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Restaurants and meals
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Restaurants and meals. Střední odborná škola Otrokovice. Autorem materiálu a všech jeho částí, není-li uvedeno jinak, je ing. Renata Vondráková

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Restaurants and meals

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Restaurants and meals

Restaurants and meals

Střední odborná škola Otrokovice

Autorem materiálu a všech jeho částí, není-li uvedeno jinak, je ing. Renata Vondráková

Dostupné z Metodického portálu, ISSN: 1802-4785, financovaného z ESF a státního rozpočtu ČR. Provozováno Výzkumným ústavem pedagogickým v Praze.

Charakteristika dum

Charakteristika DUM

Restaurants and meals1


Restaurants and meals



Restaurant´s employees




A multicoursemeal


Restaurants and meals


A restaurant isan establishment whichprepares and servesfood and drinks and customerspayforit.

Obr. 1

Restaurantsofferregularmealssuch as breakfast, lunch and dinner

orspecial mealsat occasions as weddding, birthday and graduation.

Restaurants and meals


  • Restaurants often specialize in certain types of food.

  • Wecan go and eat in

  • ethnicrestaurants: French, Asian, Indian, Mexicanetc.,

  • seafood restaurant : theysellfoodtakenfrom the sea,

  • vegetarianrestaurants: theysellfood not includingmeat,

  • fastfoodrestaurants: theysell

  • hamburgers, pizzas, friedchicken.

Obr. 2

Restaurants and meals

Restaurant´s employees and staff

The waiterorwaitresstakes the orders and servesmeals.

The maitre d´welcomecustomers and seatsthem.

The bartender (barman) prepares and servesdrinks at the bar.

The head chefisresponsibleforfood.

The sommelieriswineprofessional.

Obr. 3

Restaurants and meals


  • Mealispreparedfoodthat takes place at a specific time.

  • Commonmeals are:

  • Breakfast

  • Brunch

  • Lunch

  • Tea

  • Dinner

  • Supper

Obr. 4

Brunch is a late-morning meal, usually larger than a breakfast and usually replacing both breakfast and lunch; it is most common on Sundays.

Restaurants and meals


  • Breakfastis a mealeaten in the morning.

  • Classicbreakfast in Englandiscalled „full Englishbreakfast“ and consistof

  • fried, scrambledorpoachedeggs

  • bacon and sausages

  • mushrooms

  • tomatoes

  • beans

  • breador toast

Toast withmarmaladeor jam and cerealswithyoughurt are now more commonbreakfast in England.

Obr. 5

Restaurants and meals


Tea can refer to any of several different meals or mealtimes.

Afternoontea is a small meal snack typically eaten between 4pm and 6pm. Afternoon tea is accompanied by cucumber and ham sandwiches,

sconeswithclottedcreamand jam

and usually cakes and pastries

(such as fruitcakes).

Highteais the evening meal or dinner of the working class, typically eaten between 5pm and 7pm.

High tea typically consists of a hot dish such as fish and chips, cheese, followed by cakes and bread, butter and jam.

Obr. 6

Restaurants and meals


In a restaurant a multicoursemeal has a followingorder :

The mealbeginswithstarter. Itisusuallysmall and light.

Next comes a soup.

The maincourseis the most important and is the largestmeal.

Next comes the saladcourseand cheesecourse.

The mealoftenculminatewith a dessert.

Obr. 7

Restaurants and meals


  • What special mealsdoes a restaurant offer?

  • Namesometypesofrestaurants.

  • Whatdoes a waitress do in a restaurant?

  • Name the commonmeals.

  • Whatis the afternoontea?

  • Describe full Englishbreakfast.

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