "Include Border" and "Include substrate color"

  • Additional Job info Placeholder added

  • Multi edit template objects

  • Option to display grid as dots


  • ColorSpan Ferret

  • Mimaki 2.1 Firewire (allows multiple devices, but each on own card)

  • Canon imagePROGRAF W6400, W8400

  • Epson Stylus Pro 4400, 4800, 7400, 7800, 9400, 9800

  • Liyu, Scitex, Nur, Xerox drivers no longer protected

  • Graphtec CE3000mk2 added with alignment support

  • Many additional drivers added

Color profiler changes
Color Profiler Changes

  • Added support for new colorimeters – IcColor, IO, DTP20, DTP70, Spectrocam USB, Barbieri

  • Improved profile creation workflow.

    • Add Media

    • Save Preset

Installer changes
Installer Changes

  • Direct installation of PTFs

  • Dealer customization to add / remove files

  • Updated to latest version of Install Shield

  • Detects key driver and only installs if needed

  • Separate option to install key driver

  • No longer need reboot after install

Level changes
Level Changes

  • FlexiEXPERT added bitmap crop

  • FlexiPRINT & CUT – PhotoPRINT DX plus FlexiSIGN with all drivers. Replaces VersaCamm edition

  • FlexiSIGN and FlexiLETTER added Select by attribute and Mask

  • FlexiDESIGNER added Cut/Plot and RIP and Print to send to already installed PM

The end
The End

  • Any Questions?

  • Any additional feature requests?