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Early Assessment Program

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Early Assessment Program. Overview of Early Assessment Program (EAP). State Board of Education (SBE) California Department of Education (CDE) California State University (CSU). Goal of Early Assessment Program (EAP).

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overview of early assessment program eap
Overview of Early Assessment Program (EAP)
  • State Board of Education (SBE)
  • California Department of Education (CDE)
  • California State University (CSU)
goal of early assessment program eap
Goal of Early Assessment Program (EAP)
  • To have California high school graduates enter CSU and CCC fully prepared to begin college-level English and math and to reduce the remediation rates
main components of early assessment program eap
Main Components of Early Assessment Program (EAP)
  • 11th grade testing in conjunction with STAR testing
  • Supplemental high school preparation in 12th grade
  • Teacher professional development
  • Outreach with students, parents, school personnel, and community
  • California Community College
  • Early Start Program (ESP)
  • Over 50% of first time freshmen entering CSU will need remediation English and/or math
  • Over 70% of first time freshmen entering CCC will need remediation in English and/or math
the benefits of eap
The Benefits of EAP
  • Provides an early signal

It tells students, families, and high schools whether student is prepared for college-level English and math

  • Alerts students about needed actions

Informs students about what they can do to achieve readiness in English and/or math before entering CSU

  • Encourages 12th grade interventions

Motivates students to take needed steps in 12th grade

  • Enables exemptions

It allows students to earn an exemption from CSU English Placement Test (EPT) and/or Entry Level Mathematics (ELM)

eap test overview
EAP Test Overview

EAP is a free test administered with the Math and English California Standards Test (CST) in the junior year.

eap and star score report
EAP and STAR Score Report
  • Results are now reported on the STAR Student Report
  • School districts distribute the STAR Student Report to high schools
  • High schools distribute letters to families/students in August/September
  • Online Student Results can also be obtained at www.college eap.org if student has release their EAP scores to the CSU system
ready for csu college level mathematic courses conditional conditionally exempt
Ready for CSU college-level Mathematic courses-Conditional (Conditionally Exempt)

Take a fourth year of math with an Algebra II prerequisite

  • Any course accepted by the CSU Mathematics Facility Validation Committee
  • Trigonometry & Math Analysis
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus
  • AP Calculus AB or BC
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Physics
  • Supervised e-learning Course
  • Community College Course

Student must receive a grade of C or better, submit transcript to CSU to get exempt from ELM

ready for csu and ccc college level english courses conditional conditionally exempt
Ready for CSU and CCC college-level English courses-Conditional (Conditionally Exempt)

Take any of the following in senior year:

  • Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC)
  • Advanced Placement (AP) English
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) English
  • English courses approved for extra honors credit by the University of California (so indicated on the UC Doorways “a-g” course list with a star)

Student must receive a grade of C or better, submit transcript to CSU to get exempt from EPT

eap professional development for teachers
EAP Professional Development for Teachers
  • English

Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC)

  • Math

Strengthening Mathematics Instruction (SMI)

eap communication
EAP Communication
  • Over 75 targeted high schools in San Bernardino and Riverside
  • Communication with administrators, counselors, teachers, students, and teachers
  • Provide Community Outreach
california community colleges
California Community Colleges
  • 2009, Senate Bill 946
  • Fall 2011 students will be able to use EAP results at the CCC’s for placement in English and/or math
  • CCC accepting EAP results


112 CCC

As of January 28, 2012

62 CCC accepting

9 CCC considering

early start program esp
Early Start Program (ESP)

Beginning in 2012 all students who do not pass EPT/ELM or exempt via EAP, SAT, ACT, or AP will participate in ESP in the summer after they graduate

  • Students will be notified via Smart Page
  • Schedule EPT/ELM Feb-April
  • Financial Aid is available for those that are qualified
important websites
Important Websites
  • EAP Homepage


  • The English Success Website


  • The Math Success Website


  • 11th Grade Portal


important websites continue
Important Websites Continue
  • EAP Test Results for 2006


  • EAP Test Results for 2007


  • EAP Test Results for 2008


  • EAP Test Results for 2009


  • EAP Test Results for 2010


important websites continue1
Important Websites Continue
  • Focus on English Website
    • www.calstate.edu/sas/documents/focusonenglish.pdf
  • Focus on Mathematics Website
    • www.castate.edu/sas/documents/focusonmathematics.pdf
  • ERWC On-Line Community


  • ERWC On-Line Community Registration


  • CSU Proficiency


  • Educational Results Partnership


contact information
Contact Information

Faye Wong

Early Assessment Program

(909) 537-5046

[email protected]