National board certification for you and for you in the 2008 2009 school year
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National Board Certification For You? And for You in the 2008 – 2009 School Year? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Board Certification For You? And for You in the 2008 – 2009 School Year?. Website: Toll-free: 1-800-22TEACH Current as of November 20 , 2007. First Things First. Have you determined if …. There is a certificate that matches your teaching assignment? and

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National Board Certification For You? And for You in the 2008 – 2009 School Year?

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National Board CertificationFor You? And for You in the 2008 – 2009 School Year?


Toll-free: 1-800-22TEACH

Current as of November 20,2007

First Things First

Have you determined if …

  • There is a certificate that matches your teaching assignment?


  • You meet the eligibility criteria?

Pre-Candidacy Support

  • The success rate of candidates has increased since NBC Boot Camp began.

  • The success rate for the 2006 – 2007 candidates is the highest ever for Delaware and exceeds the national average.

  • This year, we have expanded our pre-candidacy requirements.

Requirements for DOE Financial Assistance and Support

  • Attendance at one Awareness Meeting

  • Participation in all three Pre-Candidacy Workshops (Jan. 12, Feb. 2, March 8)

  • Completion of work after the Pre-Candidacy Workshops

  • Participation in the full session of NBC Boot Camp (July 29-31)

DOE Financial Assistance and Support

  • The preceding requirements apply to those interested in DOE financial assistance for first-time assessment fees and/or for retake assessment fees and all other support services.

  • The preceding requirements also apply to self-paying candidates who want a DOE-supported NBCT facilitator and all other DOE support services.

Financial & Other Assistance

  • Some districts offer financial assistance or reimbursement.

  • Some districts offer other forms of assistance, such as professional development days, reimbursing for shipping the portfolio, access to laptop computers.

Assessment Fees

  • Has been $2,500 with the initial $500 being non- refundable.

  • $65 application fee, also non-refundable

  • For the past years, DOE has had a loan program to assist with the assessment fee.

  • The Dept. of Veterans Affairs offers financial assistance to eligible veterans.

  • The NEA and AFT offer loans to members.

Application Procedure

  • The applications for DOE financial assistance, Pre-Candidacy Workshops, and NBC Boot Camp will be on the DOE website.

  • Follow the directions.

  • Prospective candidates may wait until the completion of NBC Boot Camp before making a decision about candidacy.

What is Going on in Your Life?

  • Working

  • Other school responsibilities; grading papers

  • Spending time with significant others, family & friends

  • Religious commitments

  • Exercising, hobbies, vacations

  • Sleeping

  • ??????????

What is a Typical Week for You?

  • Quickly sketch out a typical week.

  • Be honest and comprehensive!

  • Include the lot: all work related activities as well as commuting time, preparing meals, household responsibilities, child care responsibilities, television viewing, communicating with those important to you (e-mail, telephone) ….

What Changes Can You Make?

  • To whom are you going to tell “No”?

  • What can you give up?

  • What can come off the plate?

  • Are you prepared to make difficult decisions?

    Why ask these questions?

Here is Your NBPTS Portfolio!

Estimated time to complete the entries:

200 – 400+ hours

  • This is AT LEAST 26 to 53 full-time work days (based on a 7.5 hour day).

  • For the past several years, the portfoliois due to the NBPTS on or before March 31.

  • How are YOU going to find the time?

Portfolio Preparation

  • Attend the Pre-Candidacy Workshops.

  • Attend Boot Camp.

  • Study the NBPTS standards (80 – 100 pages).

  • Carefully read ALL of the portfolio information and directions (220+ pages).

  • Understand the scoring criteria (75+ pages).

  • Carefully look at your projected 2008 -2009 calendar.

Portfolio Requirements

4 Portfolio Entries

  • Three entries are school or classroom-based and include videos (usually 2) that give teachers the opportunity to present a sample of their actual educational practice over a specified time period. One entry usually focuses on student learning over time.

Portfolio Requirements

  • One entry documents:

    • A teacher’s communication with students’ families and the community

    • The teacher’s development as a learner and as a leader/collaborator.

  • Everything in this entry has to contribute to student learning.

And Next is the Assessment Center

Six 30-minute prompts

  • The assessments examine knowledge, skills, and dispositions in the NBPTS standards and across theentire age rangeof your NBPTS certificate area.

  • The assessments are computer administered; no handwriting allowed.

  • There is a strong emphasis on content knowledge.

Assessment Center

  • Preparation is crucial for success.

  • The window typically has been from July 1 to June 15.

  • Wait until your portfolio is completed and shipped and you have completed your study plan before you take the assessment center exercises.

  • However, make your appointment early.

  • Your assessment fee must be paid in full to schedule the appointment.

How Does the NBPTS Make theCertification Decision?

  • Classroom teachers (or school counselors) score the portfolio entries and assessment center responses.

  • The NBPTS provides rigorous training.

  • The assessors use the same scoring criteria available to candidates.

  • Each portfolio entry/assessment center response goes to different scoring centers across the US and each is scored by a different assessor.


  • The final score for determining NBPTS certification is a combination of the weighted scores for each entry and each assessment center exercise.

  • The portfolio entries have the greatest weight.

  • The portfolio contributes about 60% to the total score; the assessment center about 40%.

If the Initial Score Falls Short

  • Candidates can retake entries and/or assessments that fall below a pre-specified score point.

  • The retake window is the two years immediately following the first year of candidacy.

  • The NBC process can take three years; some candidates do not certify within the three years.

  • DOE offers financial and support services to those who are eligible.


All available now

  • 2007 Guide to National Board (2008 available later)

  • NBPTS Standards

  • Portfolio instructions

  • Assessment Center information & orientation

  • Scoring Guide

And …

  • Talk to NBCTs. You can search for NBCTs by district and/or certificate area at the DOE website or at the NBPTS website.

  • Candidly discuss your candidacy plans with your family, significant others, teacher partners, other important colleagues. They will go through your candidacy with you.

This is Important, Too …

  • Commit to staying in your current assignment and/or NBPTS grade level throughout your candidacy.

  • Candidacy may take up to three years.

  • If you move out of your current assignment and/or NBPTS grade level, it could be difficult to be successful. You will also be ineligible for DOE financial assistance with retake assessments and other support services.

And Please …

  • At no time ask a NBCT or candidate to share his or her portfolio with you; either in its entirety or in any part.

  • Likewise, do not ask about or discuss the actual assessment center prompts.

  • Doing so is a violation of the NBPTS ethics policy and consequences can be severe.

12% Salary Supplement andAdvanced License

  • Pending available State funds, NBCTs receive a 12% salary supplement on their base salary (state share, ~70%) and is valid for the duration of the certificate, 10 years.

  • NBCTs receive the Delaware Advanced License, also valid for 10 years.

For More Information …

Contact your friendly DOE

Patricia Bigelow Mary Ellen Kotz


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