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Strategic Energy Plan. 1 9 4 2. Purchased by the City of San Antonio. The Nation’s Largest. Total assets of almost $9 billion 14 percent of our gross revenues conveyed to the City as a ROI One-fifth of the City’s operating budget from CPS Energy

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1 9 4 2

Purchased by the City of San Antonio

The nation s largest
The Nation’s Largest

  • Total assets of almost $9 billion

  • 14 percent of our gross revenues conveyed to the City as a ROI

  • One-fifth of the City’s operating budget from CPS Energy

  • Police and fire protection, street improvements, parks and other services

Demand for energy
Demand for Energy

  • 677,000 Electric customers

  • 318,000 Natural gas customers

  • Serving Bexar County and portions of seven adjoining counties

A growing greater san antonio
A Growing Greater San Antonio

  • Energy demand increasing at approximately 3 per cent annually

  • CPS Energy adding between 1,000 and 2,000 new customers every month

Strategic energy plan1
Strategic Energy Plan

  • The 70’s

  • Maintaining an affordable and reliable supply of energy

  • Environmental commitment

  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency

  • Your Questions

  • Conclusion

Maintaining an affordable supply of electricity
Maintaining an Affordable Supply of Electricity

  • The 70’s

    Launched fuels diversification program

  • Nuclear and Coal

    The bulk of electricity

  • Adding Two Units at STP?

    We’re studying the possibility

Why add two units at stp
Why Add Two Units at STP?

  • Nuclear has saved our customers millions in fuel costs

  • Fossil fuel costs have been a roller-coaster ride

  • The best alternative for a long-term supply of electricity in the 2016 timeframe

Maintaining an affordable supply of electricity1

New coal-fired power plant to go on line in 2010

Natural gas peaking units set for Brauning Lake in 2009

Maintaining an Affordable Supply of Electricity

Environmental commitment
Environmental Commitment

  • Already doing more than what is required

  • $200 million in the best-available emissions-control equipment at the new coal plant at Calaveras Lake

  • Investing more than $500 million in environmental upgrades on existing coal units

11 percent of peak demand
11 Percent of Peak Demand

  • Wind

  • Landfill gas

  • Solar

    Renewable energy capacity equal to 15 percent of peak demand by 2020

A new fuel source
A New Fuel Source

  • Reduce energy use and help customers save money

  • Reduce emissions by reducing the need to generate more electricity

  • Reduce rate of growth of peak demand by 10 percent annually

96 million in customer incentives
$96 Million in Customer Incentives

  • For residential customers

    Rebates for ceiling and wall insulation, Energy Star windows, duct testing and more

  • For residential and commercial customers

    Rebates for photovoltaic solar panels that produce electricity

  • Additional information on rebates at

We share your interest
We Share Your Interest

  • The lowest energy bills of the nation’s 20 largest cities

  • Highest financial ratings of any electrical system in the U.S.

  • Highest score nationally in J.D. Power 2007 Gas Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study