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Writing Workshop 1

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Writing Workshop 1. Grade Breakdown. 6 100-A 5 90-A 4 80-B 3 70- C 2 60- D 1 55- F 0 Did not turn in . Topic Sentence.

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grade breakdown
Grade Breakdown
  • 6 100-A
  • 5 90-A
  • 4 80-B
  • 3 70- C
  • 2 60- D
  • 1 55- F
  • 0 Did not turn in
topic sentence
Topic Sentence
  • Highlight/Underline the first sentence and last sentence of your paragraph(s) in green
  • Check to see if your topic sentence could be improved by adding a strong verb and making sure that it states the idea of that paragraph
  • Check to see if your concluding sentence takes a stance or revisits the topic in some way
locate your star ideas
Locate your Star Ideas
  • Highlight in yellow or place a big star next to your big ideas
  • If you have trouble finding them, chances are your reader (that’s me) will too.

Highlight the support for your Star Ideas in pink or underline in red

Ask yourself:

1) Do you have enough support?

2) Is what you wrote even supporting a star idea or is it just rambling?

what works
What Works?
  • Good close reading
  • Making a T-chart

Papers with t-charts were astoundingly better organized.

  • Quoting part of the article and then responding to that quote specifically

Let’s look at one example of a 6 level paper by Simiah Johnson.

needs improvement
Needs Improvement
  • Avoid stating the obvious:

Get rid of all of the following:

I think


In my opinion

I believe that

As you can see

get rid of 2 nd person pronouns
Get Rid of 2nd Person Pronouns
  • That means ABSOLUTELY NO
  • You
  • We
  • Us
  • Me

in formal writing.

inserting quotes
Inserting Quotes

Remember TAG!




According to the article “Elon Studies the Future of ‘Generation Always-On’” by Dan Anderson, youth of today have a “thirst for instant gratification.”

According to a study by Elon University, young people are living a “hyper-connected lifestyle.”

Danah Boyd, senior researcher with Microsoft, stated, “There is no doubt that brains are being rewired.”

take yourself out of the paper
Take yourself out of the paper!
  • Instead of saying, “I also read in the article…”
  • Say “According to the article,” or “The article states,”
  • 12 pt. font, New Times Roman or Courier
  • Indent for new paragraphs
  • Double-spaced


Top right hand corner

  • Your Name
  • Teacher’s Name
  • Subject
  • Date Assignment is Due
  • Each number corresponds with a specific grammatical error
  • Locate the correct handout in your Writers’ Notebook and write the rule for the error you made.
  • Correct this error in your paper also.
next thursday
Next Thursday
  • Bring in your original paper.
  • Your revised paper.
  • Your corrections (the rules) written out.
  • Your Writers’ Workshop Checklist