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Overview of Affordable Housing PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview of Affordable Housing. Purpose . To provide information on affordable housing and give you ideas about how adults with developmental disabilities can better access it. . Roles in Affordable Housing . Definitions. Affordable Rental Housing

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Overview of Affordable Housing

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Overview of Affordable Housing


  • To provide information on affordable housing and give you ideas about how adults with developmental disabilities can better access it.

Roles in Affordable Housing


Affordable Rental Housing

  • Housing that is restricted to households that earn no more than 60% of the area median income.



The concept that housing costs (rent and utilities) should cost no more than 30% of a persons total income.

King/Snohomish Percentages of Median Income

How Rent is Determined

Set rent level based on median income level and bedroom size, excluding utilities

Affordable Rent for Persons with SSI

  • Annual income: $7,260 or 13% of median

  • “Affordable” rent, minus utilities is: $142

  • Rent for a studio apartment at 30% of median income is $339.

  • An affordability gap of $227 per month.

Operating Subsidy

  • For affordable housing to be viable for persons with SSI income a combination of both capital and operating subsidy (Project-Base Section 8, or other operating subsidy) are necessary.

Uniqueness of Section 8

  • Section 8 allow the recipient to pay 30% of his/her actual income.

  • Different than the set “rent levels” in affordable housing.

Types of Operating Subsidy

  • Section 8

    • Project – Based Subsidy

    • Tenant Vouchers

  • Other local and state operating sources

Types of Section 8 subsidy

  • Section 8 Project-Based Subsidy

    Subsidy that must stay with the unit.

  • Section 8 Vouchers

    Subsidy that the voucher holder can take anywhere. Rent is limited by the “payment standard.”

Section 8 Tenant-Based Vouchers

  • Section 8 vouchers can be used in the private market for housing within the Section 8 payment standards without any additional subsidy.

The Good News – Affordable Housing

  • There are thousands of affordable housing units in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties that have additional operating subsidy (typically Project Based Section 8) that make the units affordable to persons with disabilities.

  • KCDDD has also funded 30 units of affordable housing for the people we serve.

The Good News - Vouchers

  • King County Housing Authority has a Section 8 Voucher Program for people with disabilities

  • 6 vouchers a month are issued to people on the DSHS/DDD caseload in Region 4.

  • The Snohomish County waitlist is open.

Valuable Aspects of Section 8

  • Reasonable accommodation

    • Reasonable accommodation allows people with disabilities to request exceptions to the rules of the Section 8 program based on their special needs.

    • Many things possibilities for people with disabilities who have Section 8.

Most Common Accommodation Requests

  • An extra bedroom for a live-in care provider where the care providers income is not included in the rent calculation.

  • Shared Housing

  • Renting from a Relative

Challenges with Using Section 8 Vouchers

  • Difficult to find units that are within the payment standards

  • Difficult to find accessible units.

Benefits – Combining Affordable Housing and Tenant Based Vouchers

  • Community-based, mission-driven landlords.

  • Within the Section 8 payment standards because the rents are restricted.

  • Can find accessible units.


  • There are mainstream affordable housing options out there.

  • Takes research, knowing the programs and often getting on waitlists to find the right match.

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Housing Resources Group – Stone Way

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