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Ecology review
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Ecology Review. Midterm Material. Begin on Page 10 Which of the following do you see? Explain why you think you see it. Ecosystem Decomposer Habitat Water cycle B iotic factors A biotic factors. Ecosystem: a pond environment is a particular environment,

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Ecology Review

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Ecology review

Ecology Review

Midterm Material

Ecology review

Begin on Page 10

Which of the following do you see? Explain why you think you see it.




Water cycle

Biotic factors

Abiotic factors

Ecology review


a pond environment is a particular environment,

turtles,trees and grass are living things,

and rocks, water, and air are nonliving things that support these three living things

Ecology review


There aren’t any visible organisms breaking down dead plants or animals.

We do know they are there but we can’t count them because we don’t see them. The question asked us which do we see.

Ecology review


The water is the physical place the turtles live in

and the pond shore is the physical place the trees and grass live.

Ecology review

Water cycle:

Collected water, like a pond, is part of the water cycle but we aren’t able to see the movement of water through the environment.

Ecology review

Biotic Factors:

The turtle, trees and grass are living things

Abiotic Factors:

The rocks, soil, water, and air are nonliving things

Ecology review

What are the four abiotic factors mentioned in chapter 1?

Ecology review




4) Water

Ecology review

Name the four basic steps of the water cycle

Ecology review


Precipitation: water drops fall because gravity pulls them

Run off / Collection: Water moves downhill, soaks into the ground, or collects in bodies like lakes and ponds

Ecology review

Evaporation: Water becomes a gas

Condensation: Water turns back to liquid drops and clings to particles in the air

Ecology review

How is a predator different than a consumer?

Ecology review

Predators hunt their food.

Only some consumers hunt.

Some consumers eat plants so they don’t hunt.

Ecology review

How is a food chain different than a food web?

Ecology review

A food web is made of at least two food chains. See page 27

Ecology review

How are the energy pyramid, food webs, and food chains similar?

Ecology review

They show food energy flowing through an ecosystem

They show the relationship between producers and consumers

Ecology review

What does the energy pyramid show that food chains and food webs DO NOT?

Ecology review

It shows the amount of energy passed up to each level

It shows there is less food energy available as one moves up the pyramid. Energy decreases.

Ecology review

How is a niche different from a habitat?

Ecology review

Aniche is a role that an organism has within a habitat

A habitat is where the organism carries out its niche-where it “does its thing”.

Ecology review

How is a population different from a community?

Ecology review

A population is PART of a community.

A community contains more than one population .

Ecology review

How is a community and an ecosystem different?

Ecology review

An ecosystem contains a community. The community is only the LIVING part of the ecosystem. There is also a nonliving part in an ecosystem.

Ecology review

Which can you draw a diagram of- a pattern in time or a pattern in space?

Ecology review

A pattern in space:

Examples are-

*Dancers on a stage

*Sports players-football, volleyball,

soccer, etc

*People sitting at cafeteria tables

*Animals in a herd

*Fish in a school

*Geese in flight

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